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Boston Fans: SMARTEN UP!

Posted on: January 3, 2009 9:09 pm

I live in New York, but for the holidays I went and stayed with my parents near Boston for a week. While I was driving around Massachusetts I got to listen to WEEI (which is a treat, because I only get ESPN radio in NY), but what I heard from most callers was very disapointing.

People were calling into the radio station talking about complete nonsense, which made me realize, "this is why sports fans from other cities hate us". Here are some of the things Boston sports fans were calling into WEEI to talk about that are absolutely ridiculous:


"Come on Theo and do something already!" - Why do the Red Sox need to do something just for the sake of doing something? What does he really need to do? The Sox made it to within a game of the World Series last year and he has all the same players as last year, plus a healthy Lowell and Ortiz. The only pressing issues were (1) signing a 4th starter, which he did signing Brad Penny, (2) sign a catcher, locking up Varitek is just a matter of time, and (3) maybe strengthening the bullpen, which he has done as well.

"We should trade everyone we have for Jake Peavy" - Why? So we can forfeit or future like the Yankees have been doing? Peavy would legitimately be the #4 starter on this team, and the Sox don't need a team full of All-stars. Just because the Sox have money doesn't mean they have to go nuts in the off-season.

"The Sox need to do something the improve the bottom of the lineup" - Come on people, Lowell, Lowrie, and Varitek are going to be just fine. We're talking about the WS MVP from 2007 and the guy who got the ALDS winning hit batting 7th and 8th, not too shabby. And if Varitek happens to struggle at the plate again, so what? What team has a really good #9 hitter?


"The Patriots got screwed out of the playoffs, the NFL should change their system" - Is there a rule that says an 11 win team is automatically in the playoffs? If the Patriots really deserved to get into the playoffs then they would have beaten a playoff team. "But the Chargers were only 8-8!" Yeah, and they beat the Pats. If Patriots had beaten the Bolts, Colts, Steelers, or Dolphins (twice) they would have been in. If you can't beat playoff teams, you don't deserve to be the in playoffs.

"Franchise Cassel and just piece together the rest of the team with whatever money is left over" - great plan...spend 1/3 of your total cap on a single position. The Patriots NEED help in the secondary, and if they franchise Cassel there is no money to bolster their defensive backfield.


"The Celtics have no shot of winning the championship with their current team make-up, the need Stephon Marbury" - Nobody NEEDS Stephon Marbury. This town just got rid of Manny Ramirez, now we want him right back. Unless the Celtics put a claus in his contract that reads, "if Stephon distrupts the team in any way he will be immediately cut" I don't want to see him. Do whatever it takes to get P.J. Brown out of retirement or start developing Patrick O'Bryant because we don't need a PG, we need a big man. ----Ps. If the Celtics sign Marbury, all you crazies would go nuts whenever Scalabrine touches the ball are going to start crying because guess whose playing time the little guy is going to steal....

I know there are very well educated Boston sports fans out there, because I see their posts on this site all the time (yes, I do see the dumb ones too). I just wish more people, who I have no choice but to be associated with, would do a little homework before running their mouths about things they don't understand.


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Posted on: January 9, 2009 12:08 am

Boston Fans: SMARTEN UP!

Let's send Lugo, Ellsbury, and Buchholz to the Marlins for Hanley

Dude that's a GREAT trade!  Too bad the Sox got rid of him to begin with.

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Posted on: January 9, 2009 12:07 am

Boston Fans: SMARTEN UP!

I believe the reason Theo was able to pull this off was that he quit (lucky for us for a short period of time) on Halloween night so he in fact did blend in outside Fenway with the rest of the trick-or-treaters.

If you recall, there was a ton of press camped out the day he left Fenway (all day)...and unless everyone was dressing up as zoo animals before they left, I find your theory hard to believe especially when he was trying to send a political joke about how he was tired of being Lucchino and Henry's "monkey"...but you keep believing what NESN feeds you...

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Posted on: January 9, 2009 12:02 am

Boston Fans: SMARTEN UP!

Marshall Dillon...

The constant yelling giving you hypertension is MAD funny.  I know exactly what you mean...I think the majority of them are @ss clowns that still can't name a Triple Crown winner...

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Posted on: January 6, 2009 8:18 pm

Boston Fans: SMARTEN UP!

Unfortunately, 'EEI will be the first to tell you that they are there to entertain, NOT to talk sports. Their target audience is the 25-54 year old male who thinks going to a game means getting smashed with the boys and then being loud and obnoxious during the game. Apparently it is working as the Big O just re-upped for big bucks and D&C have signed long-term contracts in the past year.

Equally unfortunate for the sports fans in Boston is that there is no alternative for our daily sports fix. ESPN has apparently decided not to try and make inroads into the market as their signal is so weak after sundown that if you aren't in the studio you can't get it. I would love to listen Mike and Mike (even if it means listening to Greenberg swoon over the Jets) on the way to work in the morning but since its dark, no chance. I even preferred listening to Felger when he was over there because he at least talked about sports. He had all the ESPN "experts" (Gammons, Olney, etc) and good in studio guests.

As long as 'EEI tries to appeal to the lowest common denominator in the sports community there will be dopes calling just to hear themselves on the radio. Its their 5 minutes of fame. I'm not sure if these clowns are representative of the average Boston fan but I really hope they aren't. The best we can do is try and schedule our listening time for the Danny Ainge, Doc Rivers, Bill Bellichilck, and Tito Francona interviews in season.

On the plus side, Rob Bradford is doing some good stuff with

As for trades, how about Lugo, Ardsma, Lopez, Pauley, and Hansack for Hanley Ramirez. Bet the Sox would do that, ya think?

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Posted on: January 6, 2009 7:44 pm

Boston Fans: SMARTEN UP!

Most everyone has a proposterous trade getting rid of one of our most underperforming players for 3 superstars

I can't tell you how many unbelievable trades I heard last week..."Let's trade Lugo, Ellsbury, and some prospect for Saltalamacchia and Michael Young"...."Let's send Lugo, Ellsbury, and Buchholz to the Marlins for Hanley"...."if we just package a bunch of prospects together (names not specified) we could get Mauer"....

Ps. I can't STAND Dakota...that guys is unbelievable.

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Posted on: January 6, 2009 3:42 pm

Boston Fans: SMARTEN UP!

I am a loyal WEEI fan, and I must admit that most of the callers think the world is ending.  If you want to really get a slice of what the callers are thinking, listen during the last week of July, just before the MLB trade deadline.  Most everyone has a proposterous trade getting rid of one of our most underperforming players for 3 superstars, and the WEEI guys just laugh them off.  For an extra special treat, hang on long enough to hear Frank from Gloucester or Dakota from Braintree, they both make me laughy and wonder if I would sound like they do.  Hopefully I can write better than they can speak.

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Posted on: January 5, 2009 5:56 pm

Boston Fans: SMARTEN UP!

Im from RI and listen to WEEI all the time. Im a big home team fan. You are right though. Sprots fans around here have been spoiled over the past 8 years and have lost all apreciation for what we have... (currently first place bruins and celtics, nevermind the championship calliber redsox and patriots)

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Posted on: January 5, 2009 5:16 pm

Boston Fans: SMARTEN UP!

Good post here. As a Boston fan for over 50 years and someone who loves the history of Boston sports, I agree with much of what you wrote. One point, however.

These are the fans that think that Theo Epstein left Fenway during a contract dispute in a gorilla suit to "be in disguise".  I guess there are zoo animals leaving Fenway on a regular he must have blended in.

I believe the reason Theo was able to pull this off was that he quit (lucky for us for a short period of time) on Halloween night so he in fact did blend in outside Fenway with the rest of the trick-or-treaters. You're right, not many zoo animals leave Fenway on a regular basis but I do think that that part of town gets wacky during Halloween.

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Posted on: January 5, 2009 4:20 pm

Boston Fans: SMARTEN UP!

If Brian Daubach or Merloni are not on, as the baseball guys, then I have to change the channel when those other baseball guys are on. 

As I said, I don't live in Mass so I don't hear a lot of EEI, but my father has told me time and time again the Merloni is a really strong analyst both on radio and Extra Innings on NESN.

Ok maybe the Big O does that a lot as well. It is infuriating when it is a somewhat intelligent caller instead of the trade talk fans.

I can't stand the Big Show...they hardly ever talk about sports, I listened to those clowns talk about how hard it was to find parking spaces at the mall for at least 20 minutes one wonder callers don't have anything important to say, the radio guy don't give them any information!

Marshal Dillon
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Posted on: January 5, 2009 5:19 am
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