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Posted on: November 13, 2008 5:26 pm

The idea of being a baseball general manager has to be as exciting as booking a brunch date with Drew Barrymore and knowing your still having a night on the town with Angelina Jolie.Well, at least for me this is exciting and I am sure your get my point here.

So, with GM meetings getting ready in my favorite sandbox to play in known as Sin City, I would first want to make sure that my sleeping accommodations are in order. I like to stay up near the new strip area. Not too far from the airport in case I need to get out of town quickly because I was falsely accused of gouging some other GM's team and also the night life is so much better there. After all, when in Vegas one has to be alert and quick. Time is money here. And for those who never been to Vegas, I highly recommend the Monte Carlo. Yeah, there are other more fancy and high tech places to stay at but the Monte Carlo has that jenesaisquoi style. The name alone has a mystic that reminds you of an old Humphrey Bogart flick. Beside, at night you can walk near by the Bellagio and watch the water fountain show while hear Andrea Bocelli. I highly recommend watching it after a day of high stake's robbery. 
My second order of business as the GM of the Yankees would be to approach the Toronto Blue Jays and see how I can steal Roy Halladay and Alex Rios away from them. This will not be an easy task for sure but I need pitching, pitching and more pitching and other things to get this team back to the post season so after the gutless move of the prior GM for not trading for Johan, I have to get the best righthanded pitcher in baseball. Now, you might ask why would you want to trade with a team within your own division that could come out back and haunt you or that no way Toronto parts with Halladay and Rios but my blog will be know that "Everything in life is negotiable, you just have to bring a bigger gun to the table"  Well, over the past 8 years alone this righthander has more complete games and has an era that is 3.50. I am not the type of GM who is only interested in stats but a GM who wants to know the type of player I am getting. A guy who tells our ball club climb on my back boys, I am the guy who will bring us to the promise land and win this game for us. A pit bull attitude who doesn't cry when he splits a finger nail.Also, in the past 8 years he has twice won 20 games, posted double digit wins in four other years and only had one year where he didn't post a winning record. I wonder if the Toronto's bullpen had something to do with that?
Roy Halladay and Alex Rios are my first choice of a trade.. I got a few more but I'll post those later this week in my blog along with the players I will trade.

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Gm for the Day

Well that would be the deal of the year! If we weren't hated as Yankee fans now, if that deal ever went through the Baseball nation would explode with conspiracy theories and calls for new anti-Yankee laws stopping any dealings with us. I really don't think you could do any better than those two. They're on everyones shopping list for sure. i'd consider Brandon Webb and Eric Byrnes(just because it'd be great to see him with his own show as aYankee. Brynes has one on FSN and it is pretty good, would be nice to see the behind the scences with the other Yankees) I won't say any more duos so i don't ruin or steal any more blog thunder. As you said why trade with a division rival. The Yankees have a knack for knowing if a player is going to make it as a Yankee, I really only can remeber three that made it elsewhere, Carlos Delgado, Mike Lowell and Ted Lilly. and Lowell the only one that really has come back to haunt us. Like you said if the player is that great I'd even trade with the Boston chockers to get the key players to win more rings. Can't wait to see who else you'd trade for!!



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