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Mock Draft V1.0 Part 2

Posted on: March 8, 2009 3:11 am

So here is part 2 of the 3 part mock draft I am going through. I hope you enjoyed or hated part 1 as long as there is some feedback.

    11.    Buffalo Bills-Needs OL,DL,TE

    Who would I take…Brandon Pettigrew, TE Oklahoma State. This is a need position, and with the signing of TO, it makes this offense even better, with a safety valve like Pettigrew for Trent Edwards to have to check down too. He is a massive target at almost 6-6 and 280+ lbs. He is not a burner, but has a great field presence with an ability to catch anything around him, but will not break away after the catch. The biggest upside about Pettigrew is that he is a phenomenal blocker, especially for the run. He will complete this offense completely.

    Who will they take… Everette Brown. The Bills need a new DE, and it is a big pick up for them if Brown is available.

    12.    Denver Broncos-Needs Defense, Defense, Defense

    Who would I take… Brian Cushing, LB USC. Cushing is a workout freak, with the ability to match those workouts on the field. He has great speed, strength, and field vision. He can get a little reckless and over pursue and doesn't always diagnose plays quickly but his natural athletic ability will allow him to make up any problems he gets into on the field. With the Broncos switching to the 3-4 I think Cushing will be a great addition to the defense, especially at the LB spot which is very weak spot on the defense.

    Who will they take… BJ Raji, DT Boston College. If you were to build an ideal nose tackle for the 3-4 defenses, Raji would be your man. Short and powerfully built, he is a bull in the middle. With a great initial burst that allows him to shoot the gap when called too, and amazing strength to go along with his low center of gravity, he is what you want in a nose tackle. Tends to get lazy, and that is the only reason he is not a top 5 prospect. He will anchor the new 3-4 defense the Broncos will run, and improve them greatly. Man, I think I might have talked myself into picking him.

    13.    Washington Redskins-Needs OL,LB,DB

    Who would I take… Michael Oher, OT Ole Miss. Oher is the last of the 4 great tackle prospects in the draft, and probably will go higher than this. He has great size and the prototypical build of a left tackle. Good to great quickness, with the ability to gain weight to become stronger. Lacks great technique, and will require a bit of work. This is why he will be great as a pickup for the Redskins, with the ability not only to learn behind Jon Jansen and Chris Samuels. He will also push both of them which can only help.

    Who will they take… Brian Cushing. More of a need than OT and will be an upgrade over anybody they have on their roster.

    14.    New Orleans Saints-Needs Defense, Defense, and oh Defense

    Who would I take… Clay Matthews, LB USC. They need linebackers, and this will be either of the USC OLB's or Clint Sintim. Matthews is a better linebacker than Cushing, but is not quite the athletic freak. He is more of a heady player that is always in position and will not hurt you. He has great ability but can be a little robotic sometimes and will be stiff and not make the spectacular play.

    Who will they take… Clay Matthews, with both Curry and Cushing off the board, I don't see them passing up a starter at the OLB spot for a riskier pick in a DB or Safety.

    15.    Houston Texans- Needs DB,DL,LB

    Who would I take… BJ Raji. With Raji still on the board, the Texans would jump at the chance to put a DL rotation out there of Raji and Travis Johnson.

    Who will they take…Vontae Davis, CB Illinois. Davis is probably the best pure athlete in the draft, and without a safety that is definite first round material, the Texans will take a chance on Davis. He has great speed, and is able to catch up to any WR out there, even if he is out of position, which is quite often. He lacks great technique, but with his athletic ability, he will be able to make that up easily, and should be able to learn the techniques needed.

    16.    San Diego Chargers- Needs OL,DL,LB

    Who would I take… Tyson Jackson, DE LSU. With the loss of Igor Olshansky, he will step right in and take his spot. He is a perfect run stopping DE in the 3-4 scheme. He has great strength and good quickness than you would expect from someone his size. He will not be a sack machine, but in this defense, he will not have to be. He will occupy blockers and leave room for the OLB's to work. He does have questions about his work ethic and will need to continue to work on his laziness on the field.

    Who will they take… Tyson Jackson. I was already to make this Rey Maualuga, but with Igor gone, I think they will be looking for a replacement.

    17.    New York Jets-Needs QB,DB,WR

    Who would I take… Mark Sanchez. Is Kellen Clemens really the answer? Probably not and Sanchez would be great in the Big Apple. He would do well under Rex Ryan and the new offense the Jets will most likely run.

    Who will they take… Knowshon Moreno, RB Georgia. With Thomas Jones turning 30, the ability to draft a feature back and make him the back of the future, while he shares carries with the back of the present. Moreno is similar to Jones in that he has great vision, running and cut back ability, but not break away straight line speed. He is definitely faster in pads and will be able to do well in a shared role for a year or two. Moreno does need to work on blitz pick up and people will be a little hesitant because he does lack speed.

    18.    Chicago Bears-Needs WR,OL,DE

    Who would I take… Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR Maryland. The Bears need a wide out to complement Devin Hester in the worst way. Heyward-Bay is just as fast as Hester, but he is a better overall WR. He needs to improve in route running and become more technically developed in order to take the next step to elite, but the tools are there and there are not better WR prospects in the draft.

    Who will they take… Max Unger, C/G Oregon. Unger is just what the Bears need on their o-line which is really getting into trouble on the inside. He has the ability to play any of the 3 inside positions and has great speed and quickness. Better than adequate strength and a good football IQ. It is not a sexy pick, but it is a smart, Chicago Bears like pick that will be able to walk in and start at multiple positions for years to come.

    19.    Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Needs LB,WR,DB

    Who would I take… Clint Sintim, OLB Virginia. This is what the Bucs will look for after their mass cuts they made. He will fit into Raheem Morris' new defensive schemes. Sintim is a prototypical outside linebacker, with more upside than Clay Matthews, but is not as consistent. He has a great motor and is sometimes a little too aggressive because of his great athletic ability. Good against the run and the pass, with the ability to be a blitzing linebacker off the edge also. Will play well under Morris.

    Who will they take… Darrius Heyward-Bay. While I think that Sintim would fit perfectly, with all the cuts made, I think they will look for a young wideout to help with the offense.

    20.    Detroit Lions

    Who would I take… Rey Maualuga, LB USC. With Maualuga still on the board, and the Lions needing help all over the place, I think that he would be the perfect fit to help this team recover from the debacle of last year. I almost went Josh Freeman, but I think Maualuga would warrant the pick with his ability to call the defense for years to come. Rey has great instincts and is strong at the point of attack. Reads and reacts very well, but sometimes his lack of speed can get him in trouble because he will try and compensate and that will put him out of position.

    Who will they take… Eben Britton, OT Arizona. With the Lions taking the franchise QB #1 overall, they will take the player to protect him for years to come. While there is talk that Britton is not athletic enough to play left tackle, I see him as a heady player, with great instincts that will always keep himself in position. Very tall and with room to add weight to help with his strength. Will continue to have questions about his ability to play the blindside, but I think he will answer those questions and more.



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