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Boston Sports Shoutout (Winning ways on the Road)

Posted on: November 23, 2008 8:37 pm
Edited on: November 23, 2008 8:39 pm

A weekend full of watching Boston sports teams is a good time. A weekend full of watching Boston sports teams WIN BIG GAMES is a GREAT time.

The Patriots, Celtics, Bruins, and Boston College Eagles were all in action on the road on either Saturday or Sunday, and all four emerged from hard faught conference battles victorious. This is how it went down:

Boston College 24 - Wake Forest 21: The Boston sports weekend kicked off (literally) in Winston, North Carolina where the Boston College Eagles took to field to take on ACC Atlantic foe Wake Forest. The back and forth battle was decided when Dominique Davis made up for his two fumbles (both returned for touchdowns) by plunging into the endzone for a 1 yard score, putting BC in the lead to stay. The win saw the Eagles improve to 8-3 (4-3 in the ACC) which means if they win next week against Maryland (7-4, 4-3 in ACC), a team that got trounced by Florida St. this weekend at home 37-3, BC will win the ACC Atlantic (due the head to head tiebreaker they own against FSU) and play in the ACC championship game with a chance to earn an automatic bid to a BCS game (or in other words, the right to get destroyed by Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, or USC). If they happen to qualify for a BCS bowl, hopefully they get to play the winner from the Big East and at least have a shot at extending their 7 game active bowl winning streak (longest in the nation).

Boston Bruins 3 - Montreal Canadiens 2 (SO): Saturday night Boston's winning ways continued when the Bruins were able to take down a struggling Canadiens team (3-4-2 in their last 9) in a shootout. While a lot of focus in Boston is on the defending champion Celtics and streaking Patriots, the Bruins (14-3-4), with this win quietly moved into first place in the Eastern Conference, two points ahead of the New York Rangers. Tim Thomas, who was in danger of losing his job during the preseason to veteran Manny Fernandez but has now emerged as an early favorite for the Vezina Trophy, led the way for the B's with 33 saves and helped them improve to 9-0-1 in their last 10. Wouldn't an NHL championship be just the thing Boston needs to put an exclamation point on probably the best decade in Boston sports history?

Boston Celtics 118 - Toronto Raptors 103: The Celtics picked up right Sunday afternoon right where the Bruins left off the night before by picking up a conference victory over a struggling opponent. Right from the get-go the C's took it to a beat up Raptors team which had lost a heartbreaker against New Jersey only two nights before. Boston started the game on a 21-6 run, and despite Toronto bringing it to within 6 partway through the 2nd quarter, the Celtics never relinquished their lead and extended their lead in the Atlantic Division to 5 games over New York and Philadelphia. The Celtics had their best statistical offensive game of the year shooting 61% from the floor and over 50% from behind the arc. It was a fun game to watch as 7 different C's scored in double figures. Ray Allen led the way with 21 points while Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo, and Tony Allen all pitched in with 15 a piece.  

New England Patriots 48 - Miami Dolphins 28: The Boston sports weekend came to a marvelous conclusion when the Patriots were able to go into Miami and avenge a 13-38 loss suffered at the hands of these same Dolphins earlier this year in Foxboro. The now 7-4 Patriots, after last week's bitter loss to the first place Jets, were in danger of falling into third place in the AFC East, however, the ever improving Matt Cassel wasn't about to let that happen. Cassel overcame an early turnover to throw for 415 yards and 3 touchdowns (all to Randy Moss) and vault the Patriots into a tie for one of the Wildcard playoff spots in the AFC. In a game that saw an NFL season high 6 lead changes, Moss along with Welker, Gaffney, and Faulk all set season highs in reception yards while Cassel became only the 5th quarterback since the merger to throw for 400 yards in back to back games.

Congratulations to all the Boston sports teams who made this an enjoyable weekend in the Northeast. If you were away on business or traveling somewhere on a family missed out...but don't distress! All four teams are back in action next weekend and the way things are going for all four teams, we can only hope for four more W's.


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Posted on: November 25, 2008 1:17 pm

Boston Sports Shoutout (Winning ways on the Road)

Cottam makes a great point about why Boston sports have achieved greatness over the last decade in saying that the Celtics, Red Sox, Bruins, and Patriots havn't felt the need to overpay free agent players.

So many teams go out every year and go head over heels to pay out the nose for "the best player on the market" and are continually non-factors in the playoffs (Yankees, Cowboys, Knicks, just to name a few). Boston teams are very astute at evaluating talent and paying a play based on their interpretion of their value. Johnny Damon wants more than he's worth? Forget about him. The Mets think Pedro Martinez can pitch for 5 more years? We don't think so, bye Pedro. Asante Samuel thinks he can be productive in Philly? Good ridance.

The down side of that is that those teams also let fan favorites go because, although loved by the team and their supporters, no longer have an effective role. Trot Nixon and Troy Brown are two guys that have left in recent years that I remember wanted to stay around. When Orlando Cabrera didn't get resigned following 2004 he got a standing ovation when he returned to Fenway with the Angels and I'm sure Coco Crisp will get much of the same. I also feel that if the Red Sox are able to sign Tiexiera, Mike Lowell may be the next class-act to get the axe in Boston. But it's not that Boston fans are heartless, just business-like in the way they handle personel.

Thank you Cottam for your insight. Always much appreciated.

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Boston Sports Shoutout (Winning ways on the Road)

Boston sports fans are among the best and brightest out there.  For all you haters out there I wish you and your teams well.  Remeber, don't hate the player hate the game.  It all starts at the top with all of Boston's sport teams.  They've all made committments to winning without falling in love with veteran players with huge contracts.  The New Patriots started that trend when they let go Lawyer Milloy in 2002.  Milloy was a  fan favorite and defensive leader in the club house.  The Patriots went on to win two more Super Bowls without Milloy.  After the Soxs won the 2004 World Series they let OF, Johnny Damon go.  Damon was also a fan favorite and a leader in the cub house.  The Soxs went on to win another World series title in 2007.  Last year the Boston Celtics won another NBA championship.  It took over twenty years to get back on top for the Celtics.  After the season ended the Celtics had to decide to sign James Posey or not.   You guessed it, Posey was a fan favorite and a team leader in the club house.  I wouldn't have been surprised if the Celtics gave Posey the big contract seeing that it took over twenty years to get back on top, but they didn't.  The Celtics put thier heads above thier hearts and let Posey walk.  The NBA season has just started so we'll have to wait and see if the Celtic made the right choice with Posey.  Remember sports fans don't fall in love with veteran player with huge contracts and don't support teams with bad ownership. 

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Posted on: November 25, 2008 10:55 am

Boston Sports Shoutout (Winning ways on the Road)

I wish for all Boston fans an extended and long dry period.  You definitely deserve it.

This guy must be a Colts fan.
Second to only Yankee fans, for the biggest cry babies.
As long as Pats and Sox fans waited for glory, it takes
a real jackass to wish another dry spell on Boston.
Boston wins 6 titles in 20 years and that's too many?

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Boston Sports Shoutout (Winning ways on the Road)

this is how we do it

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Boston Sports Shoutout (Winning ways on the Road)


Good stuff. You are right about Tim Thomas being a Vezina Trophy candidate but how about the NHL, in its infinite wisdom, neglecting to have Thomas on its All-Star ballot this year. Here he is a returning starter AND ALL-STAR from last year and he can't be voted on the team. Its just further evidence that hockey needs to managed better in order to grow. Contracts with VERSUS just aren't going to help.

Just a quick note about this area. Drove around for an hour doing errands Saturday listening to the local sports station (WEEI). Not ONE football, basketball, or hockey call despite having 2 first place teams and a team playing for first (at the time). ALL RED SOX. Hot stove rules the airwaves. This is still a baseball town.

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Boston Sports Shoutout (Winning ways on the Road)

Hoopsisbest -

I was hoping the Sox were going to make some waves this weekend, but I didn't hear anything until this morning when the team announced they have offered a $6 million contract to 22 year old Japanese hurler Junichi Tazawa. Apparently he has already come out and unofficially said he is planning on agreeing to the deal, however, there is some speculation as to whether or not he is major league ready right now.

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Boston Sports Shoutout (Winning ways on the Road)


I have to say I would be more confident going into Saturday's game at Chestnut Hill if Chris Crane was still leading the way for BC. With a broken collar bone he is looking at at least 4 weeks if he gets it surgically repaired and 6-8 weeks if he just lets it heal (I've broken my collarbone 4 casts, no splints, just gotta let it heal), which means that the Eagle's senior QB might be able to come back for a late December bowl game, but if Boston College is to get by Maryland for a shot at the ACC crown, red shirt freshman Dominique Davis is going to have to get the job done.

Yes, Davis did lead the Eagles to a fourth quarter comeback on the road in Wake Forest and Maryland just got hammered at home vs. Florida State; but to give Maryland, a team that was ranked #22 in the AP poll a week ago, a full 7 days to prepare for a freshman QB that has never started a collegiate game makes me a little nervous. If Boston College loses, then Maryland, FSU, and BC will all have identical records in conference with round robin wins against one another (just like it has shaped up in the Big-12 with Texas, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma).

Now, try and follow me here. In the event of a Maryland win this weekend there would be a three way tie in the ACC Atlantic division with each having identical records against each other (1-1), they would all be declared divisional champions, but they would have to go to the second tie breaker to decide which team goes to the conference championship game. The second tiebreaker is: Records of the tied teams within the division. In this case, FSU would be 3-2 (losses to BC and Wake), BC would be 3-2 (losses to Maryland and Clemson), and Maryland would be 4-1 (only loss to FSU), and Maryland would go to the ACC championship game. (For more information about ACC tie breakers you can go to )

That said, the Eagles have a good a chance as anyone else in the Atlantic of making the ACC championship game because they control their own destiny, but in a conference that, as you said, "hasn't had a banner year", I wouldn't be surprised if anything happened.

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Posted on: November 24, 2008 10:00 am

Boston Sports Shoutout (Winning ways on the Road)

The Patriots, , Bruins, and Boston College Eagles were all in action on the road on either Saturday or Sunday,

You've got a story if you included the Red Sox.  That would obviously mean the Red Sox would have been in the world series if all of these could have played at the same time.  Ok, I must confess, I wouldn't care then either.  Between the Sox, Pats, and Celts you guys have had enough championships or near championships the last decade to last a century for any other city. 

I wish for all Boston fans an extended and long dry period.  You definitely deserve it.

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Boston Sports Shoutout (Winning ways on the Road)

It has been a great weekend for Boston sports. The Celtics are on their way to another NBA title. The patriots counted out after the departure of Tom Brady to season ending knee surgery by most pundits have resurged nicely to not only contend with the Jets for a division title but make another deep playoff run. The Bruins and the BC Eagles had a good weekend, but still have work to do to be playoff bound. It's very early in the NHL season but the Bruins haven't made in out of the second round of the playoffs in a long time. I wouldn't start hyping them yet. The BC Eagles with a great win at Wake Forest but have to beat a spirited Maryland team even though they are at home. The ACC hasn't had a banner year. However, it would be nice to see BC vs GA Tech in the ACC title game. Any thoughts on that?  Boston has had a stellar sports decade with Redsoxs, Celtics, and Patriots winning championships as well as numerous NCAA titles.

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