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Baron Davis wants back in Golden State (UPDATE 2)

Posted on: December 29, 2008 10:22 am
Edited on: December 29, 2008 11:20 pm

Now I've seen it all. According to the Contra Costa Times, Warriors swingman Stephen Jackson spent some time over the weekend with former teammate Baron Davis. And guess what? The Baron said "my bad" on opting out of his deal with the Warriors and signing a five-year, $65 million deal with the Clippers.

"He wants to come back," Jackson said. "And if he wants to come back, I want him back."

Things have gone south fast in L.A.; Davis has clashed with coach Mike Dunleavy and the Clips are 8-21.

I have a couple of thoughts: First, for Baron: When you opt out of your contract and sign with another team for a lot of money, you don't get to change your mind. And for Jackson: It might be time to stop playing fantasy G.M. If I could figure out who was in charge of the Warriors and making the decisions there, I'd be able to determine who was the most ticked off that Jackson seems to spend more time contemplating trades than trying to make the team better. What a mess in the Bay Area.

UPDATE: Matt Steinmetz has some insightful analysis of the situation here. His conclusion is what you might expect -- Baron isn't going back to the Bay Area -- but not for the reasons you might expect.

UPDATE: In the wake of Baron's comments to Jackson, Corey Maggette was asked before Monday night's game against Toronto if he wanted to do the Baron two-step and return to the Clippers. "Who me? No. I love it here, man," Maggette said, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. 



Since: Dec 29, 2008
Posted on: December 29, 2008 2:09 pm

Baron Davis wants back in Golden State

This is the same Baron who signed a max contract with the Hornets.  Then did not like Tim Floyd so they fired him.  They hire Byron Scott and he clashed with him and wanted to go West.  THANK YOU BARON!!!!  We would have never drafted CP3.

Since: Sep 29, 2006
Posted on: December 29, 2008 1:36 pm

Baron Davis wants back in Golden State

Couldn't have said it better myself. You wonder sometimes what world Jackson and/or Davis is in. To opt out is saying you don't like your contract, to sign somewhere else is saying you didn't like being where you were. Grow up gentlemen! Baron, in 5 years you can return to the bay, not as a player, but as a spectator. Jackson, just leave. I have Jamal Crawford on my fantasy team and I think he would be a better player without you.

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Posted on: December 29, 2008 1:16 pm

Made for each other

The real mess isn't in the bay area (though it is a mess), it's in LA. I mean who signs a player for that amount of money then puts him in a system that is totally unsuited to his skill set. Don't these people talk to each other before signing on the dotted line. Bottom line is the Clippers and Baron are made for each other: one a player who basically left a good situation for the most money and another a terrible organization that signed a player completely unsuited to they system they are running. Terrible.

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Posted on: December 29, 2008 12:58 pm

Baron Davis wants back in Golden State

Did Baron Davis make this statement to ayone in the Media? OK yesterday Elton Brand told me that Iverson told him he wants back in Philly, and Brand stated I want you back here also. They both called Mo Cheeks who will accept the job once Iverson returns.  Upon hearing this Charles Barkley decided to give it one more try and is contemplating returing. give me a break.

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Posted on: December 29, 2008 12:39 pm

Baron Davis wants back in Golden State

Yeah, this will happen...Not! - why would they pick him now when he has a 5 yr contract which they wouldn't give him before? btw - if BD was shooting better than 37%, I may actually be excited by the possibility of him returning. Sorry Baron, you're staying with the Clippers.

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Posted on: December 29, 2008 12:35 pm

Baron, Be a Professional!!!

This is absolutely absurd. Baron Davis needs to realize that he is an adult in the NBA and has to live with the decisions he makes. I have never heard someone being upset about being paid $65 million dollars. He chose to leave the Warriors for the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles. He dug his grave, and now he must lay in it. Be a professional and play the best you can with the contract you have. It is times like this where professional athletes can really earn the "big baby" title.

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Posted on: December 29, 2008 12:06 pm

Baron Davis wants back in Golden State

Oh, come now, it was probably more than a minute.  You had to click the link, read the whole article, which probably took you more than one minute.  Then, you had to scroll to the bottom and click on the link to leave a comment, wait for the comment box to load, type out your clever little remark there, and then submit.  That all took at least 5 minutes.  Plus, you've probably just been sitting on the same page at your computer refreshing every minute and a half to see if anyone had replied yet to your witty retort.  And lo!  Now someone has.  You can go back to watching porn. 

Don't accuse someone else of wasting your life when you doing that to yourself.

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Posted on: December 29, 2008 11:44 am

Baron Davis wants back in Golden State

...and what a mess in Los Angeles.

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Posted on: December 29, 2008 11:43 am

Baron Davis wants back in Golden State

BD doesn't want back to GS. What he wants is a head coach who will let him run his style of game. He has to love being home, close to his grandmother, jessica alba and all that jazz. But he can't like running the clippers offense before Kaman got hurt, passing into the clunky german from another planet. With Randolph now here the team finally showed some life but Dunleavy still has them in 1st gear.

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Posted on: December 29, 2008 11:42 am

Baron Davis wants back in Golden State

ROFL..... True that Sportsdvl!!

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