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My top 25

Posted on: November 2, 2008 1:17 am
My take: 1. Texas Tech- they are looking really good both on offense and defense, and Pirates are awesome. They deserve it. 2. Bama- I still think the gators will chew them up and spit them out to the tune of 50 points. 3. PSU- Idle. 4a. Oklahoma-Demolished the Huskers, unstoppable Offense needs only a good quarter to win the game. 4b. Florida-holy crap, they're scary good when they're on. 6. Texas- Still a wickedly good team, Kansas is their next threat. 7. OK State- Despite the loss to Texas they still have two top 5 teams to play, and if they win they've got an undeniable case for a BCS berth. In fact, they should just get 3 at-larges from the Big 12 South. 8. TCU- still looking very good, only loss to OU. Remember that voters! They will be in the BCS, or the BCS will explode. Maybe both :D 9. USC- University of Spoiled Children beware, I don't give a %#$@ about you idiots. Hollywood doesn't make you a good team. 10. Georgia- Got their hedges trimmed today, but they'll be back. 11. Boise State- Could it be? TWO mid-majors in the top 10 this year? Hell yes. They don't need trick plays this time, and that should scare anybody. 12. Does it matter? They WILL lose. I'm gonna say Missouri makes it, tOSU doesn't deserve it. 13. tOSU is a fraud, but even so they will tear some people up. 14. Utah- That was a scary win at New Mexico. They can't do that again or they're done for. 15. Ball State- I am pretty much forced to put them here, because everybody else lost. 16. LSU- Huh. I don't care about you either, so geaux away tiger fans. 17. Michigan State- fun to watch, but not so convincing. 18. BYU- Another very close game. MWC is getting better each week at stopping them. 19. Kansas- that's right, Kansas. They're very dangerous, as they showed this week. Until Tech comes to town they'll have been the best team to play in Norman all year. 20. UNC- Well they didn't lose, probably because they didn't play. Everybody else around them did. 21. Maryland- Oh dear God, they're the second most schizophrenic team ever. 22. Cal- Well, they're gonna lose to SC anyway. 23. Florida State- Old man Bowden looks like he's given the race to JoePa. 24. Minnesota- Still the shocker of the season. 25. West Virginia- They beat the old #25, and they were just outside anyway.

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Posted on: November 2, 2008 2:04 am

My top 25

Good stuff for the most part. I like the boldness in putting TCU at #8! I want to see them beat a good Utah team before I'd put them above USC, but the Trojans have looked sloppy in games against halfway decent opponents ever since Pac-10 play started. The USC defense is superb, but the offense is honestly not that great... I mean, only 17 against Zona?? Zona has a good D, but not THAT good.

Right now I think Florida is playing slightly better than OU, but OU does have the better non-conference win. I think putting them as 4a and 4b is fair though. If they both win out, especially if both win their conference, the BCS computers might explode trying to decide between them.

You're right that everything after after 11 is a complete toss-up this year. Those teams just can't seem to win consistenly... it's strange. Parody strikes again...

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