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What kind of foul call was that???

Posted on: November 19, 2008 7:20 pm

This is a reaction piece to the game last night against the Golden State Warriors.  Golden State played arguably the worst final minute of a game in NBA history.  The refs did a good job of not allowing flopping to get in the way of good calls until the final play of the game.  The Warriors made bad play after bad play and tried to get away with flopping to get bailed out by the refs.  The Blazers capitialized on every mistake made and crawled back into the game.  Then with only about 5 seconds left in the game and the Warriors inbounding the ball at half court.  They attempted to lob the ball over Rudy Fernandez and his man's head into the back court.  Problem is, it was another bad pass.  Rudy Got around his man on route to the ball and a dunk on the other end, in the process his man grabbed him and pulled his jersey while throwing his hands in the air and flopping.  The whistle blows, surely the refs make the right call again right?  Give Rudy at least a 2 shot foul, or even a clear basket foul.  Instead they call a foul on Rudy.  Easily the worst call I've seen all season.  Rudy ends up getting a lame duck technical foul.  Rudy did nothing wrong but tell the ref that the other player grabbed his jersey.  GS went on to sink all 3 free throws (the technical foul and personal foul), and went on to win a game they didn't deserve to. 

On the bright side, Greg Oden had his first 20/10 game of his career.  Before last night's game, I wanted to put out a message to Blazer fans, not to get too excited over Oden yet, as he had only done well for two games.  However after this performance he is averaging 12 points, just over 9 rebounds and 3 blocks per game.  Being in Portland I know that people are not tempering their expectations, they are ecstatic about him.  I'd still like to preach patience with him, I know people are still expecting more 20/10 games than they should.  The guy is great, and he has clearly begun to slow himself down and allow the game to come to him.  The 3 game average is very realistic and something I think many fans will be happy with.  For now let's hope he continues his 20/10 streak.

As for tonight against the Bulls, I'll guess he ends up around 14 points and 9 rebounds with 4 blocks.  Offensively the Bulls are very weak inside, which I believe will lead to extra blocks for Oden.  However being a back-to-back game, in which Oden played 30 minutes in the first game, I don't think Oden will get more than 25 minutes. 

Usually I'll leave a prediction of stats on the game, which has turned out to be fairly close each night.  Today I'll leave you with just a final score.
93-109 Portland on top.

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