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the BCS is officially @&%$ed...again

Posted on: October 11, 2008 6:26 pm
OK, look at the unbeaten teams in college football. Any teams jump out at you? BYU Cougars, Utah Utes, Ball State Cardinals, Boise State Broncos, and my hometown Tulsa Golden Hurricane. Now BYU and Utah could easily run the table besides their head to head meeting. Ball State is in the weak MAC, Western Michigan is their only threat. Boise has a severe test in Fresno State, but that's it. Tulsa is on pace to score 3,541 points and get 19,702 yards...not really, but pretty close. TU's offense is out of this world, and they should run the table with a weak SEC opponent late in the schedule against Arkansas.

Even right now, BYU, Utah, and Boise are technically BCS locks: they're ahead of the pathetic Big East leader, USF. Which I'm sure is driving those idiots insane. If BYU gets up to #3 or 4 by the Utah game, they could still lose and be on the outside of the top 12, but be ahead of whatever team rises just enough above the morass of mediocrity to claim the Big Easy (Cincinnati). Tulsa will be ranked this week if the voters have souls/consciences, and can only go higher. The odds are much less in the Hurricane's favor, because even approaching the halfway point they're still on the outside looking in. Ball State isn't much better, being #25. Neither team has a signature win gleaming on the horizon.

Which team do you think will come out unscathed?

I say BYU and Tulsa wind up making it through, with BYU winding up in the Fiesta and TU making a medium-high prestige bowl. The default C-USA championship berth is the Liberty Bowl, against a medium SEC team.


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Posted on: October 12, 2008 1:50 am

the BCS is officially @&%$ed...again

Actually I realized that the registry for this is different than the one for Sportsline after a bit of checking, so I didn't re-register, I just registered.

I think you have a point about Penn St. having the best chance of going undefeated. The Big Ten is a little soft this year. However, I just get this feeling that either the Buckeyes or the Spartans might be able to pull of an upset if they play a great game, especially since the PSU-OSU game is at the Shoe. If they get past that game, and can stay focused against Michigan State, it's unlikely they will lose any other games--Michigan and Indiana are probably no threat, and Iowa would have to play out of their minds.

If PSU does go undefeated, the BCS could be a real mess. If there is a 1-loss Big XII champ and a 1-loss SEC champ, who will the voters take? Very, very tough call, as both conference are loaded this year.

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Posted on: October 12, 2008 1:33 am

the BCS is officially @&%$ed...again

Hey John, did you reregister? It's not safe to be anywhere in the top 25 right now...the higher you go the more likely you go down in flames. TU had me scared there until I just ignored them for OSU-Mizzou. I think you might be right about the BCS having no unbeatens; however Penn State comes to my mind immediately. These are the remaining unbeatens : Texas, Ok. State, Texas Tech (all play each other), Penn state, Utah and BYU who play each other, Tulsa, Alabama, Ball State, and Boise State. You can mathematically eliminate 3 of those, leaving 7. Bama is going to have to be the best team ever to make it through that SEC...

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Posted on: October 12, 2008 1:22 am

the BCS is officially @&%$ed...again

Awesome piece and I think you are right on.  Tulsa's QB is a phenom and so is BYU's!  These two teams have the potential to run the table and both bust into major BCS games.  Tulsa is awesome, but young with 2nd year coach, but volatile! I love them. I believe either BYU or Utah will go undefeated in the Mountain West which is obviously better than the PAC 10 or Big East, maybe the ACC too. Last week Vandy was great and unbeaten and then beat by a weak MSU team.  Mich has lost to every weak sister in the nation. They are BCS caliber. They make me sick. The BCS makes me sick. One of those two teams may be in the NC or get the AP vote.  The BCS is busted by the NON BCS conferences.  They are for real.  Give them their due.

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Posted on: October 12, 2008 12:09 am

the BCS is officially @&%$ed...again

What a weekend. The top 10 will be completely shaken up again! I don't think that any BCS league team is going to go undefeated, which will make it interesting to see how the voters value strength of schedule as opposed to record. As BCS busters go, BYU looks to be in great shape now, though only Utah won impressively today.

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