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Elizabeth Dole lost my vote

Posted on: October 31, 2008 3:02 pm

Classless. That's the most politically correct thing I can say about Dole right now. For those who missed it, she accused her opponent Kay Hagan of being  "godless and un-American". I believe that having faith matters (evern atheists believe in something), because knowing what you believe and why shapes your decisions and outlook toward everyday life.

Being a Christian myself, one of the things that makes my skin crawl is the guy who give credibility to negative stereotypes. I want to slap the guy with the bullhorn who stands on the corner who says you're going to hell and God hates you. I'll never hire the guy who feels it necessary to put a fish on their yellow page card as if it makes them more qualified to fix the sink. And I absolutely can't stand someone who stands on a soapbox of self-righteousness and casts stones instead of addressing more critical matters such as the economy and why the middle class gets pounded in the butt with taxes.

I'm a Conservative, but not a robot. I want leadership, not an attack ad. The election is as important as any other in history and I am disgusted with the slander, animosity and negativity of all parties. Regardless of party affiliation, religion, demographic or economic class; it's time we demanded leadership and accountability from our public servants. It's the Godly and American thing to do.

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