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The People's Poll: Week 13

Posted on: February 9, 2009 11:33 am
Edited on: February 9, 2009 3:10 pm

Welcome to the Week 13 People's Poll!    

The People's Poll is made up of 40+ College Basketball fans who want their opinions heard! Voters give their take over the weeks action on the main CBB board with the results tallied here every Monday. Each week's poll reflects games played through Sunday. If you'd like to check out each voters ballot, here you go. Even if you're not a regular voter, look for the People's Poll voting thread every week to give your take! You may end up in the poll!

So without further adieu.. I give you the Week 13 People's Poll! 

1. (36) Connecticut (E) 996 22-1          HR-1 LR-2          AP-1 CP-1 GP-1

"Their size will give many teams fits, they got their motor running against Louisville. We have a repeat #1 for the first time in over a month." -Kvskubball

2. (1) Oklahoma (E) 940 23-1          HR-1 LR-5          AP-2 CP-2 GP-2

"I don't particularly like how they play...which is win against inferior opponents by about 5 points." -Oneandonlystout

North Carolina Tar Heels logo3. (3) North Carolina (E) 932 21-2          HR-1 LR-5          AP-3 CP-3 GP-3

"Haven't lost since game @Wake Forest. Look like the team to beat in ACC." -Lobofan2003

Pittsburgh Panthers logo4. Pittsburgh (+2) 884 21-2          HR-3 LR-6          AP-4 CP-4 GP-4

"Everyone on this team seems to compliment one another perfectly. Everyone knows their role." -Sandman8392

5. Louisville (E) 809 18-4          HR-3 LR-11          AP-5 CP-7 GP-6

"Struggled this week. Looked outmanned vs. Uconn and looked uninterested in winning at St. John's." -Trespac

6. Duke (-2) 781 20-3          HR-3 LR-13          AP-6 CP-5 GP-5

"Still won't make it past the Sweet 16 (Saying it all year long), there guards just aren't athletic enough, and Zoubek isn't that great." -Badgers Ballers

Michigan St. Spartans logo7. Michigan State (+6) 691 19-4          HR-5 LR-22          AP-9 CP-9 GP-7

"Won their 2 games this week by a total of 57 points." -Bksballer89

8. Wake Forest (E) 659 18-3          HR-6 LR-15          AP-7 CP-8 GP-10

"They totally got their asses handed to them at Miami, nice rebound win over BC." -Trespac

Memphis Tigers logo9. Memphis (+5) 651 20-3          HR-5 LR-NR          AP-8 CP-10 GP-8

"Memphis totally laid the beatdown on Gonzaga. That team plays defense. And defense is what wins games. Evans is one of the best freshman in the country. This team is improving each and every game." -Chrisishokie

10. Marquette (-3) 640 20-3          HR-4 LR-14          AP-10 CP-12 GP-11

"We've had two pretenders in the BEAST fall like bad cuts of meat to the pavement, (GTown and ND, you know who you are), when Marquette hits the meat grinder part of the BEAST will they be next - or will Syracuse beat them to the sizzlin side-walk?" -Kvskubball

11. Clemson (-1) 638 19-3          HR-6 LR-18          AP-12 CP-11 GP-9

"1 game after their biggest win this season...they get beat by FSU...the Tigers are the headcases of the NCAA." -Oneandonlystout

UCLA Bruins logo12. UCLA (+3) 591 19-4          HR-5 LR-19          AP-11 CP-6 GP-14

"So much for that talk of the Pac 10 catching up to them.  They’re a buzz saw right now." -Huskyonspeed

13.Villanova (+6) 557 19-4          HR-8 LR-17          AP-13 CP-13 GP-12

"Their three losses in the Big East came against Connecticut, Louisville, and Marquette by close margins. They have solid wins against Syracuse and Pitt, and they have two players averaging over 15 points." -Reamo37

14. Xavier (-5) 471 20-3          HR-10 LR-19          AP-14 CP-14 GP-16

"Did anyone think they'd go unbeaten in the Atlantic 10?? If not then this shouldn't have been a surprise really." -Agsmith46

Kansas Jayhawks logo15.Kansas (+6) 462 19-4          HR-11 LR-18          AP-16 CP-16 GP-13

"They have quietly put together an 8-0 record in the Big 12, and they're looking more and more like they could make a deep run in the Tournament." -Babyblueunc

Butler Bulldogs logo16. Butler (-5) 373 21-2          HR-11 LR-NR          AP-15 CP-15 GP-15

"Sorry, but top 20 teams don't lose at UWGB, and then nearly lose to a 6 win Detroit Mercy team." -Badgers Ballers

Illinois Fighting Illini logo17. Illinois (+5) 269 19-5          HR-10 LR-NR          AP-22 CP-20 GP-21

"Illinois continues losing big on the road and winning big at home.  That is about as consistent as it gets nowadays... the only team in the Big Ten who hasn't lost at home yet." -Gezemice

18. Missouri (NR) 238 20-4          HR-16 LR-NR          AP-17 CP-19 GP-22

"As a KU fan it pains me to admit that this team is legit. Unfortunately it all comes to an end on Big Monday...Boosh!" -Brwhite23

Syracuse Orange logo19. Syracuse (-2) 185 18-6          HR-15 LR-NR          AP-23 CP-22 GP-19

"Syracuse is slipping. They better pick it up before they go Notre Dame on us." -Chrisishokie

Purdue Boilermakers logo20. Purdue (-8) 178 17-6          HR-13 LR-NR          AP-20 CP-23 GP-26

"Starting to get back up where they were earlier this season, and ouch, two losses in one week, that doesn't help" -Hossierguy10109

21. Arizona State (NR) 160 18-5          HR-15 LR-NR          AP-18 CP-18 GP-NR

"Just when I think I've got the Pac-10 figured out, ASU looks again like the best of the 5 schools trying to grab at-large bids and nip at UCLA's heels." -Pittbaster

22. Florida State (NR) 157 18-5          HR-16 LR-NR          AP-25 CP-25 GP-18

"Finally got a win in a close game against Clemson after losing by less than ten in all of their conference losses." -Sportemind

23. Ohio State (NR) 147 17-5          HR-16 LR-NR          AP-24 CP-NR GP-17

"The Big 10 top 25 carousel continues to spin...this weeks winner = OSU." -Brwhite23

24. Utah State (E) 128 23-1          HR-11 LR-NR          AP-21 CP-NR GP-NR

"The best record in the country can only get you so far." -Sandman8392

Gonzaga Bulldogs logo25. Gonzaga (-5) 125 17-5          HR-14 LR-NR          AP-19 CP-21 GP-25

"Just when it looked like they had their act together, Memphis comes in and absolutely destroys them. The Zags don't look like the Final 4 contender that they were supposed to be in the Pre-Season." -Babyblueunc

In: Missouri, Arizona State, Florida State, Ohio State      Out: Washington, Minnesota, Texas, South Carolina

Biggest jump: Missouri (+8)      Biggest fall: Purdue (-8)

Others receiving votes: LSU 80, Washington 75, Florida 54, Minnesota 54, Texas 21, West Virginia 20, South Carolina 14, Kansas State 8, California 4, Davidson 3, BYU 2, San Diego State 1, Cincinnati 1, Indiana 1

What it all means: (First place votes), Team, (Change in rank from last week), Points, Record, Highest Rank, Lowest Rank, , AP rank, Coache's rank, Gary Parrish's rank, Voter's Take 

Conference power rankings:

  1. ACC (0.0402)
  2. Big East (0.0403)
  3. Big 10 (0.0507)
  4. Big 12 (0.0606)
  5. Pac 10 (0.1008)
  6. West Coast (0.1510)
  7. Atlantic 10 (0.1704)
  8. SEC (0.1711)
  9. USA (0.1801)
  10. Horizon (0.1805)
  11. Western Athletic (0.1809)
  12. Mountain West (0.2113)
  13. Southern  (0.2414)

(Only teams receiving votes in TPP are calculated into CPR)

Breaking down the rankings: 

Finally some stability at the top! For the first time in a long time there is no change at #1. Meanwhile four of the top five teams remain the same from last week. Leading off their second week at #1 is Connecticut followed by Oklahoma who squeaked out a win at home over Colorado.  North Carolina is next and is trying to figure out if they can still be the team everyone thought they would be despite suspension and injuries. Pittsburgh moves up to #4 filling the spot vacated by Duke and Louisville rounds out the top 5.

Duke comes in at #6. The Blue Devils narrowly avoided back to back losses with an overtime win over Miami. Michigan State makes a big jump this week up 6 spots to #7. Wake Forest is next holding the same as last week. Another big jumper, Memphis, climbs to #9 and is followed by Marquette who is coming off an unexpected loss vs. South Florida.

Clemson comes in down one spot at #11 followed by the Bruins of UCLA who dismantled Notre Dame over the weekend. Villanova climbs 6 spots to #13 followed by Xavier who is coming off their third loss of the season. Kansas makes a nice climb up to #15 as the Jayhawks go into a Big Monday showdown at Mizzou tonight.

Butler falls 5 spots to #16 after their second loss. The Bulldogs are followed by Illinois and Missouri. The Tigers are making noise in the Big 12 and still have an outside shot at the conference crown with remaining games against KU and OU. Syracuse comes in down 2 spots from last week and is followed by Purdue. The Boilermakers don’t seem to be nearly the same team without Hummel who is suffering through a back injury.

Arizona State jumps back into the poll this week at #21. The Sun Devils are followed by two other newcomers this week, Florida State and Ohio State. Utah State holds strong at #24 with still only one loss on the season. Rounding out the poll this week is Gonzaga who is coming off a pounding at the hands of Memphis.

Thanks to everyone who voted! All voters make sure and check out the People's Poll Group!

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Since: Feb 4, 2009
Posted on: February 21, 2009 12:16 pm

The People's Poll: Week 13

Of course, someone has to insult OU...

Since: Oct 27, 2008
Posted on: February 15, 2009 11:44 pm

The People's Poll: Week 13

move illinois up like 5 spots :]

Since: Mar 18, 2007
Posted on: February 14, 2009 11:47 am

The People's Poll: Week 13

#9 Memphis (20-3) Played really well, thrashing Gonzaga on the road but they are 0-2 versus the Big East. A Big East team with the same record or 1 more loss should be placed ahead of the Tigers. Are you guys sure you still want to be a member of the Big East!? Could you at least take in to account that since the move of Evans to PG this is a completely different team? The ball is no longer stagnant on offense and the toughness on defense and rebounding has improved by leaps and bounds since the three early loses. I'm almost 100% positive the Tigers would avenge all three loses if the games were to be played again. Not saying they'd be undefeated in the Big East by any means, but I can't see them not being a top 3 of the Big East standings.

Since: Jul 21, 2008
Posted on: February 13, 2009 6:15 pm

The People's Poll: Week 13

Cincinatti 45- Memphis 60 W - Now cincy has beaten twice along wilth Notre Dame. So that win turned out better than a win over the   &nbs
p; Hoyas. Cincy is in better shape than both of those teams. 79- Memphis 70 L- Is not better than Memphis now. It took Overtime when we were playing horrible and they were playing great! lol

Seton Hall 70- Memphis 84 W- Beat USC, VA Tech, and Goergetown. Better record than G.TOWN also

Syracuse 65- Memphis 72 L- Would definitly not beat Memphis of now! Tight game when we were playing like crap

 2-2 in Big EAST play! With the two losses coming when we we playing horrible. 

Since: Apr 4, 2008
Posted on: February 13, 2009 11:38 am

The People's Poll: Week 13

Keep in mind that Memphis' last loss was back on Dec. 20 before Calipari moved Evans to the point and they have been on a tear ever since and getting better each game! The second longest win streak in the nation at 15 games. Their rpi is #9, sos #26, non-conf rpi #10, pomeroy #3, sagarin #8 and have the #2 rated defense in the country. These are not things to be ignored or brushed aside. All these after losing their top 3 players from their nat'l runner up team from last year. It's about more than just won-loss. You have to consider body of work as well as recent play. Things can change, but at this moment, they are deserving of their ranking and the professional polsters understand these principles and make their rankings with these things in mind.

Since: Dec 13, 2006
Posted on: February 13, 2009 2:44 am

The People's Poll: Week 13

Who is this joker....The #1 team in the Pac-10 out of the respect to this lout who can't look past the rocky mountains...

Since: Dec 30, 2007
Posted on: February 10, 2009 10:09 am

The People's Poll: Week 13

#9 Memphis (20-3) Played really well, thrashing Gonzaga on the road but they are 0-2 versus the Big East. A Big East team with the same record or 1 more loss should be placed ahead of the Tigers. Are you guys sure you still want to be a member of the Big East!?As someone else said earlier, Memphis is 2-2 vs. the BE this year. One of the losses, Georgetown, took a little home cooking (22 more FT attempts) and OT for GTown to take the win. Memphis is a combined 8-2 in the last four years since the BE raid on CUSA, so i think they would be just fine in the BE. It may even help Memphis get a few more recruits. It's no wonder the BE wants no part of them...........Tongue out

Since: Jan 5, 2007
Posted on: February 10, 2009 9:11 am

The People's Poll: Week 13

Grizzly Blair,

Not terribly important, but the Memphis Tigers are 2-2 against the Big East this year, not 0-2.  Also, Memphis was 3-0 last year against the Big East.  I think we would do just fine in that conference.  Would it be more fun to play in the Big East?  Yes, but we sure wouldn't be enjoying a #1 or #2 seed every year (last year being the exception).  All we can do is play the games......and WIN.

Since: Jan 13, 2009
Posted on: February 10, 2009 1:40 am

The People's Poll: Week 13

This is by far the best poll out there but I have a few personal beefs.  Overall though, well done.  I just think that Duke is severly overrated. Despite the slighly better record, they should be in the #7 spot behind MSU and actually Marwuette.  Don't give me the UNC game from months ago without Suton or that they play in the Big Ten.  They are better and Marquette I feel has been on a roll and played quality teams.  Another one that I would question and the quote below it was dead on that the Big Ten top 25 carousel continues but it went the wrong way this week.  No way Ohio State should be in the poll.  Put Minnesota in and honestly until Purdue actually proves something on the court and not just on paper and preseason hype, they need to be booted.  There are several more deserving teams right now.  Maybe they aren't better but this isn't about potential.  As a Spartan and Big Ten fan I normally wouldn't advocate losing teams in the top 25 but they just dont deserve it.

Since: Nov 26, 2008
Posted on: February 10, 2009 1:04 am

The People's Poll: Week 13

I think you had a typo.  You meant to say "AFTER USC gets SWEPT by the 'Zona Schools this week...they definitely won't get a TOP 25 VOTE..."

ASU is a two player team - Harden & Pendergraph.  If they're both "on," they're tough to beat.  I agree - they are definitely a top 25 team - much as it pains this AZ Wildcat to say so....Yell

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