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Eagles 10 weeks into the season

Posted on: November 10, 2008 2:13 am
Edited on: November 10, 2008 12:01 pm
The Eagles are a mediocre 5-4 so far this season.  This was considered to be the year McNabb and Reid showed their worth.  As long as McNabb could stay healthy this year most people felt it would be a solid season.  Yet nine games into the year McNabb has played every game and they are just 1 game over 500.  How could this be?

Well plenty of people will say the Eagles are just past their prime and their Super Bowl hopes of years past are gone.  I disagree however, with how the 10-6 Giants won last year, a team with talent of the Eagles level can still make noise in the playoffs.  All that really matters is just making it into the tournament.  With better management this team would be better than just 5-4.  In the Chicago and New York games they made several key mistakes.  One difference is Coughlin called a close challenge on an illegal forward pass play.  It went the Giants way and from there they did not look back.

Still the Eagles did not play their best.  Toward the half instead of going for a TD to take a lead into half they settle for a field goal due to poor clock management.  As I stated Coughlin won his one challenge, however Andy lost both his on calls which were pretty obvious, they were just desperate challenges.  Then on 3rd and 3 and 4th and 1 Andy makes the predictable running play call and both are sniffed out to seal the deal for the Giants.  It amazes me how someone can continuously make the same mistake over and OVER.  The Eagles identity is clearly not a 4th and 1 run run run team.  The Birds don't have Brandon Jacobs in the backfield to plow over four guys and our offensive line never gets any push.  The Eagles do have a west coast offense with quick screens to RBs and efficient passes to WRs and TEs for short yardage with YAC.  Andy still decides he should run into the line.  Look at the stats Eagles 3rd and 4th down conversions:  5/14 running 3/3 passing.  I cannot plead with you more Andy PLEASE PASS on 3rd and 4th down.  Donovan still has the legs to try and run for a first down if the play breaks down.  If Donovan does not think about playing against the "black qb" stereotype and just runs when he needs to good things will happen.  If you just run up the gut our line gets outworked and we turn it over or just do not convert.  Put the ball in Donovan's hands or this could be the end of the Reid-McNabb era. 

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Posted on: November 10, 2008 3:51 pm

Eagles 10 weeks into the season

Hear! Hear!!

It is not that they are losing, it is the fact that they are losing the SAME way everytime!!  Besides the Dallas game which they had won and turned it over when they should have been running, they keep trying to convert these short yardage situations with the run game when they are NOT a power running team!!

This doesn't even mention their poor clock management which started in the Super Bowl and has reared its ugly head way tooo many time since then!!! Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid have been together for ten years now, how the hell do you get a delay of game penalty with goal to go from the six yard line?!!!!

You have 20 seconds to the 2 minute warnign in the second half and you let the clock run out to gather your breath and you hand off two times!!!  Jesus, you had McNabb keeping his throwing arm warm with WR coach Harold Carmichael!!  What the hell for if you were just going to hand it off twice?  You could have handed off before the 2:00 if Donovan was so "winded!"   Thanks to andy's boneheaded challenges, yo had to conserve as much time as possible.  You would have though it was the 1st half.  Why couldn't you try the same things you were doing on the previous drive when you went right down the field?

Just thinking about all of this is just MADDENING!!!!

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