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AFC South predictions 2009

Posted on: May 14, 2009 7:06 pm
Titans - 13-3 - There's really no one standing in their way.  They bring THE best running duo in the league. They have a QB that can actually throw.  And the defensive is still beastly without Fat Al.  Nobody's better than Fat Al on the line. But they just picked Sen'Derrick Marks who isn't horrible.  That's an upgrade over what they had as backup last year.  Plus they just picked up Kenny Britt who's no slouch and doesn't really have to work that hard now that he plays for the Titans.  And if they do this deal with Drew Bennett, they're going to the Super Bowl.  Write it down.
Texans - 11-5 - A young team on the come up.  Last year they went 8-8 with the 22nd ranked defense in the league.  Now they add Brian Cushing and Connor Barwin to an already young and talented defense.  If Dunta Robinson can get to camp, they would be that much better off.  The rest of the secondary I'm not too sure about.  However, consider the fact they lost to Jacksonville by 3, Indy by 4, and Minny by 7. That's three games in which Brian Cushing and Connor Barwin could have easily made a difference.  Also, they add Antoine Caldwell who's gonna help Steve Slaton out immensely.  The Texans are gonna be better than people think.
Colts - 10-6 - Beginning with the glaring whole at DT, they just drafted Fili Moala.  They also drafted Terrance Taylorwho's just as big, but probably not as talented as Fili.  At least they got one of them right.  Austin Collie, IMO was the best receiver in college football last season and is going to easily fill in for Anthony Gonzalez. What worries me is the inexperience between Anothony and Austin, though.  I don't doubt that Peyton will have these boys studying like they've never studied before.  Donald Brown gives them a bruiser with a little speed for spelling Joseph Adai.  I don't think the head coaching change is gonna be a problem because really Peyton is pretty much the coach. Where I think they go wrong, though, is when they go up against some of these tough, physical teams.  I think the Titans can get em twice.  And I think the Jaguars and Texans will split with them  I think B-More is gonna get em. And I don't think that New England game is gonna be close.
All 3 of the above teams make the playoffs.
Jaguars - 8-8 -Ok, so we're reloaded on the offensive line.  We're good there.  We're going back to running the football.  What I would like to see here is Rashad Jennings be MoJo's backup and Greg Jones just play fullback.  This trio is beast if they can get some blocking. I like Torry Holt on the outside to help keep the box numbers down a little bit.  However, on the other side, I'm not sold on ANYONE.  I don't think Mike Walker has it in him all season.  And I really don't wanna rely on rookies.  They looked good in college, but let's see em in real time. Tiquan Underwood's not gonna make the team and neither is Zach Miller.  That will probably leave Torry Holt, Mike Walker, Mike ThomasJarett Dillard, and Dennis Northcutt on the roster.  That ain't good. Our biggest receiver's gonna be 6'2 210.  I think we're gonna struggle a little bit getting posession catches and converting 3rd downs again. On defense, I think we're still a little bit of a mess. Derrick HarveyQuentin Groves, and Terrance Knighton are going to make us or break us.  If they play to full potential, the defense won't be as bad as last year.  If they fail, the defense is gonna be epic fail. I hopeDerek Cox starts from day 1. If the Jaguars are gonna play cover 2, they might as well let him start.  Derek is pretty much a shut down corner in cover 2. I think the Jaguars need to do themselves a favor and put out the secondary lineup right now.  That way the defense gets used to working in their normal spots.  That will help with the obvious lack of chemistry and communication. I think we split with Indy, and Houston.  We drop both to Tennessee. The Patriotsgame is gonna be a blowout. Arizona could potentially own us. Miami could deal with us.  And just because we'll already be out of the playoffs, Cleveland will beat us. Bye Bye Captain Jack.  I hope I'm wrong on this one, but I don't think I am.
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Posted on: August 25, 2009 3:16 pm

AFC South predictions 2009

Well we just signed Wilford back as a TE. I think Zach Miller will be gone. I would hate to see Walker get cut, remember Fred Taylor, although he did play a few more games in the begining of his career than Walker has but he was also hurt alot!!! Then he became a pretty durable player who started many games. Hopefully Mike Walker will do the same. He has to much talent waiting to be shown on the field to take the chance and cut him to allow another team to pick him up and show what a mistake we made by cutting him. None of our TE's have impressed me in the last couple of years, so maybe Estandis will be cut and we give miller a chance. I'm not sure though what the status is on his knee. Mercedes Lewis needs to learn to catch the ball again.

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Posted on: August 19, 2009 12:19 pm

AFC South predictions 2009

I really think Mike Walker may get cut.  It sucks because I am pulling for the guy but you can;t wait on him forever.  I say Torry Holt, Troy Williamson, Mike Thomas, Jarret Dillard, and Nate Huguhes make the team.  Tiquan Underwood will only make it if he can play some special temas otherwise he is practicce squad bound.  I do think Zach miller makes the team.  He does play special temas and they will carry him along with Marcedes and Greg Estandia
It will be an itneresting battle at RB because Chauncey and Rashad will not both make the roster.  I like Rashad Jennings also but he needs to learn to run with his pads lower or he is not going to last very long.

Be interested to hear your take on my blog about the first preseason game.  Check it out.

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AFC South predictions 2009

Millers not going to make it...odd considering they just bragged about him. Isnt there another big recieving tight end Mercedes Lewis? And seems to me, that although a big, tall reciever is great in the end zone, teams only have those recievers when they have a QB that has problems with accuracy. Thats why the Giants are so worried. Not that Eli is a bad QB, its just better for him to have someone tall. I cant remember the interview I read, but it said the recognized that when Eli misses, it is usually thrown too high. Dont think the Jags will be a 500 team this year. I give em at least 10 wins. Titans were a bit of a fluke last year, and lost the big clog in the middle of the defense. Colts are a mess, but are trying to keep it in the family. And I can never tell with the Texans. They seem to have the pieces, but never get threw a year without injuries to key players.
Just my opinion.

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