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"My name is Frosty and I like to tinker"

Posted on: November 9, 2008 12:37 pm

I am Commissioner of my 12-team Fantasy Football league that is all co-workers past and present from our software company.

I love all things Fantasy Football, but one of my favorite parts is the ongoing changes and moves whether through trades or walking the Waiver Wire. I'm certainly not one to draft my team and just sit put. I'm always scouring the wire and who will have the best matchups come playoff time. This year we had an auction draft (my first; it's only my 2nd year doing Fantasy Football) and I walked away with Eli and Warner at QB, Portis, McAllister, Slaton, Stewart and Felix Jones in the backfield and a receiving corps of Fitzgerald, Megatron, Cotchery, Moss, Muhammad and Chris Henry (hey, you'd be surprised what you take for $1 at the end of draft night too). I got my coveted Steelers for a DST with the 'Skins as the backup and kickers of Kaeding and Hanson.

I'll warn you, there has been a lot of movement, but here's what happened in the past 10 weeks....

I dropped Henry, Hanson and Washington after Week 1 and picked up Jamaal Charles, John Carney and the Panthers to replace them. Don't mull over this too long, the next week I dropped McAllister, Charles and Muhammad to pick up Scheffler, Stuckey and Brandon Jackson. All three of these pickups would become traded or dropped shortly thereafter to cycle through weeks where I wanted to have insurance on Warner with Leinart and on Portis with Betts. Yes, eventually those handcuffs would be broken to pick up more options such as Fasano and Mewelde Moore. I couldn't start Moore with the solid backfield I had so I went to the Willie Parker owners and traded him for Garrard. Knowing that Felix Jones would be helpful for someone else, I also traded him to get the reliable Tony Gonzalez. Week 10 will be the first time I start him, but not long after the trade came Jones' injury so I feel like I got pretty good value for him. I really started to feel good about myself when I picked up Torain for $1 off the wire, however that has obviously gone from a good gut feeling to an upset stomach. My latest move was to trade Cotchery and Moss for Forte and Harrison a few weeks ago and I still feel like I got the better of the deal. Santana helped me in many of my seven wins so far, but  I had a feeling he would be more 'bust' then 'boom' in the 2nd half of the season. I wasn't the biggest Harrison fan, even when he was going 100% (I am from New England, remember) but as 3rd receiving option that I can pick and choose from is not a bad thing, especially with Colts looking like they'll be playing meaningful games the erst of the season and the more Manning plays with his guys the better the offense will get. I loved Cotchery on draft night, but I've been disappointed with the inconsistent play (in terms of Fantasy points) as I thought he'd become Favre's clear cut favorite target. Onto the current roster as it stands before Week 10 play....

* Warner, Eli and Garrard under center
* Portis, Slaton, Forte, Charles, Norwood and the soon to be dropped Torain in the backfield
* Fitzgerald, Megatron, Tony Gonzalez and Harrison at wideout / TE
* Kaeding and Bironas kicking (don't ask me why a team would drop Bironas mid-season, I'm just happy I have him now)
* Steelers and Panthers for Defense / Special Teams

Overall, I'm very happy with the squad but you should know by now, I'm nowhere near done making moves.... I will probably try and trade Eli to someone desperate for a solid QB and then pick up more options as Torain is definitely gone and I can't see my playoff roster having a spot for Jerious Norwood yet.

Let me know what you think (about the team, the moves, the blog, if you are a bit of a perfectionist like me, whatever!); I look forward to the comments


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