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The Poll Attacks - December 15

Posted on: December 15, 2010 12:35 am

Welcome to my first The Poll Attacks of the season well let's see what we got here.

AP,Coaches and Jason's All American has Duke all first place votes does The People's Poll has Duke all first place votes? NO!!!!!!! 4 voters didn't rank Duke #1 Duke recieved 37 first place votes, with Ohio State 2 and Kansas, Tennessee with 1 first place votes who are the 4 voters who didn't vote Duke #1?

hookem0608 voted Kansas #1

Paul4Cats voted Tennessee #1

WSUcougar05 and OSUbeatMICHIGAN (Ohio State fan) both voted #1

One voter out of 41 votes didn't rank Pittsburgh in the top 25 i gotta guess they think Tennessee beating Pittsburgh is a bad loss well the name is Badgers Ballers who didn't rank Pittsburgh in the top 25 come on Pittsburgh is rank #8 in the people's poll.

Shame on any voters that rank Notre Dame ahead of Kentucky.

another voter doesn't rank Baylor, Villanova, Kentucky and Michigan State but he votes Cleveland State at #17, Cincinnati at #18 Temple at #19, Wisconsin at #21, Florida at #23 and Boston College at #24 guess who this voter is it's yesh222 i guess he don't watch much basketball.

I guess I made a mistake I rank Northwestern #19 so I attack myself.

jhzak wrote this Kentucky beat ND, but ND is overrated, and the win over IU should not bump them up the the poll, because IU is expected to finish in the bottom 3-4 teams in the Big Ten.

Kentucky should move up Notre Dame was unbeaten rank in the top 25 and Indiana is alot better than I though they will be.

 Now to the Jason's All American Top 25 I have three problems is Connecticut at #3 and Louisville at #14 I gotta guess the voters are Big East lovers and Wisconsin at #25 not a top 25 team yet.

untill next time vote better or you get on my The Poll Attacks




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Posted on: December 15, 2010 12:01 pm

The Poll Attacks - December 15

Nice job, Jason.

Love the self-attack. ;)

I don't get the love for Cleveland State.  They have the 330th SOS in the nation. It is easy to be 12-0.  Not to mention that if you take non-division teams out, they are only 10-0. 

It would be ok to vote Cleveland State in if there weren't many candidates to be ranked at that spot. But there are.  Tons of them. 

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Posted on: December 15, 2010 12:39 am

The Poll Attacks - December 15

Paul4Cats voted Tennessee #1

They were playing like it at the time.  Then they met Oakland.  I won't have them #1 next week.  Laughing

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