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NBA- 08-09- Predictions.

Posted on: October 26, 2008 4:58 pm

Knicks.... Don't expect much. Nets...Lebron is coming to Brooklyn soon, that's positive...Celtics (1)...James Posey will be missed and this will show.Top dog, but many are hungry. Hawks (8)...37 wins + 5 and you're in the playoffs again. Wizards...injury plagued,again and probably throughout 2010..Butler will be pissed. Pistons
(2)...Same old situation...Magic (5)...can you honestly believe a Van Gundy will totally succeed at anything??? 76er's(4)...Made drastic improvements, but did they really? Brand is huge upside with a strong possibility of risk. Playoff bound barring any injury.Pacers...treacherous...Bulls

5 guards, 5 fowards and no real center. It is a mess in the United Center...Cavs(3)...The ship is sinking. Mo can play but they are missing at least two more people. The writing is on the wall, but they will still make the playoffs...Heat...If this was a High School yearbook, Michael Beasely would be most likely to be finishing off the season on the court alone. This team is injury prone...Raptors (7)...Good team, great point guard and showed a real desire to win last year....Bobcats...Making Larry Brown happy is not an easy thing to do. Larry brown getting this team to win 8 more games and make it to the eighth seed in payoffs, probably even harder...Bucks (6)...Huge turn around this year. This team are  the sleepers of the year. Villanueva-15-10,Bogut-19-10.5/Jefferson-22-6-7,Redd- 20-4-5, Sesions-12-8-2. This equals in the playoffs.Celtics once again defend the east.

Lakers(2)...Twin towers,MVP,European bombers, if lamar can get used to SF, they will crush all competition. Though something needs to be resolved at the point guard position...Hornets(1)...This is the team nobody wants to play. Paul cannot be comared to any one player,or held by any one player for that matter. Now that Posey in on the team, look for three point threats everywhere. Spurs(3)...Hello, we are the spurs, you know what we are about...Suns(4)...I don't care if Craig Seger coaches this team, they are still going to the playoffs. Shaq will still do absolutely nothing but liquidate funds from the depleted Suns organization...Jazz(5)...Tough, gritty team that will claw their way to many one to three point victories..Rockets(6)...They have the right ingredients, if they mix the pot correctly, this will be a very good year in Houston...Trailblaers (7)... The healthier Oden remains, the farther the blazers will go. That team is solid with hard working players that love to put up agreat fight...Mavericks(8)...Kidd will produce heavily this year. Not only is this his first full year playing for Cuban(who is the coach, now matter who is coaching), he is in a contract year and he is 36. So, he needs one good year to get him signed for two with nice pay...Nuggets ...Doesn't look good...Warriors...Nelson is a weird coach. He mixes it up too much and never really figures out that his best team is the starting lineup. HA HA, Ellis rides a mo-ped...Timberwolves... They will do better than last years 20 wins but thats it...Clippers...Eh, just don't think this team will do much at all except fight over who is most unhappy there...Grizzlies,Thunder,Kings...Going no where very slowly.Lakers hold the crown for two years straight. I'd hate to say it, but I think the Lakers take it all this year. Chris Paul-MVP,Beasely-ROY,Scott Skiles-COY.

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