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Outside Impact on Games

Posted on: December 24, 2008 9:38 am
This has been an odd year for the NFL. The quality of play is not up to par. The reason why this is happening is that there are too many outside sources impacting games. You have referees who have not done well this season by any stretch of the imagination. Another reason is that the weather is having too much of an impact on games. It's hard for anyone to be at their best in the pouring rain, strong winds, or playing on frozen fields. Also, you have teams traveling across the country. They need to change the time of games to make them fair to teams doing such. As for the weather, if they made all games have to be in good conditions (a dome for example) the game would be more appealing to watch, which in turn would make them more money. Also, they should have all teams have to play on the same surface (synthetic grass maybe).
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Posted on: December 24, 2008 12:10 pm

Outside Impact on Games

I'll agree the officiating has been poor this year.  Just bumbling idiots making calls that make even the average fan think "wow, I don't even know all the rules, but I could've made that call".  Not exactly good for the game.  Cross country trips and the predictable outcomes could be disturbing and maybe the start times should be adapted, but you all are forgetting one thing - west coast teams traveling east lose an inordinate amount of times - most likely because all west coast teams SUCK!!!  If the best of the west is San Diego, or Arizona, the west is embarassingly poor.  Bucking the trend, San Diego sucked it up and beat a tough Tampa Bay team under these travel conditions and the time of the game was not changed.  All these teams and players do is play their sport.  How about arriving earlier or disapplining yourself as a professional athlete to prepare your body and mind for the time change?  People in business are expected to perform under these conditions for far less money.  Arizona going to play in New England in poor conditions is not unfair.  It's called a schedule.  News flash - the schedule was made in the spring.  It said AZ going to NE in December - it might be cold and stormy - DUH.  Just as it might be hot for any team playing in AZ in September.  The Cardinals going to NE and laying down because it was snowing and cold and they had already locked up both a playoff spot and their seed with no chance of those things changing is shameful for professional athletes.  Don't give those pussies an excuse of weather and time change!!  They clearly didn't care and wanted nothing more than for the game to end as quickly as possible. 

Uniform playing conditions???  Really???  Snow, rain, cold, mud, wind, noise, all of these conditions are what make it fun for the fans.  Home field advantage is equal (8 home 8 away) for the regular season (except for the retarded game in London WTF?) and earned for the playoffs.  Taking away the elements would be taking away a big part of the game and its appeal to fans.  All games under the same conditions?  Uniform synthetic turf?  Why not put up a sound proof glass encasement around the field so the fan noise doesn't effect the poor disadvantaged visiting team.  Better still lets play all games on neutral fields.  Any of these ideas make the game more appealing to watch?  Stupid.  All of these ideas make the game less appealing to watch especially for real fans.  I'm not a Giants fan, but watching them go on the road, especially to Green Bay, and succeed under those conditions and reach the Superbowl was impressive.  I'll bet their fans got extra satisfaction out of it, and their real fans would not have complained if they had lost in Green Bay.  No, those conditions were not unfair, they were determined by the results of the regular season.  They were earned by the Pack and overcome by a tough, professional team.  For all of you who want uniform, indoor conditions I suggest you leave football to the real fans and get the Professional Bowlers Tour package.  It's available in Hi Def.

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Posted on: December 24, 2008 9:50 am

Outside Impact on Games

I agree with you completely. Another good example would be last week's Pats vs Cards game.  The Cards were going cross country & playing in a blizzard. I don't see how anyone could have expected the Cards to win that game.

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Posted on: December 24, 2008 9:47 am

Outside Impact on Games

When it comes to weather affecting games, it is insane. They should not allow it to do so. All I need to say is look at the Dolphins vs Steelers game last year. The field was terrible & it ended 3-0. It was 1 of the worst games in history.

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Posted on: December 24, 2008 9:44 am

Outside Impact on Games

I know it will never happen, but everybody should play in the same conditions in every game. The weather should be taken out of the game. Play all games in domes with the same playing surface. All sports should have uniform conditions across their league.

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Posted on: December 24, 2008 9:41 am

Outside Impact on Games

You are absolutely correct in your thoughts. The refs have been terrible & the weather & cross country trips have decided games before they began. The NFL needs to do something about that because it is not entirely fair. I know people would say each team is playing in the same conditions, but when you are used to the conditions it's easier to do so.

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