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Oden back in starting lineup...Webster soon?

Posted on: November 25, 2008 3:57 am

Before tonight's game it was reported that Greg Oden would be reinserted into the starting lineup.  Was this the right time to make this move?  Pryzbilla has been playing great of late in the starting lineup, while Oden has been playing well off the bench.  I had my reservations as to how this move would pan out and if it was the right time to do it.  I mean we all know Oden is the more gifted player and that eventually we want Oden in the starting lineup, it just didn't seem like now was the right time.  So far....McMillian was right.  Pryzbilla continued to play well off the bench today recording another double double.  Oden played just 20 minutes and scored only 3 points.  That doesnt sound too good, but what he did do was grab 6 rebounds in those 20 minutes.  They both played about the same as they did in the reverse roles.  The Blazers as a team played sloppy but they pulled out the win, and that is what matters. 

Here is a couple of notes from the game.  Steve Blake finally cooled off from beyond the arc going 0-4 in the game, after making 10 3-pointers in his previous 2 games.  Fernandez went 1-3 from beyond the arc today going a combined 2-11 in his last two games, his shooting seems to be cooling down.  Aldridge pulled down 10 boards, this marked the 3rd time this season he has done so and first time in 8 games.  Oden grabbed 6 rebounds in less than 20 minutes, and continues to look like a double digit rebounder in 30+ minutes.  Brandon Roy can take over games when the team needs it.  Why he didn't even touch the ball on the Blazers' last offensive possession, boggles my mind.  I like Travis Outlaw as much as the next guy, but Brandon Roy is our guy, let's get him the ball when it counts.

Webster possibly returning soon
I heard on he radio today that Martell Webster will be rejoining the team pretty soon.  Where does Webster fit in with this team now?  What do the Blazers do?  Well, they already have a 10-man rotation going right now.  Here is my idea:  You've got to work Webster back slowly, do not throw him into things too early, with this roster we can afford to bring him along slowly.  Eventually i think he may need to be reinsterted into the starting lineup, as I feel like his outside shooting will need to be paired up with Greg Oden.  Webster improved his defense last year and if he can continue to improve this year, dropping Batum from the starting lineup shouldnt hurt too much.  Eventually I think the Blazers have to trade Travis Outlaw.  Batum has shown that he is going to be an Outlaw-like player, so Outlaw is the natural player to deal here.  I say, at the deadline if the Dallas Mavericks are still on the outside of the playoffs looking in, the Blazers offer up Raef LaFrentz and Travis Outlaw for Jason Kidd.  My absolute dream though would be for the Blazers to sit still with this team, find a way to get everybody the minutes to keep them happy (cut Frye's minutes and let Outlaw play the PF spot), but odds are that doesn't happen.  Either way, I trust Pritchard, we'll just have to sit back and watch a master at work.

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