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The Poll Attacks - January 4

Posted on: January 4, 2011 1:16 pm

Welcome to The Poll Attacks


Let me start on new years eve Kentucky defeated Louisville and one voter has Louisville at 10 and one voter has Kentucky at 22 so one voter thinks Louisville is a top 10 team let me tell you that curtisteff rank Louisville at 10 why? you reward them that spot because they loss.

the voter who rank Kentucky 22 is boilerNC the lowest ranking Kentucky has from all 40 voters so are you telling me Kentucky is not good? but you have Memphis and Temple ahead of Kentucky.

Really people voting Arizona after their loss to Oregon State. Rewarding teams for lossing to bad teams.

Duke has 36 1st place votes 2 for Kansas and 1 for Ohio State (by a Buckeye fan) but really who in the heck voted Syracuse #1 well hookem0608 voted them #1 and everyweek he keeps turning in his ballots with lot of extreme votes.

Here a look at hookem0608 extreme votes

1. Syracuse

3. Duke

4. BYU

5. Connecticut

9. Ohio State

10. Central Florida

17. Missouri

21. Cleveland State

22. Northwestern

24. Drexel

Jason's All American Top 25

I just don't get it Arizona and Tennessee recieving votes after they stuffer bad losses last week Tennessee to College of Charleston and Arizona to Oregon State.

One voter rank Washington State at 25 really?

I like to new voting ballots so far.


untill next time enjoy the college basketball week.


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