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Merry Christmas to all!

Posted on: December 23, 2009 10:08 pm
Edited on: December 23, 2009 10:12 pm
Hey, Sportsliners (and especially the outstanding crew of the Auto Racing Board):

I just wanted to take a few moments to wish all of you a Blessed Christmas and a safe and happy New Year (...not just the first day of it; I'm talking about being safe and happy for the whole darned year. It is the start of a new decade after all.)

Life is still just as crazy as it was months ago.  Just today, I went on a call first thing this morning....then straight to work from 0800-1130 at job #1; across town for 1200-1830 at job #2.  Wild. You'll get no complaints from me, though.  I'm in an area where the largest employers have closed their doors entirely, or cut back their work force drastically. Anyone here who is getting a regular paycheck is very fortunate. 

After four-and-a-half months of work, I finally finished the grant for the fire department. (YEA!) Filling out the online application took six hours. (Yeah, it really did.) I'm so glad to have that thing done. What a monstous project....and I didn't even volunteer for that one.  Lesson learned: never turn your back during a meeting.

Despite the craziness, life is good. ....but next time I get called out at 0230 to help carry a 270lb drunk tourist down off the mountain during a snowstorm (the one I mentioned in last month's post)....I might just stay home in bed.   ..................Nah, I'd go. That's just how I am.

Merry Christmas! I hope all is well in your world.

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