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Vikings Update, it could get Wild

Posted on: August 26, 2009 1:25 pm
Brett Favre has come to Minnesota. Everyone is excited, some happily, others angry. But excited nonetheless. It seemed in the 2nd preseason game, Favre's debut, that the players had come to life as well. Number four changes things, for sure. Some are already predicting Super Bowl, while others insist we are no where nearer with Favre aboard.

Weakness is at defensive back and offensive line. I am terribly concerned with left tackle, Aaron McKinnie is not the hype to date. In Brett Favre's first appearance McKinnie was bull-rushed and Brett flattened. He needs to return to his college success, or his rookie year, and start to play like a first round draft choice. In addition, the center, right guard, and right tackle are large question marks. How they respond to the challenge will have everything to do with Favre's performance.

In the secondary, I only feel comfortable with Antoine Winfield. Sure, there is some talent and youth (finally after getting rid of Darren Sharper), but the Chiefs first unit found open receivers in passing situations religiously. The pass rush is strong, but they will not be able to offset poor coverage. Something needs to change by season's start.

On the plus side, Adrian Peterson and the running game should be very good. Steve Hutchinson is a premier blocker, and if the others do their jobs, we will continue to control the ball. I like Favre in charge, Tarvaris Jackson is very athletic but lacks the field awareness needed to get deep into the playoffs. Favre will use Visanthe Shiancoe and the rookie Harvin to offset a weak pocket. And maybe Bobby Wade, who could become almost a Donald Driver in our offense. I am hopeful that Bernard Berrian remains healthy, as he and Brett will closely resemble Favre to Greg Jennings.

Brad Childress is much maligned. So was Tice. So was Green. Face it, in Minnesota no one is Bud Grant. We have hated every coach since. Only Tony Dungy would be able to hold off the haters. Certainly our defensive coordinator is head coach material. Look at how the Steelers have done with our former assistant. Wish you were here.

I am not worried about a Favre injury, or meltdown. If it occurs, we are the team we were 2 weeks ago. That team can make the playoffs. Jackson and Sage Rosenfels will benefit from Favre no matter what. Maybe one will get some leadership skills simply by being around him, we may need them later. I am not seeing Super Bowl just yet, but expect us to be able to compete, and beat, improving Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears teams. I think the NFC North is much improved.

skol Vikings.
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Posted on: August 28, 2009 2:29 am

Vikings Update, it could get Wild

I like your analysis, chamberlain. Confident, but careful.
I share your optimism, but we are Vikings fans afterall, a let down would not surprise.
I think the Bears present a challenge, the Packers a lot like the Indians in the AL Central. All bark, no bite.
Here's to 2009! Skol Vikings.

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Posted on: August 26, 2009 6:13 pm

Vikings Update, it could get Wild

I am excited for the start of the season for the first time in about 10 years.  Past years was well they might have a good team, but we have lots of questions.  Over the past few years they have gone out and got some premier players at key positions.  However we always lacked talent at the all important position of QB.

We signed, Longwell, Peterson, Winfield, Hutchinson, Berrian, and Allen, but were putting up with questionable QBs.  Now we have someone behind center that can hopefully put it all together for the offense.  I think you will still see a run first offense with using the pass to keep the D off balance.  Can the offensive line run block as well as last year with out Birk, we will have to see.  Most importantly can the backside Gaurd and Tackle keep Favre from getting creamed?

With a relatively weak schedule to start the season, I hope we can start fast and build some momentum. (At Cleveland and Detroit and home for San Fran should be 3-0 or at least 2-1), then we have Green Bay and St Louis.

We should be able to tell early how this team will perform.  In our favor the division is weak too which may leave it open even if we stumble coming out of the blocks. Favre should play the whole first half this week!  We shall see.


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