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MLB realignment

Posted on: June 15, 2011 2:16 pm
All the talk about moving either Houston or Arizona to the AL is simply just dumb. Everyone knows that expansion has been Bud Selig's baby (having added Colorado,Florida,Arizona and Tampa..all have either won or been to a World Series). This is the simplest way to solve this problem. You add a team in Portland and Las Vegas to the AL. You have 2 more natural rivalries (Seattle/Portland and Vegas/Arizona) and you create 4, 4 team division just like in football and hockey....and we know how well it has worked there.

realignment would look something like this

NL West- Dodgers,Giants,Padres,Colorado
NL North- Chicago,Milwaukee,St Louis,Cincy
NL South- Arizona,Houston,Atlanta,Florida
NL East-  Philly,Mets,Pittsburgh,Washington

AL West- Angels,A's Seattle,Portland
AL North- Minnesota,Chicago,Detroit,Cleveland
AL South-Vegas,Texas,Tampa,Kansas City
AL East-  Yankees,Sox,Baltimore,Toronto

Not quite optimum but better than moving people around and then taking the luster off of Selig's other baby...interleague play. Plus Selig can then go ahead with expanding the playoffs.... but to do that he will need to scale back to 154 regular season games for sure.

Imagine if you will...a playoff like this:

and the winners take on Atlanta and Philly in round 2


and the winners take on the Yanks and Sox

could work favorably for everyone involved IMO
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