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The Knicks Blog - "In a NY minute" Vol.I

Posted on: November 21, 2008 5:27 pm
Edited on: November 21, 2008 5:30 pm

I have to start my first blog about the Knicks with the question, "What were they thinking?"

Sure, New York was able to acquire Al Harrington, a potentially good fit in the D'Antoni mold of being able to explode offensively and just run all night, but at what cost? Jamal Crawford?!? That just doesn't add up for me. Early reports were that the Knicks would be able to ship Malik Rose, which made sense, but somehow they managed to ship a great two gaurd in Jamal Crawford to Golden State to help buoyrookie Anthony Morrow while Monta Ellis sits another 20 games or so. Wow, I'm still in shock.....

Now, let me just say that I like Mike D'Antoni and I never minded Donnie Walsh while he was in Indy wth Larry Legend. However, they went from a positive with the bump of Zeke to a negative with the Stephon Marbury mess and now this. Nate Robinson, Chris Duhon, Jamal Crawford (up to this point) were all filling in well at guard positions for a greatly improved team, but the facts of the matter are: A) this team has nowhere to go but up from last year's impersonation of an NBA team, and B) Starbury deserves to be playing ball for someone. I won't stand on my blogbox (this millenium's soap box) and say that he has to be playing for the Knicks, but either suit him up or ship him out.

If the Knicks aren't careful, this step backwards will turn into a bakwards shuffle and they'll find themselves on their keister for another season. That would be unfortunate, because few teams in the East play the team defense necessary to keep up with D'Antoni's schemes and the team could find itself in the playoff picture come Spring.

WHAT TO WATCH FOR: How will teammates react to the trade? How quickly will Harrington's 'sore back' take to heal, and will he be a quick study to the new offense? My money (what's left of it) is on this being a distraction and yet another problem for a team that doesn't need them.... kinda like Motown and the Iverson deal, don't you think?

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