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My take on the AP Top 25 (for now)

Posted on: October 12, 2008 8:25 pm
1. Texas (39) 6-0 Very good victory over OU :( but facing three more incredible O teams in a row: Mizzou, OSU, TxTech

 2. Alabama (26) 6-0 Coming off a bye and previously a narrow win, have to see how they do with the meat of the sched coming up

 3. Penn State 7-0 My Big 10 pick, even if they lose to The (other) OSU, they'll still be top 10 material

 4. Oklahoma 5-1 Needs UT to stumble against their horrendous month upcoming, still very dangerous

 5. Florida 5-1 Should be higher, currently the class of the SEC with Bama

 6. USC 4-1 Still over-rated, still has to go through the Pac-10 (sarcasm alert!)

 7. Texas Tech 6-0 Needs a signature win, 3 make or break games coming up

 8. Oklahoma State 6-0 On a HUGE roll; that win just threw them headlong into title contention. Could be undefeated coming into Bedlam

 9. Brigham Young 6-0 If they can get through the TCU game, a clear path to the BCS goes through Utah

10. Georgia 5-1 Takes on the sent-back-to-earth Vandy team at home

11. Missouri 5-1 On the road to Austin this week, Could vault right back up or plummet. Still the North favorites.

12. Ohio State 6-1 Playing second fiddle as long as JoePa keeps winning

13. LSU 4-1 Is the debacle in the swamp a sign, or motivation?

14. Utah 7-0 Read BYU, replace "Utah" with "BYU"

15. Boise State 5-0 Quietly rising up the polls, the last of the already in-position BCS busters

16. Kansas 5-1 Poised to take up top 10 position if they can pull the upsets at Oklahoma and Missouri

17. Virginia Tech 5-1 Nobody really knows what's up in the ACC right now...

18. North Carolina 5-1 ""

19. South Florida 5-1 Big east leaders, still must deal with a dangerous Cincinnati team and inconsistent Pitt

20. Michigan State 6-1 Darkhorse Spartans are riding Javon Ringer into conference play

21. Wake Forest 4-1 See 18

22. Vanderbilt 5-1 Either upset the Dawgs at home, or go home unranked and still shy of 6 wins

23. Pittsburgh 4-1 Could take control of the Big Easy (typo intended) in the next 3 weeks

24. Ball State 7-0 They're on a tear through the MAC, with not too much to worry about

25. California 4-1 What? Where'd they come from?


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Posted on: October 13, 2008 2:35 pm

My take on the AP Top 25 (for now)

Looks like UNC big=play receiver and returner Brandon Tate is out for the year, throwing yet another hurdle the Tar Heels way

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Posted on: October 13, 2008 2:08 pm

My take on the AP Top 25 (for now)

All of your comments look dead on to me except the one about Florida:

"Should be higher, currently the class of the SEC with Bama"

Higher than who. They lost to a mediocre Ole Miss team and the only one loss team above them lost to a much better team. Otherwise, keep up the good work.

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Posted on: October 12, 2008 10:38 pm

My take on the AP Top 25 (for now)

Good thoughts on the top 25. I definitely agree with your comments on USC, Tech, Mizzou, the ACC teams, and Cal. Where did Cal come from?? I know Maryland has talent, but losing so horribly to them has to be a bad sign since the Terrapins are so inconsistent, right?

I can't tell whether the ACC is really competitive or mediocre. UNC has looked the best so far, save the dud against Virginia Tech. I also think that BYU and Oklahoma State deserve to move up if they keep winning.

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