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Did the Super Bowl Dissapoint?

Posted on: February 2, 2009 11:51 am

Theres alot of opinions about how Super Bowl 43. To my surprise people are haling it as "One of the Best" to quote i believe Chris Berman on a post game show on ESPN. My response, did he watch the same game i did?

This was a historical win, with tons of records broken, Kurt Warner holds the top 3 most Passing yards in a super bowl, the most passing yards in post season career, the most career post season TDs and more. Larry has the most recieveing yards in post season history. those i can name off the top of my head, along with Harrisons 100yard Int TD longest in bowl history, But was this game REALLY the best game to watch?

Both teams did not play nearly as good as the could have. Both teams only ran the ball for a combined 34 times if you take out QB scrambles. 34 times for right around 90 yards. What happend to the Running Back Game Breakers we heard all week about? that each team needs to 'establish the run game'. Big Ben and Warner both said the same thing. Warner threw 43 times for 377 yards and Ben threw 30 times for 256. in my opinion it was a passing slugfest. 256 passing yards for big Ben is above is average, and believe it or not so is 377 for Warner. Each team only had 2 sacks! what about that steel curtain i heard all week about, where was that egar Cardinals d-line?  I didn't see balance on either team, and i felt that some teams that had already been knocked out of the playoffs could have won.

The Super Bowl is supposed to anser the question who the best team is, and from watching that game i think its safe to say in wasnt the Cardinals, and possibly not the Steelers, but i can't but the blame on the teams really.

The Referees ruined this game for me, more than the play. Too many times did i see a yellow flag fly up into the air (usually came in consecutive pairs by the way), and interupt the game. I believe the Yellow Flag ratio, Cardinals to Steelers was around 4-5:1, so not only were they're alot of penalties, they were very one sided. Im not saying the Steelers wouldn't have won had they been called as many times as the Cards but, I don't believe the game was called fairly, and i do hate to say it.

The Cardinals faced 2 First and 20s, one was clearly a bad call, the other was debateable. They also incorrectly called Warners forward pass a "fumble". His hand was 'moving forward' when the ball came out, by definition that is a incomplete pass. The chop-block call was also questionable. I feel like the referees actual tried too hard to call a fair game. The were leanient with the steelers and more harsh with the Cards. But im not saying the steelers won because of it. They won on thier terms. they two also had some bad calls aginst them, and thats what im saying. The refs did not just 'let them play the game'.

Thats just my opinion but thats how i felt as a neutral audience, having the Cards knock my team out of the playoffs, and disliking the in state steeler rivals.

If you get rid of the first 55 minutes or so, (except 2 big plays), then i could say this was an epic game, the final couple drives were amazing, but at alot of points it just want enjoyable for a neutral audience to watch.

congrads steelers, and sorry cards

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Since: Feb 3, 2009
Posted on: February 3, 2009 2:47 am

Did the Super Bowl Dissapoint? No.

This Superbowl had some of the most amazing plays and drives in Superbowl history. Harrison 100 yard td. One of the most amazing interception return touchdowns ever. Larry Fitzgerald jumping touchdown catch. Ben Patrick's touchdown catch with Warner falling backwards. Cards coming back in the 4th and take the lead with a little over two minutes to go, and overcoming the largest deficit in SB history to almost win the game. An amazing tiptoe grab in the endzone which will probably be one of the all time greatest catches in Superbowl history.

And I wouldn't say that the refereeing was terrible at all in that game. Every time there was a holding call, the play was replayed and every single one had an extremely obvious hold. It makes sense that the Cardinals would have so many penalties- they've had one of the worst offensive lines in the past 5 years or so in the NFL. Plus, Harrison was getting great jumps off the line right after the snap, so the left tackle couldn't do anything but hold him. The play at the end with the forward pass was questionable, and I would have liked to see Warner take another shot downfield, but that's the way it ended. The referees were not more lenient with one team than the other. How about that hold in the endzone? Unnecessary roughness on Harrison? The Steeler's defense simply didn't let their emotions get in the way when it came to unnecessary roughness calls (all three that the Cardinals' defense were called on on one drive were all justified). The referees certainly did let the players "play the game." There were no ticky-tack pass interference calls, and the one defensive holding call wasn't even accepted as Fitzgerald caught the ball anyway. Unless you think holding is part of the game, the refs let the players play the game.

I'm not surprised that there wasn't much running at all. The Cardinals' strength this entire year was the passing game, and Pittsburg never had a solid offense this season- they didn't need one with their league best defense. The Steelers could "afford" to be lazy in the third because they had a good lead and their defense was holding off the Cardinals. The Steelers also have one of the worse offensive lines in the league (Roethlisberger has been sacked more than anyone in the last 3 or 4 seasons), so it comes as no surprise that their running attack was weak.

Fans were entertained with one of the most breathtaking comebacks and fourth quarter in Superbowl history. Fitzgerald came in huge in the fourth, Santonio Holmes continued his underrated post season play (no longer underrated), Warner had a huge day, and the Steelers defense cashed in on two turnovers and a defensive touchdown. In the wake of Superbowl XLII, I thought it would be hard to top the Giants' improbable victory over the Patriots, but this one nearly matched up in intensity and overall enjoyment.



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