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"Oh, to lose your Fantasy game by a point...."

Posted on: November 18, 2008 1:49 pm

If you were wondering, I'm talking Fantasy Football - not basketball this time (though I did just join one of those leagues for the first time).

Before you keep reading, you must know that I am a perfectionist at heart, ESPECIALLY when it comes to competition and Fantasy Football. I have tweaked my roster so much through trades and waiver wire pickups, I barely recognize my team - I only have 6 core players as holdovers from the team I bid on in our auction draft - Warner, Eli (only because I can't trade him and don't want to drop him), Portis, Slaton, Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson (another I'd like to trade, but don't have any takers given his inflated salary of $24 against a $200 cap among other factors like he plays in Detroit, the Lions QB situation is dicey at best). I'm not including DSTs and Kickers (I have two from Draft Night) as over-analyzing those positions can push me over the edge in some conversations....

So I rolled out my team with Warner, Slaton, Forte, Fitzgerald, Johnson, Tony Gonzalez, Bironas and the Panthers DST against a formidable opponent who had Big Ben, MJD, LT, Boldin, Breaston, Bryant, Rackers and the Ravens DST. I was favored to win by more than two TDs, but as fans of Fantasy Football know, you have to treat the Guru ratings like that distant, loud-mouthed aunt on your dad's side - taken with a grain of salt. In addition to this, a late trade was executed where my opponent gave up LT and Antonio Bryant for Marques Colston and Marshawn Lynch. I applauded the move as I had recommended getting out from underneath the burden of LT this year a few weeks prior. Add that to the fact that Colston seemed like he was going to be playing a bigger role each week in the Saints explosive offense and I marked him the winner in my mind (I am also the Commish of the league so I have to approve all trades and make sure salaries and numbers balance out and it's not uncommon to find myself dispensing advice to other owners - though with playoffs coming, half the stuff I say is to keep stirring the pot and the other half is serious, and no one knows which is which :-)

Needless to say, after the flurry of activity, I found myself going into Monday Night Football up 129-98 and poised to take the weekly scoring title for a 6th time in 11 weeks (yes, there is a weekly prize for top score and it's a pride thing and ammo for talking smack, so I think you know where I'm coming from). My opponent was on the fence for making the playoffs and desperately needed a big game from Lynch and a win to keep hope alive. Being 8-2 before last night with my playoff ticket punched, I wished him luck and predicted that Lynch would indeed get the necessary 32 points for him. And I'll be damned - it freakin' happened!

Of course hindsight is always 20-20, and it was with that vision that I'm still kicking myself over lineup decisions that cost me the game - starting Tony Gonzalez instead of Dustin Keller, starting the Panthers DST instead of Pittsburgh, etc. but I figure I made some fairly logical decisions that just came back to bite me this week and hopefully I avoid that disease during the playoffs.

Last note before I leave this blog entry - what are your thoughts on me trading Portis and Calvin Johnson for Andre Johnson and Jamal Lewis? Let me know ASAP as my trade deadline is fast approaching; thanks

Hope springs eternal in the owner who still has postseason aspirations and chances, right?


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Posted on: November 18, 2008 10:28 pm

"Oh, to lose your Fantasy game by a point...."

Your team looks solid. You don't need to trade unless someone makes you an offer you can't refuse!

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Posted on: November 18, 2008 10:20 pm

"Oh, to lose your Fantasy game by a point...."

On Portis and Calvin Johnson for Jamal and Andre Johnson: Sure Portis is injury prone but this year he seems to be able to fight through and produce week after week and after 11 weeks is the top ranked back in the nfl. In my opinion you would be committing fantasy suicide to let him go for anything less than a top five running back, which Jamal is certainly not. You might also want to think twice about taking on Andre Johnson with Houstons current QB situation; Sure Andre has over 100 more yards than Calvin but look at TD's, Calvin has4 more  and he has scored in 5 of his last six games. Andre's numbers are inflated due to weeks 5-8 when he put up huge numbers against weeker defenses; if you look at his game log, he has not done so well against solid D's. Obviously look for Andre to put up huge numbers week sixteen against Oakland but in my opinion you are giving up a better receiver and a better back with this trade.

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