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Posted on: April 13, 2009 3:14 pm

So we have gone through a week of baseball, and nothing is really evident yet. There were some teams that put up great numbers and lost, and there were some teams that looked like they had no clue and won. That is why it is only the first week of the season and we have much, much more to go. But, for fun let's look at the week 1 power rankings.


Thank God it's Early

30. Washington Nationals

Were you expecting something else? 0-6 to start the year, and while they played Atlanta at least close, I can't give this team, that has some young talent waiting in the wings, anything lower than this.


29. Cleveland Indians

Fought hard to be in last place, but eventually won a game thanks to Travis Hafner and Mar DeRosa. I really wanted to put them at 30, but I thought I would throw them a bone for actually winning a game. I would like to expect a bounce back week, but they have 4 in New York, so I don't see more than 3 wins this week.



28. Houston Astros

Another team with only 1 win, and it didn't even come from Roy Oswalt. Oswalt's stats are enough to describe what is going on there, 0-2, 6.23 ERA, 3 HR allowed, only 6 K's.



Well, We Know What the Problem is


27. San Francisco Giants

Maybe they needed to use some of the money they spent this offseason on hitting. After scoring 19 runs at home against what should be a good Milawaukee Brewers team, they scored 7 runs against, what many consider to be the worst team in baseball, the San Diego Padres. The most concerning part for any Giants fan has to be the performance of Tim Lincecum, hopefully this guy figures it out quick, because while I can't stand the Giants, I love watching this kid pitch.



26. Arizona Diamondbacks

Here is all you need to know about my favorite team. In its two wins, they scored 18 runs, in its four losses 5 runs. If there is not more consistency, they can expect to stay in this region all season. Oh, and they better hope Brandon Webb can come back healthy.



25. Oakland A's

The Athletics took 2 of 3 from the Angels prior to theNick Adenhart tragedy, but to then get swept by Seattle, at home, just shows the inconsistencies that this young team will go through this year.



24. Milwaukee Brewers…

Jeff Suppan can't pitch, Ryan Braun can't hit, and this team has not lived up to its potential at all this season. For them to succeed they will need both Suppan and Braun to show up, and I have a feeling we will only see one of those players do that.



23. Boston Red Sox

It is early, but has there been a bigger dissapointment than the Red Sox offense this season? Jacoby Ellsbury can't get on base and David Ortiz can't find a way to get anyone on base in. It is early and they seemed to sleep walk up until Sundays little dust up. Hopefully Beckett got them to pull their heads out.



22. Minnesota Twins

This is easy, they need Joe Mauer back. Once he is back, they will be easier to gauge as serious contenders or not. The other burning question is simple, Is Francisco Liriano ever going to be the same again?


.500 Is a Good Place to Be

21. Pittsburgh Pirates

I am willing to bet this will be the first and only time this season that the Pirates rank ahead of the Red Sox in any power poll. But, I have to give them credit, through the first week, they definetly have shown some offensive ability in their wins. But, they are the Pirates and with Ian Snell continuing in his career downward spiral, I don't think they will have many more weeks going 3 and 3. But, they do get to play Houston 3 times this week, so maybe.



20. Cincinnatti Reds

I know they are not 3 and 3, but they played the Mets extremely well in their 3 game series and split what ended up being a 1 and 1 with the Pirates. They have had one bad game this season and have some ability in their rotation and their lineup. The question is can they get to Francisco Cordero to close out games.



19. Kansas City Royals

Well maybe they are the sleeper team this year. Getting excellent pitching from Gil Meche and Zack Greinke and Joakim Soria is still an above average closer; they will only go as far as their young offense can take them.



18. Texas Rangers

I love this team's offense. The question will always be can they get any pitching, especially in that ballpark. Other than Kevin Millwood, they have not had a lot of help for their offense.


17. Colorado Rockies

Could they be back on the upswing? I don't know, but Ubaldo Jiminez has looked good, and Troy Tulowitzki decided he can hit major league pitching again, so they could be back… maybe.


16. Chicago White Sox

They need Alexei Ramirez, A.J. Pierzynski and Paul Konerko to start producing, or they will be around .500 all year. Their pitching looked good except for one game against the Twins, but they need their offense to start producing more.


15. Los Angeles Angels…

They had a rough first week on and off the field. Pitching has looked good, offense inconsistent. They need some of their big money players to step it up and start playing better and they need the other 2/5 of their rotation to get healthy.


14. New York Yankees

Well that was not the start they were hoping for, but C.C. Sabathia looked good in his second start, and Andy Pettitte looked like he was 30 again. The most surprising thing though, had to be Nick Swisher being the best pick up so far.


13. New York Mets…

Johan Santana has been dominating, and still has one loss already. The pitching has been ok, but the offense is playing well. They need David Wright to start driving the ball a little more, and maybe Jose Reyes will wake up soon, because he really is the key to the Mets offense.


12. Tampa Bay Rays

After making a statement taking two of three from the Red Sox, they laid an egg in their first two games against Baltimore. They need to get some offensive production from someone other than Evan Longoria, because while he has been great, he is in his second year, and will probably have a slump soon. I love the way this team plays, but they seemed flat after the Red Sox series and cannot afford to have let downs like that in upcoming series.


11. Philadelphia Phillies

I think the World Champs were not ready for the party to be over. They played absolutely horrible the first two games of the season. They have to be concerned with Cole Hamels and the rest of the staff, who has not looked good so far. What they do not need to worry about is Ryan Howard's lack of power the first week.


They Can't Keep this Up… Can They?

10. Baltimore Orioles

Well after beating up on two of the favorites in the AL East, I think they need to be at least taken seriously. The young guns are starting out nicely and the old standbys, Brian Roberts and Melvin Mora, continue to produce. The question will continue to be about their pitching. Can they continue to get quality starts and quality innings out of guys that have never done it before?

9. San Diego…

This has to be the surprise team in baseball right now. I know it is only 7 games, but for them to be 5-2 is amazing. They continue to do it with solid pitching and timely hitting; they don't have a regular over .300. They will only go as far as their pitching takes them, but as they showed in the first week, they can still throw.

8. Seattle Mariners

They are playing without their best player, and look very good doing it. They have won because of two offseason busts from the previous years in Jarrod Washburn and Erik Bedard. Nice to see these two finally paying dividends. The question is, can they keep it up, and can they stay afloat till' Ichiro gets back.


7. Toronto Blue Jays

Roy Halladay has been phenomenal, but can you trust Adam Lind, Marco Scuttaro, and Aaron Hill to continue to carry your offense?


They Should Be Here

6. Detroit Tigers

Miguel Cabrera and Brandon Inge are on fire. The pitching has been ok, but they need Justin Verlander to step up and be the ace he can be if they want to make any type of run this year.


5. Los Angeles Dodgers

Looked lethargic against the Diamondbacks in the first game, but showed their offensive firepower, despite Manny not looking ready for the season yet. Still questions remain about their pitching staff.


Fabulous Four

4. Chicago Cubs

Milton Bradley left the game with an injury Sunday, raise of hands who saw that coming (everyone should be raising their hand). The Cubs are off to a great, but can they get more out of the back end of their rotation, mainly Ted Lilly. They will need that because…

3. St. Louis Cardinals

Albert Pujols seems to be healthy and raking. Adam Wainwright and Chris Carpenter look to be on point, and if Kyle Lohse continues to pitch well like he did last year, they will be a good team all year.

2. Atlanta Braves

If they would have just lost to the Phillies they would have been #1, but the fact that they blew a 7 run lead, that is inexcusable. Their starting rotation looks good, it will really come down to the bullpen and can the offense continue to score enough runs to win games.


1. Florida Marlins

They won about every way you can the first week of the season. A couple of blowouts with good pitching and good hitting, but the most impressive thing had to have been beating Johan Santana 2-1 in a great pitchers dual. Josh Johnson has looked like he is finally getting it, and this team could be one to look out for all year.




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