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AP top 25

Posted on: October 31, 2008 2:32 pm
1 Texas-OSU showed how to take them down, much as the Ravens did to the Pats last year. Tech should light them up, but is the D good enough to hold McCoy down? I really hope so, but I have my doubts. It is in Lubbock, so I say Tech by 4, and they jump to #2 2 Alabama-I still think they're gonna lose, but not to Arkansas St. 3 Penn State-JoePa has them primed and ready, will he get media love enough to push the BCS rating over the top? I say yes. 4 Oklahoma-Nebraska shouldn't be too much of a threat, especially in the ridiculous Norman atmosphere. I'll be there! BOOMER SOONER 5 Florida-They lose, they're out. The Dawgs have home field, so I'll give them a very slight edge. 6 Texas Tech-Graham Harrell's most important game ever, he's gonna put up. 7 Southern California-Overrated. All I can say. 8 Georgia-Slight edge over the Gators at home. 9 Oklahoma State-God help Iowa State, cuz nobody on that team can. 10 Utah-Should obliterate New Mexico 11 Boise State-Clear path if Utah stumbles, NMState is not a threat. 12 TCU-A dangerous Rebels team isn't enough to scrae these gys. 13 Ohio State-They're out of it, who cares at this point? Do they even play this week? 14 Missouri-Out of it. 15 LSU-Out. 16 Florida State- Seriously, is this the best the ACC can field? 17 Brigham Young-too late for a resurgence. 18 Ball State-Still going strong, but each week brings a new injury. How long until that QB's gloves slip? 19 Tulsa-Still underrated, but they have a big BCS boost if they beat Arkansas. If not, they drop like a rock. 20 Minnesota-Surprise of the Big 10, from 1 win to 1 loss. I honstly can't call this game against Northwestern. 21 North Carolina-Still kicking, but the ACC tends to suck. 22 Michigan State-Can play spoiler to the Nittany Lions, but that's about it. 23 Oregon-What guy is playing QB now? Is there another Leaf brother out there? 24 South Florida-Already lost to the Thursday Night Curse. 25 Maryland-2nd most schizophrenic team of all time. They will lose again, be sure of it.

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Posted on: November 2, 2008 12:06 am

AP top 25

Generally good thoughts about the top 25. Oh, and as for the struggles of teams ranked between 11 and 25 (using the BCS standings): 5-6 this week.

What do you think will happen with Tech's upset win over Texas and OU and Florida looking extremely impressive??

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