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The Cowboys had 4 losses in 2007 too!

Posted on: November 14, 2008 2:23 am

The 2008 Dallas Cowboys are perhaps one of the greatest teams put together in the NFL. In 2007    I would have bet the farm on the Cowboys getting a revenge on the Patriots. However every great team has a weakness.Exposing that weakness is the difference between a good team and a GREAT TEAM!  

Coaching is not the problem.There were some suspect plays called at times,but none really where game changing( I did like a aggresive Wade Phillips in the Tampa Bay game). Our team needed to learn the lesson they should have learned last year.You can't just show up to win!!! We can't wait for the game we must BRING THE GAME! The Cowboys have until now been they're own weakness,We are that team that everyone said we are.But the other team won't always give it to us. When this team clicks I remember them getting 10 yards per play.  Mental mistakes false starts, holding, to many men on the field.Over and over  and over.............We believed what we were selling.     Tony Romo is laughing at the questions. "What is wrong with the team? You were playing against Washington and Tampa Bay?

Well I'll answer that!......Our problem has been mental! Take Romo and this entire offense against any team in the NFL!  The Defense with Terrance Newman and Anthony Spencer.Who might start over Greg Ellis by Thanksgiving!

Special teams pay attention because the effort is there.If they could just get Felix Jones back. But even without him till December 6th @ Pittsburgh!

The Giants game may have started a long streak!!

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