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Part 6 of Inside the Mind of the Catfish

Posted on: January 22, 2009 9:45 am

Okay, so the bowls games are over and Florida wins again after being out of the picture for 3 months. I guess the cry of the fans wanting a 1-8 team playoff is falling on deaf ears. Thanks NCAA.

Can't wait for the NCAA Hoops Bracket Pool. I won $600 last yr when I had the 2 correct numbers at the end of the game. The final score didn't change for over a minute. Whew.

I have this pop-up virus on my computer. It's more manageable now than bf. still a small pain though. thankfully my computer is faster now since my friend took off 1.8 mil unused files (space).

tv shows are back -

nip/tuck is okay. not been the same since season 3. i watch it for the dialogue of christian troy. i never laugh so hard when he speaks.

damages is great. far fetched but a solid show. this season is not as good as season 1.

fringe is fringe. creepy but good.

LOST was awesome last night. well worth the wait. i hate that show when it ended at 11pm. im like noooo.

i actually knew a lot of last nights episode bf hand. some were guesses. some were blogs. some were obvious.

still miss vic mackey and the shield though. great actor and show. they all got robbed of emmy awards.

so gill grissom leaves csi. too bad. i liked him. good actor. his best role was a cecil "stud" cantrell in the hbo baseball movie "long gone." it's from 1985 and good. great team name - the tampico stogies!!

nothing good on netflix. righteous kill was dreadful. terrible. the worst acting and dialogue in years. pacino looks like he's 100 yrds old ! bad. still waiting for trophic thunder. long wait for it.

so my eagles lost in the nfc championship game. again. unreal. 1-4 in the big game. getting like the buffalo bills of the conference championships. i think the defense and jimmy johnson blew it with single coverage on fitzgerald. and they put a 5'8 guy to cover him. no offense to demps but he's a midget when it comes to covering a guy like the fitz man. what was he doing on that td pass to fitz on the pass back to warner? did he trip over the 5 yrd line. terrible. then the eagles come back and can't stop them on a 4th and 5 play. the eagles hit the rb 3 yrds deep but the guy spun out of it and got the first down.

i do think there was pass interference on the last play with curtis. i mean the guy was pull his ankle down. that's a penalty. joe schmuck said "it's a judgement call." quadry ismael from espn news said "no it's not. a penalty is a penalty no matter what quarter you're in and call it." he said the refs blew the game! that call on the short kickoff in the eagles favor was terrible too. im not cheering for either team. i hate them both. i hate how the steelers win ugly each week. ugh. i am in a $4000 block pool though. $1000 bucks each quarter. come on block 9!

ariz 21

pitt 17

fitz mvp

so i run a super nfl based fantasy pool. i thought i had some good picks this yr. well, thanks to peyton manning and michael turner losing in the first rd, my 3 pools went right in the trashola. the pot was $3300. the winner alone gets $2000. damn ! I could use that coin right now. 

so my company said no raises in 2009 till at least oct 1 (instead of april 1st) and maybe none at all. i guess i am happy to have a job and all but that is lame. and the email came out on dec 23rd at 4:30. merry f**king christmas. i think a world-wide billion dollar firm shouldn't have these woes. i think it's all a scam personally. they said if the first 2 quarters go well, then they will have raised in oct. huh? either have them or don't have them. don't tease us with maybes or could haves. terrible. the worst part is i hate my boss and my job and the people here and im stuck here bc the job market stinks.

barack obama in the white house. hopefully all this change he talks about will be for the better bc right now the USA is getting kicked around like a soccer ball and the world is the playing field.

sports-the nba stinks. my flyers are in first place in the atlantic or the old patrick division as i call it. haha. the all-star game is this weekend. i'll be one of the 5 peopel watching it. haha.

baseball is around the corner and my phils are without one of their guys on a trumped up steroid case. jc romaro asked his nutritionist about a gnc product. he said it was legal. he gets tested and fails. they offer him a sneaky deal saying if you come clean now you can only miss 25 games. he said no bc i would miss the playoffs and this supplement is legal. so major league baseball throws the book at him and bans him 50 games. nice. another bud selig fiasco! how can this guy be running baseball? i know he puts millions in the owners pockets, but he's a buffoon.

i won't watch one minute of the world baseball classic. it's not a classic when 80% of all major leaguers don't play in it. another selig mistake. having this tournament during spring training. moron.

what else...the weather is nasty. cold and windy everyday. too much snow in the great far west and midwest. frigid temps like 0-10 on the east coast. the deep south never looked so good !

the oscar noms came out today. some surprised. the dark knight got shut out for best director and pix. heath ledger did get nominated though. he will win. he will become the second person ever to win a Oscar posthumously. I am cheering for him to win and Mickey Rourke to win for Best Actor. What a comeback for him. I do think Sean Penn has a outside chance for his true portrayal of Harvey Milk though. After seeing Kate Winslet go on and on like a fool for her 2 Golden Globe wins, i hope she doesn;'t win. i like her but after winning one Golden Globe earlier, she should've been more subdued the second time around 2 hrs later. She was worse.

i hope slumdog millionaire doesnt win a thing. the movie was almost straight to dvd and now it's a oscar front runner. no thanks. i read bruce springsteen got robbed for best song too. he won a golden globe for it so im stunned at that.

till next time...

the catfish from south philly, usa.



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Posted on: January 27, 2009 9:24 am

Part 6 of Inside the Mind of the Catfish

8 gives it open to be more fair. if you can't get in the final 8 spots or slots than im sorry i can't help you. at least when the playoff is done you have 1 legit winner. no more complaining or b.s. and if the #9 team wants to complain too bad. you should've been #8.

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Posted on: January 26, 2009 10:03 pm

Part 6 of Inside the Mind of the Catfish

Looks good 'Catfish', that would be on 3 consecutive weekends or spread over 4?

I am a proponent of a playoff, once I see it in black and white it looks good, in this year's final regular season polls did Utah finish in the top 8?

Florida, Oklahoma, Texas, Alabama, USC, Penn St. Texas Tech, Ohio St. Utah? in any particular order, what would the scenario have been?

Seems like their would still be the same politicking and manuevering for eight slots as their is currently for two slots, that are now available.

Bottom line better to have 8 slots availabe instead of the current 2.

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Posted on: January 22, 2009 12:58 pm

Part 6 of Inside the Mind of the Catfish

hawk, still have all other bowl games that generate $$ except for the final 7.

fiesta 1 vs 8

sugar 2 vs 7

cotton 3 vs 6

gator 5 vs 6


orange 1 vs 4

rose 2 vs 3


fiesta part II

1 VS 2


work - my company is saving money to increase their pockets if they reach a certain market profit wise by summertime etc. total scam for us schleps who make all the cogs go.

movies - that movie slumdog was going straight to video. now it's a oscar frontrunner. i dont get it. i hope it loses every oscar !

sports-the world baseball classic is not the olympics. its held next month during spring training. a ton of major leaguers wont play in it. usa is not favored to medal at all.


- The NCAA and BCS could make a ton on this system. Plus the other bowls are played too.

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Posted on: January 22, 2009 12:41 pm

Part 6 of Inside the Mind of the Catfish

Catfish -

The NCAA does NOT run the bowls or the BCS, the NCAA will NOT touch a playoff due to the billions of dollars that affect this.  It always kills me how folks are misinformed on this...not you specifically, but anyone who thinks the NCAA has anything to do with the bowl system.  Search out the truth, the NCAA does not recognize a college football champion at the Div I/FCS level.

I just joined you in the company saying no raises til the fall thing.  Agree, the division I work in made $42 billion, the other divisions lost the money, now I will get nothing and our bonuses (what a misnomer) are gone too.  I understand your attitude in that these companies are still making billions of dollars and the employees get frozen out cause of a need to give shareholders a few pennies a share and then we don't own any unless it is through the 401K, but the bigs of the company own thousands and make out just fine.

TV Shows...we don't watch the same shows...but I am encouraging you to watch Burn Notice on USA on Thursday nights and Psych on USA on Friday nights...great stuff

Baseball, Agree, Romero got screwed, only other thing I have to say is I hope the Yankees fall flat on their face and the Red Sox and Rays put them in the ground.  Go Sox!  And yeah, what the heck are they doing with the WBC?  Nice thought, but seems like they should just keep that in the Olympics to me. 

It's January...what kind of weather do you expect?  I agree though, it sucks, global warming is a farce, now atmospheric degradation I can believe in, but warming?  Come on over Al Gore if you want some warming...enjoy a nice cold day outside and tell me what you really think pal.

I read the synopsis of Slumdog at which is a site I go to when I can't get to a movie and it interests me.  It provides a persons summary of the movie.  The one for Slumdog was, in my opinion, one that led me to wonder why the heck this movie was even made.  The word that comes to mind is BORING!  Then again I am not much into dramas.  Give me action or comedy or a good story.  I am interested to see Australia when it comes out though.

Have a good day in Philly my friend, Hawkeye from SoCo St Louis MO

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