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And so ends the shootout...

Posted on: March 28, 2010 7:57 pm
Get ready for one of the lowest scoring final fours in a long time. Butler vs Michigan State, and Duke vs West Virginia. 
The 78 points Duke scored against Baylor were the highest they had in this tournament, and 2nd highest among the remaining teams, behind the 85 scored by Michigan State. Speaking of that, after the 85-83 win over Maryland, MSU's highest point total was 70. Butler scored 77 in round one, and never passed 63 afterward.
Duke scored the most points combined of the 4 teams, yet none combined for 300 yet. (289-287-284-257. Thanks for low scores butler!)
Average score: 69.8 to 59.6. First one to 70 wins? or first to 60?
Apparently, the line for the Duke-WVU game is 131. Duke averaged 72.25 points this tourney, WVU averaged 71.25. I'll take the over then by that measure (Don't gamble though)
The Line for the MSU-Butler game is 126. MSU averaged 71 PPG (66.3 without the 85 skew), Butler, 64.25 (60 without the 77 skew). I'd stay away (or take the under, but again, save your money, don't gamble)
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