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President's of the BCS are Hypocrites!!

Posted on: November 24, 2008 4:38 pm

We all know the BCS, or Bowl Championship Series, is a big joke.  For a major college championship to be decided by votes and people's opinions instead of on the field is ridiculous.  I remember a couple of years ago, college coaches who had Top 25 votes were ranking their teams high and other schools, they were competing for a BCS spot with low (if I remember right the Texas coach was the biggest criminal).  I just heard the Texas coach has a vote in the Top 25 but the Oklahoma coach does not, so don't be surprised to see Texas receive a 1st place vote and Oklahoma to be left off a poll in the coming weeks.

That's not the biggest problem though, the biggest issue is that the Presidents of the BCS conferences's are the biggest hyporcrites in the world.  They claim they don't want a playoff for the good of the student/athlete's, but yet they are personally making sure that 50% of the student/athlete's playing college football have NO chance to play for a National championship.  I don't know what the numbers are now, but before the Cards, and the other teams joined the Big East, about 50% of the teams playing Division 1 college football were not in a BCS conference, and thus had no chance to win a National title.  How can they say the BCS champion is the college football champion, when half the teams don't have a legitament chance to even play for the title.  Utah is undefeated, and probably not in the same class as the other top teams, but we don't know that, but they have no chance to play for the title.  Just this past baseball season Fresno State made it to the championship of the College World Series, if they were a football team they could never do that.  The president's were smart to include the non-BCS schools in the BCS bowl games, that kept them quiet for a little while, but to not give them a chance at a title is not going to last forever.  Wait for the lawsuit for the Mountain West, Conference USA, MAC, and other mid-major conferences to come soon, and I don't see how legally the BCS schools can win.  The BCS schools are better, but if they open the championship up to everyone, some kids will go to the non-BCS schools instead of the BCS schools. 

Stop being hypocrites president's of the BCS schools, we all know its about the money and power you have.

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