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My take on the 2009 Draft

Posted on: December 5, 2008 5:51 pm

If the season ended today, these are the top 10 picks coming out of the 2009 NFL Draft.

1. Detroit Lions - Drew Stanton and Daunte Culpepper? Remember a guy by the name of John Kitna? Well, the lowly Lions are going to win one game this year, and it will be by a field goal. Their whole team stinks, so you got to start over from scratch. At least they have Calvin Johnson, so their first pick will be a guy that can throw to him. Sam Bradford is the man. The OU Qb has the tools to be a great future QB, and has proven he is a smart leader on the field (2nd choice, Michael Oher, OT; Ole Miss).

2. Cincinnati Bengals - If Carson Palmer is healthy next year, the Bengals will have to protect him. Michael Oher, the 6ft, 5" 320LB OT from Ole Miss is the best player on the board. If you read Michael Lewis' book, "The Blind Side," you want Oher on your team. Simply put - he is a freak of nature, and regardless of the fact that Cincy has about 10 serious holes to fill, this guy is their best bet to succeed. (2nd choice, Andre Smith, OT; Alabama)

3. Seattle Seahawks - Michael Crabtree will start the newer trend for 2009 - a Top 5 pick thats a WR. The guy is for real. He has strength, speed and is a really quick learner. He will be a star in the league, and Hasslebeck will love having him along side Deion Branch. The Hawks should go for Crabtree due to the fact their WR corps are oft-injured and aging. (2nd Choice: Matt Stafford; QB; Georgia)

4. Kansas City Chiefs - Andre Smith, the OT for Alabama is poised for many future trips to Hawaii. He is needed to give Tyler Thigpen more time in the pocket. This man runs over opponents in college, and will do so in the NFL. He is intelligent and has a sense of passion coaches are always looking for. Look to see KC rebound like the Dolphins of 2008, as long as the Chiefs get protection for their QB.

5. Oakland Raiders- Im not sure any of this class wants to hear they are a Raider. Poor Tom Cable won't be around next year, so their new coach will have to deal with what Davis is going to choose. My guaranteed pick of this draft is going to the Raiders, with the selection of Malcolm Jenkins, CB for the OSU Buckeyes. The Daunte Hall experiment was a flop, and Davis doesn't want to make the same mistake as they did with Robert Gallery. Jenkins is the #1 CB in the draft. He has superior field vision, and the Raiders would easily have the best CB tandum in the league (Nnamdi and Jenkins - whew)... (2nd Choice: Fili Moala; DT; USC Trojans)

6. St. Louis Rams - Offense, defense, and special teams for the Rams all stink. I can easily see them trade for another pick in the first round. One guy that would turn their defensive side around is Georgia Tech's Michael Johnson. The 6ft, 7" 260lb animal is quick as hell (note 5.64 40yd dash). A guy with raw talent and tons of potential would be too good to pass up. (2nd choice, OT; Andre Smith OT) 

7. San Francisco 49ers - Another top 10 pick like the silver and black from across the bay. Many holes are needed to be filled by the 49ers. Cornerbacks, Wide receivers, and both sides of the line. With the loss of Bryant Young to retirement, their D-Line is suffering. They have Manny Lawson and Justin Smith on the outside, and need to focus on protecting the QB. If Oher falls to #7, the 49ers are plain stupid for not picking him up. Scott McCloughan needs a OT, and move previous first-rounder Joe Staley to the right side. Virgina's 6'6" Eugene Monroe is a stud, and would be perfect on the left side of the offensive line. (2nd Choice, William Moore, S; Missouri).

8. Cleveland Browns - I dont think the Browns' Jamal Lewis is a long-term solution in Cleveland. He is banged up, still has a little spunk and a lot of experience to offer younger talent. We know that next year is Brady Quinn's team. Although Browns fans would love an upgrade at OL to keep their poster boy protected, the Browns are going with RB Chris Wells from the OSU Buckeyes. The 2nd of two top 10 picks from OSU, Wells is a top ten pick, easily the best RB for 2009. (2nd choice, Contae Davis, CB, Illinois)

9. Jacksonville Jaguars - the Jags are going to be weak in the linebacker hole once Mike Peterson will be gone due to free agency. Del Rio needs a hard-hitting guy who can take the leadership role on their defense. USC Trojans' Rey Maualuga has been compared to Junior Seau and Ray Lewis. He is an anchor on defense, can read the QB like nobody else in the NCAA, and is flat out dominant. I dont know how well he will do with the packages Del Rio's squad brings (4-6 format a lot of the time), but if he was put into a few 3-4 defensive plays, he will get to the QB on sheer strength and determination.  (2nd Choice; Brian Orakpo, DE; Texas).

10. Houston Texans - this team is seeing a lot of reward compared to the risk of taking Mario Williams instead of Reggie Bush. With the emergence of Steve Slaton, the Texans need to continue to grow on their line. To fill a spot across the line from Williams would make the Texans a very strong pass-rushing team. Brian Orakpo, a man that can bench 515 LBS, clean 380LBS and run the forty in 4.6 seconds, has only 8% body fat with a 42" vertical jump. Those stats are scary, and so could the Texans Qb pressure/sack totals in 2009. (2nd Choice; Matthew Stafford, QB Georgia)

11. SD Chargers- James Laurinaites - ILB - OSU

12. Minnesota Vikings - Aaron Curry, OLB - Wake Forest

13. Denver Broncos - William Moore, S - Missouri

14. New Orlean Saints - Sen'Derrick Marks, DT - Auburn

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Posted on: December 11, 2008 1:52 pm

My take on the 2009 Draft

At least Detiot finally got rid of GM Matt Millen.  Now at least they can select a first rounder that is not a WR.  They do have Calvin "Megatron" Johnson to build around but I'm not sure QB would be the best way to go for  them.  They may want to really build both of thier lines up and work with one of the Qbs they currently have (Culpepper, Kitna or Henson) for at least another year.

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Posted on: December 9, 2008 12:24 pm

My take on the 2009 Draft

I think this year is loaded with linemen who can make an impact in the NFL. What a great opportunity for guys like Oher, Monore and Johnson. The Browns have their franchise QB in Brady Quinn. I think Cleveland could use Derek Anderson as trade bait cause he has some good stuff in the tank that a struggling team might want to take a risk on (see Chad Pennington- Dolpins).  The Browns were a playoff team last year, but have been unable to run the football. Picking up Wells is an instant upgrade at the RB position. If they can nab an O-Line guy in the free agency market during the offseason, they have the chance to grab Wells. He is the best RB in this draft, which isnt saying much because Rb's for the 2009 class is very small.

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Posted on: December 8, 2008 8:43 pm

My take on the 2009 Draft

IMO, I don't think that there is a surefire #1 pick at the QB position. The Lions are better off with Oher or Andre Smith, and would let Culpepper rider out another year or 2.

If the Raiders get the opportunity, whether it be with the 6th pick or higher, they will take Crabtree. Oakland is where all top skill positions in the draft come to end their careers before it begins.

Its looking more and more like the 49ers will draft 9 or lower. If so, Monroe may be gone. There is also a lot of suitable RT's in this year's free agent crop so I think the 49ers will go with Taylor Mays or Orapko. The Niners will take Orapko hoping to improve a stale pass rush, but without a dominating NT, no LB/DE drafted will make much of a difference.

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Posted on: December 7, 2008 8:01 pm

My take on the 2009 Draft

I dont think the Browns' is a long-term solution. Browns fans would love an upgrade at OL.

This is all really good stuff.

I just question the selection of Beanie Wells by Cleveland at #8. Lewis is deffinitely not a "long-term" solution, but he is also not a liability. The Browns have more pressing needs (like you say, at O line).

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