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week 12 of football

Posted on: November 23, 2008 8:07 pm
the Jets destroy the not so undefeated 10-1 Titans.As they make sure there is not a16-0:the sequel.Also The Patriots beat the Dolphins 48-28 as Matt Cassel goes 415 yds and a couple of touchdowns.Dallas beat san fran 35-22 as t.o. goes over 200 yds recieving and romo the homo throws for 341 yds.The Redskins win a close one 20-17 over seattle.Detroit had a 17-0 lead over tampa bay in th 1st quarter but then got outscored 38-3 in the rest of the game.The G-Men rout Arizona 37-29 as Kurt goes over 350yds but arizona could not come back.Also the Iggles after a tie last week get demolished by Baltimore 36-7 as Mcnabb gets benched during the game.He threw 3 ints.Oakland beat denver.Atlanta beats Panthers 45-28.54-31 was the score to Bills-Chiefs clash.Bears beat Rams 27-3. Minnesota beats jacksonville 30-12.Houston and cleveland played today and Houston won 16-6.Pitt beat cincy thursday 27-10.Indy plays san diego tonight. Green Bay plays New Orleans tommorow night as they are both 5-5-0.
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