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My idea on FBS playoffs

Posted on: December 12, 2010 3:53 am
The issues I see:
  • With out of conference scheduling for the big teams--there's much more to lose than to gain with scheduling superstar non-AQ schools, primarily because of that whole "the entire season is a playoff" argument. if one loss severely damages your NC hopes, why should Auburn bother taking on a TCU or Boise or Nevada when it could easily get the win playing a UL-Lafayette or Georgia Southern [i don't know each team's OOC schedule, i'm just speaking hypothetically] and still have the SOS covered with the conference? (not to mention, those massacres over the cupcakes adds more to the strength of the conference because more teams will have good records) 
  • As for the money part, that's gonna take a massive hit anyway because the entire BCS (heck, all but 2 of all the bowl games) will be on the ESPN networks now (and none on ABC), which will damage ratings. 
I like the playoff idea because you get a better grouping of talent, and more of a "put up or shut up" idea (TCU/BSU/Nev can prove they're for real by running the playoff gauntlet, and the cupcake-heavy powerhouses will have to put up with a steady flow of tough games).

In an ideal world, I would drop OOC games entirely (except for rivalry games) and just have the schedule be a round robin within the conference, so that we won't really know which conference is better than another until the postseason. (conference championships would be abolished as well if everyone plays everyone once, but since there's an uneven grouping of conferences, that won't happen anytime soon)

Anyway, that's just my two cents.
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