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Nos' NBA Draft & Trade Challenge June

Posted on: June 3, 2011 4:16 pm
Edited on: June 14, 2011 10:37 am
Ok so I thought what the heck the NBA draft is coming up soon and it wont be as difficult to do one of these as it is with Baseball so why not start a draft and trade challenge.

The rules will be pretty simple, everyone picks 1 or 2 teams depending how much interest we get, then we have the draft and prior and during the draft you can trade players and or picks.

There will be no slotting of salary but you will be required to stay under the cap Rookies will not count against the cap.

I have decided the team SALARY CAP will be whatever $ amount you started at if you are over $61,680,000, if you are under $61,680,000 to start with then you cannot go over $61,680,000

You CANNOT drop a player just to create cap space.

This is pretty straight forward if you have any questions please feel free to ask, I will ask that when there is a trade we dont argue about it but if you dont feel the trade should go through give your reasons and I will make the final decision, on trades I am involved in I will let you all decide whether or not they should be allowed but you will need to give reasons not just say cuz you dont think so.

Again if you have questions please ask.

I dont want people joining only to never come back.

THE DRAFT WILL BEGIN WEDNESDAY JUNE 15th 8:00pm EST : Each team will have 60 minutes to make their selection, if the pick is being traded the team receiving the pick does not get additional time, the 60 minutes is all each pick will receive, if a team go over 60 minutes the following teams can quickly draft ahead of the team thats gone over his time.

I will try to be on checking as often as I can during the draft.

Thanks again to all of you for joining.

Oklahoma City Thunder : Diabetic8025
Denver Nuggets : CAIN=CYYOUNG
Minnesota Timberwolves : Nos
Portland Trail Blazers : Lomo
Utah Jazz : Jaysta125
San Antonio Spurs : Nos
Dallas Mavericks : CAHALL15
Houston Rockets : Pey900
Memphis Grizzlies : burritosarekool
New Orleans Hornets : BADERSALLTHEWAY
Los Angeles Lakers : CAHALL 15
Phoenix Suns : wlkwlk3
Sacramento Kings : akainu
Golden St. Warriors : BADERSALLTHEWAY
Los Angeles Clippers : akainu
Boston Celtics : JaguarFan34
New Jersey Nets : wlkwlk3
New York Knicks : Packers 500
Philadelphia 76ers : TitansMcNa1r
Toronto Raptors : Jaysta125
Chicago Bulls : TitansMcNa1r
Milwaukee Bucks : kd35rw0
Indiana Pacers : WIBAGDERS
Cleveland Cavaliers : WIBAGDERS
Detroit Pistons : gordiancyon
Orlando Magic : Pey900
Atlanta Hawks : Cain=CYYOUNG
Charlotte Bobcats : xavierschwab
Washington Wizards : MR7
Miami Heat : Iowa

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Nos' NBA Draft & Trade Challenge June

why did i lose the heat

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