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March 5th MOCK Draft predictions #1-10

Posted on: March 5, 2009 7:42 pm

1. Detroit Lions -  JASON SMITH; OT; fantastic athletic ability; can move and block; Pro-Bowl potential by the 10-11 season. Matthew Stafford will slip and going after a QB without protection on that line would be a bad move. Get an OT, solidify the line for years to come. If they win 3 games next year with that young bunch, its 3x more than what they accomplished last year. The Lions cannot take a LB in Curry at the #1 spot even though he's touted to be as good or better than Brian Urlacher. If the Lions want a QB, they have options later in the draft. Godser Cherilus should stay at right tackle as Smith can use his ability to play LT.

2. St. Louis Rams - Aaron Curry; LB; "safest pick in the NFL draft," and honestly, why not? I know that holes on the line and WR are needed to be filled, but with Smith taken at the first spot the Rams shouldn't hesitate to incorporate Curry into the system. If they are crazy and try to fill the shoes of Orlando Pace, they go for a tackle in Everette Brown. Would you really want to pass on Curry if he was avaialble?

3. Kansas City Chiefs - Michael Crabtree, WR -   Scott Pioli defies the media critics and goes with Crabtree based on his size and strength. Wihth Matt Cassell inked in, the Chiefs need a compliment to Dywane Bowe. Pioli likes his defense, but I think if Cassell is as legit as everyone thinks, having Michael Crabtree as a younger and more powerful Randy Moss type WR, they would put up some serious points per game. By grabbing Crabtree, they eliminate any chance of the Raiders going after him, a major blow to a division foe.

4. Seattle Seahawks - Eugene Monroe - LT -TJ Houshmandzadeh was a big signing for the Seahawks, who will be a good compliment to Deion Branch. Matt Hasslebeck has a little left in him, so if the Hawks want someone to actually protect him, they go with Eugene Monroe. Monroe started at UVA as a freshman handling all top DE's in the ACC. The guy will be a brick wall. Stafford looks good here too, but dont tell Hasslebeck that..

5. Cleveland Browns - Everette Brown - OLB; The Browns ranked 28th in the league in rush defense and second to last at passing defense. Curry will be gone by now. Brown had 13.5 sacks and 21 half tackles for losses last year. NASTY.. Known as a hybrid mix of Terrell Suggs and John Abraham, the Browns get a defensive maniac in Brown.

6. Cincinatti Bengals - Michael Johnson - DE; ** reach pick ** I thought the Bengals were supposed to be a good team last year, but at least they tied the Eagles. "They just need to fix the defensive side of things," people say. Well, I agree. This is a huge reach for a team littered with injuries. His 6ft 7" 266lb frame and notable energy would be a good fit for this team. As long as their offense stays healthy (which is never) and they build up their defense, I cant see why this team couldn't double their wins from last season.

7. Oakland Raiders - Brian Orakpo, OLB - I am calling it right now. Terrell Owens is going to be a Raider, so no need for Al Davis to get his old granny panties in a bunch. Orakpo is a proven DE as we have seen at the Combine, the Senior Bowl and during his college career. Al is crazy. This is a safe pick where Orakpo can lead the Raider Nation on a sold defense.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars- Two holes are needed to fill, and both happen to be on the line. With the departure of Marcus Stroud whom left to the Bills last year, John Henderson needs help. BJ Raji is also an option, but Oher is a very talented tackle whom will be a staple of your O-Line for years to come. The Michael Oher story should be compelling enough to have him as a teammate. He did a great job in the tough SEC and will eliminate a lot of the sacks given up by this team from last years poor efforts.

9. Green Bay Packers - Malcolm Jenkins - Dom Capers is switching the Pack's defense to a 3-4 scheme this year. With Best player avaialable and still many options to pick from, Jenkins is a solid DB ; in fact the #1 DB in this year's draft class. The Pack is known to grab best player avaialble, so if there are any freak picks (see AL DAVIS) ahead of them, I wouldn't put it by the execs to grab Jenkins and let him take control as CB or even FS.

10. San Francisco 49ers- B.J Raji - NT; The loss of Bryant Young was a big hit to the 49ers D-Line. This team could contain opponents with the linebackers and DB's, but quarterbacks had all day to move around in the pocket. If Raji falls to #10, the 49ers must grab him. After picking up Damon Huard for nothing to compete with Alex Smith as Shaun Hill's backup, there is no need to jump on a QB like Stafford or Sanchez. Raji would settle in nicely under Singletary. He would join a defensive unit that is young and will be kept together. The 49ers cap room is ridiculous, so they will start locking up current players like Patrick Willis to multi-year contracts. With guys like Nate Clements at DB, Willis and Takeo Spikes in the middle and young Raji to hound the QB, the 49ers will have a defense not to wrecken with.


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Posted on: March 8, 2009 8:13 pm

March 5th MOCK Draft predictions #1-10

interesting first 10 for this years draft...just a couple thoughts.  First, Crabtree is not  in my opinion a Moss type reciever.  He is only  6'1, not the 6'3 he was listed at while at Texas Tech.  Though i do think he will be a very good reciever, the Moss, Fitzgerald comparison are not warrented.  Even the Steve Smith comparisons are not likely due to his lack of Smith-like speed.  He will be a good reciever, but maybe more of a Boldin or other mid-height hybrid reciever.  I wouldnt call him a possession reciever, though he does catch the ball well and is strong, but he didnt possess the blazing speed while at Tech.  It will be interesting to see how his career progresses as a pro.

Also, if Detroit does have Daunte as their starting QB, Smith would be a good choice, however- they do need to get a franchise type QB at some point.  unless they see themselves back in the top three of the draft next year (possible) where they could get McCoy or Bradford, I see them going after Stafford.  The fact of the matter is that while there is really no top five QB's in the draft, or many other top five players (besides Curry, Crabtree and possibly Smith), teams still have to make those picks.  I see Stafford going 1, Smith going two and Curry going three to KC where Vrabel can help groom him (one good reason of why he was the initial part of the Cassell trade.  After that I wouldnt be suprised to either see the Hawks get Crabtree (even with the T.J. signing) or most likely- trading down a few spots within the top 12 picks- adding a 2nd or 3rd round pick and saving 10 million on signing bonus in the process. 

I am a Seattle fan and have been following the talks very closely, so I am a little biased toward them and their needs.  However, I do think the top four picks i made fit in well with their needs and also with what "experts" have been calling for or forecasting.

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Posted on: March 7, 2009 8:59 pm

March 5th MOCK Draft predictions #1-10

The Lions will suck regardless so they need to get one OTs this year and try to get Bradford or McCoy next (which I think most will agree are better QBs).

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Posted on: March 7, 2009 1:58 am

March 5th MOCK Draft predictions #1-10

Not bad Kyle. Pretty close to how mine will probably turn out.

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Posted on: March 6, 2009 3:29 pm

BJ Raji !

Wow. If that guy is available to us at #10 it should be a no brainer. I can't tell you how happy I would be if we get that kid. Alas, the only way this happens is if Cleveland passes him by, which I don't think that they will. I expect Everett Brown to go much later in the 1st round, hopefully not to the Niners because I think that he's a bit overrated. I like the Crabtree to the Chiefs pick, but I think that Pioli has shown in the past that he likes to shore up the lines first, so I suspect he'll go with an O-Lineman. Don't underestimate the talent of Dwayne Bowe in KC, he should make a fine #1 receiver. He already has experience and might be as physically talented as Crabtree anyway.

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Posted on: March 6, 2009 11:16 am

March 5th MOCK Draft predictions #1-10

Good draft choices, I agree with the pick of B.J. Raji for the Niners.  If he's there at 10 they should jump at him.  Some people have thought that Andre Smith would fill a hole on the offensive side of the ball but he's suspect with all of his history.  I'm glad you don't have us picking a quarterback, that would be dissapointing.  Hill's fine for right now, hopefully Smith can live up to his draft pick by competing strongly for the starting job, after revising his contract and taking less money. 

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