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Part 7 of Inside the Mind of the Catfish

Posted on: February 9, 2009 11:56 am
Edited on: February 9, 2009 12:16 pm

thank god football season is over ! another ugly super bowl win for the steelers. big ben now has 2 rings and people are getting ready to put him in the hall of fame. slow down there slappy. 2 rings and bad stats aren't hall worthy just yet !

i played $75 worth of sb blocks and didn't win a damn dime. somehow some beat up, raggedy old woman hit for 2 blocks in 2 different pools. she won $2000. unreal !

my eagles got robbed anyway on that no call on kevin curtis. terrible. roger goodell should be embarrassed his sport is a total joke.

so now a-rod cheated the game too. great. who's next? howard, pujols, manny, ortiz? just say the whole era was the "steroid era" like the "deadball era" and put an asterisk next to their name in the hall of fame. to not have clemens, bonds, mcgwire, a-rod and palmeiro not in the hall is silly. i mean they were great bf they took steroids. just note they were caught with it and move on. a-rod won't be the last big name caught with steroids. bank on that.

baseball is around the corner. thank god. winter is almost over and it's time for some baseball. who won the world series last year? oh that's right my phillies! wahoo!

tv shows-ugh. nip/tuck is terrible this season. it jumped the shark 2 yrs ago. damages is so ridiculous i wanna slap rose byrne and glenn close for over-acting the whole show. LOST is crazy but good. i don't like this whole time travel crap, but it's still the best show on tv.

movies-righteous kill was so overhyped i want my money back from netflix. however, that wasn't the worst movie of the year. tropic thunder was. why is robert downey jr oscar nominated? tom cruise stole the movie and made it watchable. ben stiller is a joke. the movie sucked! worst movie in 08 for me.

i see from people here that their companies are not giving out raises either. great. we all get the shaft ! multi billion dollar firms cant take care of their own. nice. i sure do love the american way.

i saw that 60 minutes special on that pilot who crashed the plane in the hudson river last night. wow i was in tears. an amazing story. unreal that no one died when a plane in eithopia tried the same thing and broke apart on the water. that guy really is a american hero.

my flyers are going nowhere this year. they will make the playoffs but that's all she wrote. too inconsistent and too many injuries.

college football recruiting ! i see ND stole that kid from hawaii from usc. thank god. i dont feel bad for usc though. they got another top 3 class. nd was #16. please fire weis. now he's not even getting top classes anymore.

warm temps this week. wahoo! i hate winter. come on spring. my office never closes due to snow so why cheer for more snow and ice.

well that's all from me today.


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Posted on: February 9, 2009 2:35 pm

Part 7 of Inside the Mind of the Catfish

Cat, I'm ready for a new season of football. In case your a gambling man let me give you some stats. Eagles linebacker Akeem Jordan is a local kid from here. In Highschool his junior year(3) they won the State Championship AA. He stayed home and played for James Madison here as well. His junior year(3) They won a National Championship. Next year will be his (3) year in Philly???Nuff said.

It's the year of the women who like sports. In our pool, 17 guys, 1 girl, and the girl won, diminishing any and all testosterone with estrogen. Better luck next year guys, this was embarrassing.

Selig has destroyed baseball as we knew it. Juicing isn't new, just more evident. The guys keep wanting more. I remember Brady Anderson returning one spring and his arms were 3 times the size they were in the previous September. Hit 50 HR's and stole 50 bases that year. I just thought he really worked out over the winter. ( yeah, I'm gullible) Go Orioles! yeah right lol

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