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Detroit Pistons--How Far Away?

Posted on: January 21, 2010 2:09 pm
The springs on the Detroit Pistons' band wagon are getting a workout.  Everyone had jumped off before the season.  They came out looking pretty good to start the year despite the injuries to Richard Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince and fans started climbing on again.  Then the Pistons got healthy (for about 1 game) and started losing for an entire month, 13 games, and getting re-injured; of course, everyone jumped off as they plummeted in the standings and looked worse in the last 10 game column than even the New Jersey Nets.  Now, with key players still on the bench with injuries, the Pistons have managed to win 4 of 5 and creep back to 3.5 games out of the #8 spot held by Chicago; however, it seems people are a little slower this time to jump back on the band wagon--understandable.

But really, how far away from a solid team are the Pistons?  Yes, they did just lose to the Knicks (to be fair they split the home-and-home), but they bounced right back and beat the Celtics.  Yes, Boston is on its own 4 game losing streak and is missing Kevin Garnett, but that is why they shored up the bench this season with Rasheed, who played last night; so that should be as good or better a lienup that took Orlando to 7 last year in the second round of the playoffs (I know they aren't playing like it now).  But also consider the Pistons situation: they don't have Ben Gordon, a scorer who gives punch behind RIP; they don't have Will Bynum who was tearing it up early at the point, so much so people were asking to have Stuckey benched; and they don't have Prince, while Jonas Jerebko has surprised everyone as a rookie he still is not as good as a healthy Prince at the SF.  I beleive all these guys are about to come back pending getting some practice time under their belts.  This should make the team better, though last time it happened started the 13 game losing streak.  However, let's believe that it does make them a better team, as the return of some stars should; where can the Pistons end up?  They currently are better than any of the teams below them in the East and with the guys coming back I think they will pass the Knicks and Milwakee in short order.  This puts them in the playoff hunt, fighting Chicago for the #8 seed; and that is assuming Toronto can keep playing well (never a given) and Charlotte can keep up its pace (9-1 in the last 10, they are improved but I'll be shocked if they can keep moving up).  So I think that there will be these 4 teams battling for the last 3 potential playoff slots (still way too early to really be talking playoffs), and Miami ain't much better so it could be 5 teams battling for the bottom half.  So, I don't think this team is that far off.

And then, you have to consider Joe Dumars is planning a move.  I'm sure he would have liked to have pulled the rabbit out of his hat already, but with the injuries the Pistons have had it has hampered the effort some.  To anyone who watches the Pistons there are two spots that stick out like a sore thumb that are needed: Inside scoring and assists.  In the front court Charlie Villanueva is the only scorer for the Pistons; and CV comes off the bench for now and isn't exactly what I would call an inside scorer.  A trade for a solid big man, not neccessarily a star name, but a guy who can give quality minutes on both ends--10pts 10rbs regularly--would go a long way to transforming this team.  They wouldn't need to rely on the jumper all the time, which gets really ugly when you aren't hitting.  As to the assists, I am one of the few who this a trade here is not needed, just patience and coaching.  I still like Rodney Stuckey and think he can get it done at the point.  He is only in his third year and his first as a starter.  His numbers have improved as the season has progressed, and if you check out the numbers they aren't that different than Chauncey Billups' and are definitely better than Chauncey's in his third year.  What Stuckey is missing is the consistant movement on the offense; too often both the ball and players off the ball are just not moving.  Things simply need to get set up faster and moving more freely; I'm not sure this is on Stuckey or Kuester's offense, but with these players you can't use what worked for Kuester in Cleveland--give one guy the ball and watch.

So, in short (well not so short) I still think the Pistons are in good shape for both the short-term and long term future.  They need a trade for one solid big man (which I think they have the pieces for if they can find their guy), some guys to get helthy, and the offense to be a little more dynamic.  Not too big of changes really and I think they could be a solid team this year.  Even without a move I think they can be a lower seed playoff team if they can get players on the floor.  Yes, it looks ugly now, but I'll take bets they don't go on another 13 game skid.
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Posted on: January 23, 2010 8:55 am

Detroit Pistons--How Far Away?

I dont think we are that far away at all. We started off with a good rolling start but with the injuries it has really hampered the team. But as for needing another bigman upfront....everyone knows we need a legit center and I dont disagree but I think Charlie needs to get his mind right and stop shrinking from his role on his team. Do you think that Joe got Charlie to sit on the bench? We let Rasheed Wallace leave, We let Antonio McDyess leave which left us totally devoid of upfront scoring. Has anyone noticed how slow the team has started since Chris Wilcox has begun starting at the 4 spot? Did anyone see him miss 2 lobs in the first qtr and another easy layup? I'm not saying its all his fault but those scores can influence the way the game flows and after that we started to tank big time. We only lost by 8. Those 6 pts could have been pivotal! If Charlie starts we are set at the PF spot with him starting and Wilcox as backup and Summers as the 3rd SF/PF. With Charlie on the bench we need another starter at the PF cuz Wilcox aint gonna cut it!!!

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Posted on: January 22, 2010 10:24 pm

Detroit Pistons--How Far Away?

Again Tayshaun Prince starts and the Pistons suck, get rid of him! I'm sorry Tay but this is ridiculous everytime that he's played they've been horrible. Jerebko just fits better with his hustle, defense, athleticism, and rebounding. Find away to trade him ASAP!

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Posted on: January 22, 2010 10:48 am

Detroit Pistons--How Far Away? we think we have the right pieces we are just missing a low post scorer/defender to put us over the top....sounds a bit like pre-Rasheed Wallace does it not?? Ok maybe I'm being a little optimistic!

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Posted on: January 22, 2010 8:51 am

Detroit Pistons--How Far Away?

Thanks for the feedback MS; it is always nice to know that I am not just doing it for myself.  I know that you, me, and a couple of the other regular Piston fans are not on again off again fans, but on the Pistons board there are a lot who come just to dump on Stuckey and Joe D these days.

wings_11--I said they need a center because Ben is up htere in years and they basically have nothing behind him.  They've got CV with Maxiell at PF and some of the SF are big enough to do some stints there.  I think they have enough guys in Gordon, RIP, Stuckey adn Bynum who should be able to take it over when the time comes that one of them will be hot: in my opinion what they need is someone who can bang down low and give some steady points in the strtches that the jumper isn't falling so they don't through the long droughts.  The last thing this team needs is another jumps shooter.  That could be a center or a PF, I went with center because that is where they are thinner and a more pressing need looking to the future.  I have put up names before: I would love Kaman, but think he has played himself out of tradeability for the Clips.  My next choice for a solid guy hwo would fit nicely on the Pistons would be Okafor--not sure what it would take to pry him away from the salary concious Hornets.  Though Joe may consider Boozer since he can score down low and drafting a big man if he can get Ben to come back another year to teach the young guy and give him a year to develop so there is still some D at the C.

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Posted on: January 21, 2010 3:57 pm

Detroit Pistons--How Far Away?

How far Away? I say about one player. The Pistons need a player that can take over the game. This used to be Rip but for some reason he just doesn't have it this season. I think that Big Ben is doing fine in the center position, and what Jason Maxiell has done in the past proves that he can take over that position when Ben is gone. Kwame is defiantly not the answer. And is probably gone by next season. Basically to me Center is not the main problem (still a problem none the less). They just need a player when needed, can take the game into his own hands. Ben Gordon was supposed to have helped in this role, maybe when he comes back from injury he will, but only time will tell.

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Posted on: January 21, 2010 3:30 pm

Detroit Pistons--How Far Away?

I appreciate you doing these blogs on the Pistons Logic, it shows that people still care about the team. Keep up the good work.

Then the Pistons got healthy (for about 1 game) and started losing for an entire month, 13 games, and getting re-injured; of course, everyone jumped off as they plummeted in the standings and looked worse in the last 10 game column than even the New Jersey . Ah I would disagree I'm never off the Pistons bandwagon, I've supported them through this 13 game skid because I'm confident they will be a playoff team.

I disagree that Tayshaun is a better option than Jonas Jerebko, he may be better as a player but I think with this current Pistons Jerebko fits much better. Especially when they play him at SF, when they expierented with him at PF it didn't work well but whenever he's been starting at SF they seem to play superior defense and they have been outrebounding every team they face. Prince needs to be traded as much as I love him as a player he is no longer needed and we have 3 rookies that can slpit time there as well as we can run 3 guard rotations when we get to full strength.

I've been trying to support Rodney Stuckey and defend him. People have to understand this guy wasn't a lottery pick, he was picked 15th overall and has already exceeded his value and expectations. Fans need to understand that Stuckey is the "future PG" and he's still developing, granted Will Bynum may be better but that is because he's 27 years old and more seasoned. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love Will Bynum but Rodey Stuckey is the Pistons PG barring some kind of trade or something.

We do need another big man, CV still needs some more time off the bench where he's more productive. If we could some how swing a deal with Prince and someone like Wilcox, Maxiell, or most likely Kwame for a big man we'd be a much better squad.

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