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The People's Poll: Week 10

Posted on: January 18, 2010 12:31 pm
Edited on: January 19, 2010 8:50 am

Welcome to the Week 10 People's Poll!         

The People's Poll is made up of 40+ College Basketball fans who want their opinions heard! Voters give their take over the weeks action on the main CBB board with the results tallied here every Monday. Each week's poll reflects games played through Sunday. If you'd like to check out each voters ballot, here you go. Even if you're not a regular voter, look for the People's Poll voting thread every week to give your take! You may end up in the poll!

So without further adieu.. I give you the 2010 Week 10 People's Poll!

 1. (32) TEXAS (E) 992          17-0          HR-1 LR-2          AP-1 CP-1 GP-2     

Jan 13: Won at Iowa St 90 - 83
Jan 16: Won at home (26) Texas A&M 72 - 67 (ot)

"What the heck was that against A&M? They didn't look like a Top 10 team, late alone a #1 team. Give them credit for a winning a game that they didn't play their best in, but not leading until OT? They face a MUCH stiffer test @K-State on Monday." -Lobofan2003

 2. (8) KENTUCKY (E) 968           18-0          HR-1 LR-2          AP-2 CP-2 GP-1     

Jan 12: Won at Florida 89 - 77
Jan 15: Won at Auburn 72 - 67

"Still undefeated, but has played the weakest schedule of the top ten teams, so i'm not totally convinced they are a top four team, but I will give them credit for still being undefeated." -Nekco

 3. KANSAS (E) 899          16-1          HR-3 LR-7          AP-3 CP-3 GP-3     

Jan 13: Won at Nebraska 84 - 72
Jan 16: Won at home (44) Texas Tech 89 - 63

"looked like they were relieved to have the target off their back in a waxing of Texas Tech; THAT is the team we all thought we were going to get." -Schildkrotte

 4. VILLANOVA (E) 866          16-1          HR-3 LR-6          AP-4 CP-4 GP-4     

Jan 11: Defeated Louisville on the road 92 - 84
Jan 17: Won at home (9) Georgetown 82 - 77

"Nice road win against Louisville followed by a home win over Georgetown which turned out to be pretty nervy at the end." -Wachoosay

 5. SYRACUSE (E) 864          17-1          HR-3 LR-7          AP-5 CP-5 GP-5     

Jan 13: Won at Rutgers 81 - 65
Jan 16: Won at (10) W Virginia 72 - 71

"Syracuse fans owe this ranking to Brandon Trish.  The freshman stepped up in Morgantown and delivered a great 2nd half, including numerous big baskets down the stretch to lead the Orange to a key road win." -Gocavs33

 6. DUKE (+1) 778          15-2          HR-4 LR-10          AP-7 CP-6 GP-5     

Jan 13: Defeated Boston College at home 79 - 59
Jan 17: Plays (41) Wake Forest

"Anybody catch the stats from the Wake Forest game tonight? Could the Blue Devils actually have a decent front court this year?" -Canuck23

 7. MICHIGAN STATE (+1) 737          15-3          HR-4 LR-12          AP-6 CP-7 GP-7     

Jan 13: Defeated Minnesota at home 60 - 53
Jan 15: Won at home Illinois 73 - 63

"After a slow start, they're one of the hottest teams in the country, and should win the Big 10." -Ike3494

 8. TENNESSEE (+3) 689          14-2          HR-4 LR-24          AP-8 CP-8 GP-10     

Jan 14: Won at home Auburn 81 - 55
Jan 16: Won at home (19) Olde Miss 71 - 69(ot)

"Tennessee continues to win despite all the trouble with the team...will they be able to keep it up and give Kentucky a run for their money, or will they slowly fade? Only time will tell." -Chrisisbuck#2

 9. KANSAS STATE (+4) 649          15-2          HR7- LR-16          AP-10 CP-9 GP-12     

Jan 12: Defeated (26) Texas A&M at home 88 - 65
Jan 16: Won at Colorado 87 - 81

"Split this week and they are a top 10 team. Sweep or be swept and they will see a big move." -Shaunyboy

 10. PITTSBURGH (+5) 635          15-2          HR-7 LR-17          AP-9 CP-11 GP-8      

Jan 13: Defeated (18) U Conn on the road 67 - 57
Jan 16: Won at home Louisville 82 - 77 (ot)

"I was ready to write them off and be smug about it when it looked like a home loss to Louisville was in the cards (pun intended), but coming back to defend the home court like that, along with earlier wins and a road beat-down of UConn convinced me they’re worthy. I may even have them too low; 5-0 in the BE is nothing to sneeze at. Mmmmm; good crow." -Schildkrotte

 11. BYU (+3) 527          18-1          HR-8 LR-19          AP-14 CP-13 GP-20      

Jan 13: Defeated Air Force on the road 67 - 49
Jan 16: Won at home Colorado Sy 97 - 41

"they just keep rolling along, but there is better competition on the remainder of their schedule." -Kvskubball

 12. WEST VIRGINIA (-2) 516          13-3          HR-8 LR-NR          AP-11 CP-12 GP-11     

Jan 13: Defeated S Florida on the road 69 - 50
Jan 17: Lost at home (5) Syracuse 71 - 72

"Give Hugs credit for a tough schedule, but it may be wearing on this team confidence." -Kvskubball

 13. GEORGETOWN (-4) 489          13-3          HR-7 LR-24          AP-12 CP-14 GP-13     

Jan 14: Won at home Seton Hall 85 - 73
Jan 17: Lost at (4) Villanova 77 - 82

"A good starting five – but not much coming off the bench.  Get their starting guards in foul trouble and watch them unravel." -Logan big ears

 14. PURDUE (-8) 470          14-3          HR-7 LR-NR          AP-13 CP-15 GP-9     

Jan 12: Lost to Ohio St at home 66 - 70
Jan 16: Lost at Northwestern 64 - 71

"Lemme break it down for you: Purdue loses and Parrish says this proves that Purdue is not as elite as Kentucky, Kansas, and Texas. Kansas loses, and Purdue fans complain. Then Purdue loses twice in a week." -Somerandomdude

 15. GONZAGA (+1) 445          14-3          HR-8 LR-24          AP-15 CP-10 GP-14    

Jan 14: Won at (31) St Marys 89 - 82
Jan 16: Won at San Diego 68 - 50

"Only school in the west coast (that) is any good." -Jasonwells1982

 16. WISCONSIN (-4) 402          14-4          HR-8 LR-NR          AP-18 CP-19 GP-18     

Jan 13: Defeated Northwestern on the road 60 - 50
Jan 16: Lost at Ohio St 51 - 60

"This team is hot and cold.  They beat teams like Purdue and Duke yet lose to teams like Green Bay.  Go figure." -Crazy kitty

 17. CLEMSON (+6) 351          15-3          HR-12 LR-24          AP-17 CP-16 GP-15     

Jan 13: Defeated (17) N Carolina at home 83 - 64
Jan 16: Won at NC st 73 - 70

"Alright, they beat North Carolina. Question is, how good is North Carolina?" -Somerandomdude

 18. TEMPLE (+2) 318          15-3          HR-11 LR-NR          AP-16 CP-17 GP-19     

Jan 13: Won at Penn 60 - 45
Jan 16: Won at home U Mass 75 - 46

"3-0 in the A10 with a win @ Rhode Island is great for this team. The Owls' only loss since Nov. 28 is a loss to Kansas on Jan. 2." -Osubeatmichigan

 19. OHIO STATE (NR) 192          13-5          HR-12 LR-NR          AP-21 CP-25 GP-17     

Jan 12: Won at Purdue 70-66
Jan 16: Won at home Wisconsin 60-51

"Ohio State is once again a contender in the Big 10....and what do ya know, it's right when Evan Turner comes back. Watch out for this team." -Chrisisbuck#2

 20. GEORGIA TECH (+1) 172          13-4          HR-15 LR-NR          AP-19 CP-18 GP-23     

Jan 13: Lost on the road to Virginia 75 - 82
Jan 16: Win at N Carolina 73 - 71

"I don't know what to make of this team? They lost earlier in the week to Virginia and then get up big at North Carolina before having to hang on at the end. I guess all you can say is they are a young team." -Lobofan2003

 21. NORTHERN IOWA (NR) 151          16-1          HR-12 LR-NR          AP-20 CP-22 GP-NR     

Jan 12: Defeated Bradley at home 52 - 50
Jan 16: Won at home Indiana St 62 - 40

"tough to move them up when they only beat Bradley by 2, even though they waxed Indiana State. The Panthers may have the best big man no one has heard of in the country." -Schildkrotte

 22. MISSISSIPPI (-3) 143          13-4          HR-11 LR-NR          AP22- CP-24 GP-16     

Jan 13: Won at Georgia 80 - 76
Jan 16: Lost at (11) Tennessee 69 - 71 (ot)

"need to start winning on the road if they want to win the SEC." -Shaunyboy

 23. MISSISSIPPI STATE (NR) 121          15-3          HR-13 LR-NR          AP-23 CP-NR GP-NR      

Jan 14: Won at home Arkansas 82 - 80
Jan 16: Won at home Georgia 72 - 69

"Barely won 2 games at home vs unranked teams, but with only 3 losses and the win vs Ole Miss." -KUnflmlbnba+

 24. BAYLOR (-2) 112          14-2          HR-11 LR-NR          AP-25 CP-NR GP-NR      

Jan 12: Lost at Colorado 71 - 78
Jan 16: Won at home Oklahoma St 83 - 70

"Sometimes they play defense...sometimes, but that is an improvement over last year." -Kvskubball

 25. NEW MEXICO (NR) 108           16-3          HR-19 LR-NR          AP-NR CP-NR GP-21      
Jan 13: Defeated Utah at home 74 - 57
Jan 16: Won at Wyoming 70 - 68

"Will the real Lobos team please stand up? Still struggling on offense, but played much better defensively to get a win over Utah and on the road against Wyoming." -Lobofan2003

Biggest jump: Clemson (+6)          Biggest fall: Purdue (-8)        

Others receiving votes: Vanderbilt 94, Butler 75, UAB 46, Rhode Island 32, Connecticut 25, Virginia 17, Louisiana Tech 16, UNLV 12, Cornell 11, Missouri 10, Wake Forest 9, Texas AnM 9, Marshall 7, William & Mary 7, Minnesota 6, Northwestern 6, North Carolina 5, Dayton 5, Florida State 4, Miami (Fla) 3, St Marys 3, Notre Dame 2, Xavier 1, Tulsa 1

What it all means: (First place votes), Team, (Change in rank from last week), Points, Record, Highest Rank, Lowest Rank, AP rank, Coache's rank, Gary Parrish's rank, Voter's Take

  1. Big 12 (0.0402)
  2. Big East (0.0601)
  3. Big 10 (0.0604)
  4. ACC (0.0607)
  5. SEC (0.0803)
  6. Mountain West (0.1306)
  7. Atlantic 10 (0.1409)
  8. West Coast (0.1505)
  9. USA (0.1911)
  10. Missouri Valley (0.2108)
  11. Horizon (0.2210)
  12. Western Athletic (0.2312)
  13. Ivy (0.2313)
  14. Colonial Athletic (0.2314)

(Only teams receiving votes in TPP are calculated into CPR)

Week 10 Games of the Week

Game of the Week
Texas @ Kansas State (Monday)

Texas is coming off a rough outing against Texas A&M. Now they must go into a hostile environment in Manhattan, KS to try and stay unbeaten. If they are to stay undefeated they are going to need a much better game from Dexter Pittman; he needs to not only score in the low post, but also grab offensive rebounds to give the Longhorns second chance opportunities. On the other side, Kansas State is going to look to their two star guards, Denis Clemente and Jacob Pullen. Clemente and Pullen will be looking to cause havoc on the offensive end, creating matchup problems for the Texas guards. They are also going to have to be active on the defensive end and look for opportunites for steals to lead to fast break opportunities.

Clemson @ Georgia Tech (Tuesday)

Two teams that knocked off North Carolina last week square off in an important ACC showdown. Georgia Tech has shown they can beat anybody, but they can also lose to anybody. Trevor Booker will look to establish a presence inside against the Yellow Jackets. Favors and Lawal will go against Booker and may cause problems for Clemson on the other end as well. I look for this to be a physical contest where the last one standing is going to win the game.

Northern Iowa @ Wichita St. (Tuesday)

If you haven't watched a Missouri Valley game all season now would be a good time to start. First place and undefeated in conference play, Northern Iowa goes into Wichita to take on second place Wichita State. The Missouri Valley has some very good home court advantages and Wichita is one of them, so Northern Iowa is going to have their work cut out for them. Northern Iowa doesn't have a lot of star players or high scorers, but what they do have is a very solid defense and a team that has experienced NCAA tournaments in the past. Both teams need this game for their potential at-large chances if they fail to win the Missouri Valley Tournament.

Georgetown @ Pittsburgh (Wednesday)

Austin Freeman and Greg Monroe are the keys for this Georgetown that is now struggling just a little bit. After losing a heartbreaker to Villanova the Hoyas must go on the road again to play a very hot Pittsburgh team. Brad Wanamaker is making a big difference for Pitt who is undefeated in Big East play. In order to keep up with Villanova for the conference lead this is a game Pitt must win at home. If Pitt does win, they may be a Top 5 team before you know it.

Xavier @ Temple (Wednesday)

The battle for 1st place in the A-10 has many implications. Thanks to a difficult schedule and a high RPI Temple is in line for a high seed if the NCAA tournament began today. As A-10 play gets more difficult those losses may pile up for the Owls and affect their NCAA seeding possibilities. Speaking of tough schedules, Xavier has played just as tough, if not a tougher schedule, than Temple. Heartbreaking losses to Butler and Wake Forest (both on the road) could have gotten the Muskateers down, instead they've shot out to a 4-0 start in A-10 play. Jordan Crawford is a really talented player for the Muskateers, Temple is going to have to find some way to slow him down if they want to prevent the Muskateers from stealing one on the road.

Ohio State @ West Virginia (Saturday)

An important non-conference matchup in late January pits the Buckeyes against the Mountaineers. These are two teams heading in opposite directions at the moment. With Evan Turner back the Buckeyes have reeled off 3 wins in their last 4 games. Beating the Mountaineers in Morgantown would add another resume win to the Buckeyes ledger. West Virginia on the other hand needs big games for Ebanks and Butler to win a game against a ranked opponent.

BYU @ San Diego State (Saturday)

Just like the Missouri Valley game earlier in the week, if you haven't watched a Mountain West game yet this year you need to tune into this one. BYU has only one-loss and is undefeated in conference play, but this is their first big conference road test. These teams play two very contrasting styles: BYU likes to play on the perimeter with guards Jimmer Fredette and Jackson Emery; SDSU likes to play physical and beat people on the inside with Kahwi Leonard, Billy White and Malcom Thomas. In the end this game is going to come down to the referees; yes, the referees. If they call a tight game then BYU will have the advantage, if they let them play SDSU will be able to beat up BYU on the inside and control the game. -Lobofan2003

Thanks to Lobofan 2003, Hammerboyy and everyone who voted! Last week's poll can be found here and all voters make sure and check out the People's Poll Group!  

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Since: Dec 18, 2007
Posted on: January 19, 2010 2:57 am

The People's Poll: Week 10

I love that there are only 14 teams ranked by everyone in the poll!  Thate means 11 teams on the poll were not ranked by everyone!  That means there are a lot of decent teams this year.  There don't seem to be the usual grouping of top power-houses... every team has shown weaknesses and flaws, UK being the only team to overcome them all so far. (Barely)  We've been seeing teams most of us have in the 30's to 40's beating top 10 or at least top 15 ranked schools.  Also the range of each teams ranking is nuts! Take for instance #'s 12 through 24... They all have a gap of at least 10 positions or more between their highest and lowest ranking... Am I the only one in here that loves that!!!  It makes ranking teams that much harder this year, and also the games that more unpredictable. 
Also, let me correct myself on my previous message before someone else does: your=you're in the final line.

Since: Dec 18, 2007
Posted on: January 19, 2010 12:13 am

The People's Poll: Week 10

I don't want to offend, but I was wondering what happened with Ole Miss and Miss St?  Mississippi's ranks are listen on Miss St while Ole Miss shows no rankings.  Otherwise another excellent poll! Even if the poll differs slightly from your own, it feels good to know your part of a poll. Cool

Since: Sep 12, 2006
Posted on: January 18, 2010 9:35 pm

The People's Poll: Week 10

The People's Poll Attack for week 10 can be found .

Since: Feb 24, 2008
Posted on: January 18, 2010 8:21 pm

The People's Poll: Week 10

jason, I agree, and Marshall?  I mean, they are 13-2, but they have played absolutely nobody.  The one game they did play someone decent (UNC), they got housed. 

Since: Jan 3, 2007
Posted on: January 18, 2010 6:55 pm

The People's Poll: Week 10

who in the heck voted Minnesota?

Since: Feb 5, 2007
Posted on: January 18, 2010 6:11 pm

The People's Poll: Week 10

I'm looking forward to Kansas vs Baylor this week. It should give us a good feel on where these teams stand

Since: Feb 5, 2007
Posted on: January 18, 2010 5:54 pm

The People's Poll: Week 10

It says the biggest fall is Purdue... what about North Carolina

Since: Aug 17, 2007
Posted on: January 18, 2010 5:47 pm

The People's Poll: Week 10

I will post the Week in Review (#10) no later than Saturday morning.  I will update it through Sunday evening.

The Week in Review will continue to be posted on my blog

As usual I am open to suggestions on how to improve it.

Since: Sep 4, 2007
Posted on: January 18, 2010 5:25 pm

The People's Poll: Week 10

Pretty good poll this week to all. I felt like New Mexico was a bit of a reach, they suddenly deserve to be in after beating who? and whoever? Utah and Wyoming? I also felt like Notre Dame would get a bit more love but I guess its just the football team that people nation wide have an undeserving infatuation with. Great Poll, lots of good games again this week, see you all next week. Thanks Jawk!

Since: Jan 18, 2007
Posted on: January 18, 2010 4:37 pm

The People's Poll: Week 10

Noticed that comment on Syracuse, which I agree with. But just for the record, Brandon is Triche, not Trish.

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