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Angry Fan Vent Time

Posted on: October 26, 2008 9:40 pm
Wow.  Just wow.  A good team would have found a way to win that one.  Let's start from the top.

In general, the Jaguars are way to vanilla.  Is it me or are we in base defense 95% of the time?  It's like the defense is just sitting back in base defense waiting for things to happen and reacting to it. They're not pressing the issue.  They're not forcing things to happen.  We haven't gotten any pressure on QB's what so ever this season.  And it's not on Derrick Harvey and Quentin Groves.  It's the whole DE group.  There's 5 people on the offensive line and 4 on the defensive line.  You know John Henderson is getting doubled.  That leaves one one one for everybody else.  We just don't have the talent to beat the one one ones.  My fix:  buy some talent.  Do whatever you need to do to get Julius Peppers in the off season.  And it might even take more than that.  Reggie Hayward is gonna have to get dealt. 

The offense is too vanilla.  Why is it the only time we actually use our roster to spread teams out is when we need a fourth quarter, game winning drive?  Where has that formation been the whole season?  Also, how many times do you have to run into a brick wall before you figure out you can't move it.  There are other gaps you can run in besides the A gap that Shaun Rogers is standing in.  I know it was  Brad Meester's first game back, but he was getting blown up by Shaun.  Also, there are other ways to run the football.  Screen the defense to death to slow the down.  Draw them to death to slow them down, then run the football.  Anybody knows that.  Anybody except Dirk, that is.  My fix:  fire Dirk Koetter and find a real offensive coordinator.  This ain't the college game.  Curl/Flat combos don't work 100% of the time in the pros.  My other fix:  the receiving corps needs an overhual.  It needs a clean out.  We need to get rid of each and every useless body in that group and replace them with receivers that scare somebody.  We should have dropped Jerry Porter as soon as we knew he had a hammy injury, that way he couldn't make the final roster.  Now he's a useless body taking up a roster spot.  No hard feelings,but you gotta know you can't come back from a hammy surgery in one season.  I'm also very disappointed we didn't go after Roy Williams when we had the chance.  Forget the price tag.  Roy has a touchdown, Jerry has a catch.  Come on!

David Garrard is single handedly saving the Jaguars' butts.  He's single handedly keeping the Jaguars in football games.  Without him we could be 2-5 or possibly even winless this season.  We don't have a running game, we barely have a passing game.  We don't have a defense.  David is our best offensive weapon.  Even more so lately, because he's not turning the ball over.

Marcedes Lewis is over rated.  This dude just refuses to catch.  My fix:  draft Chase Coffman.  He's a big target at 6-6 245.  And he can straight up ball.  He's already got 63 catches and 5 touchdowns this season for the Missouri Tigers.

What the heck are we doing in warmups?  I don't know if anybody else noticed, but Chris Naeole was hurt in warmups today and had a club on his right hand.  What the heck are they doing for warmups, fist fights?

Buckle your seat belts.  It's about to be a long ride.  The problems we have are not quick fixes.  Two coordinators needs to be replaced.  Personnel have to be brought in to make the new systems work.  We'll have to weather the "for sale" storm. 
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