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Marbury Musings

Posted on: January 3, 2009 9:53 am

An report that Stephon Marbury prefers to play in Boston has created a bit of a stir this weekend, and a delayed reaction. We've discussed here several times that Marbury's two preferred destinations are Boston and Miami -- partly to stick it to the Knicks, partly because the situations would be oustanding for him.

The problem is that Marbury having a preference about where to sign once the Knicks set him free is only half the equation. It takes two to Starbury, and neither team has expressed anything other than morbid curiosity about Marbury and his impending availability.

The Heat, for one, are slightly over the luxury-tax threshold and are trying to avoid paying tax this season. So if they signed Marbury to the $1.2 million veteran's minium, they'd have to shed a player to satisfy that goal.

As for Boston, president Danny Ainge, of course, has been doing his due diligence on Marbury. Boston's recent stumbles only underscored concern about lack of depth with the departure of James Posey for New Orleans and retirement of P.J. Brown. According to a person familiar with the situation, Ainge feels strongly that Marbury was not at fault for the way his Knicks career has ended. He doesn't blame Marbury for balking at a chance to play after being told he wasn't in the team's plans. But Ainge also has concerns about where Marbury is physically after sitting out the entire regular season and the last two months of 2007-08 following foot surgery.

Ainge confided recently that he doesn't fully understand what transpired between the Knicks and Marbury over the last couple of years; it's been a complicated relationship, with plenty of blame to go around. Basically, Ainge has an open mind about Marbury, with a healthy dose of skepticism.

The facts are these. Ainge would not add Marbury to the locker room unless the following conditions were met:  1) He's healthy and in good enough shape to help the team; 2) The coaches want him; and 3) The players want him.

Although Marbury is in excellent condition, he hasn't played competitive minutes in months. The other two conditions are tossups. Doc Rivers isn't afraid of coaching difficult players, and there is a feeling on the coaching staff that the departure of James Posey has left Boston's bench with a critical flaw -- no dependable sixth man providing instant offense on a nightly basis. Posey's contribution wasn't just on the offensive end, though; he provided defense and intangibles, two things Marbury doesn't offer. Marbury can be a decent on-the-ball defender when he's committed, but the last few years in New York he was an awful help defender.

Anyway, all of this most likely would be a moot point once we get to condition No. 3 -- the players. There have been conflicting reports about whether Garnett would block a Marbury signing. To me, the fact that he hasn't openly endorsed adding a player he was teamed with so famously in Minnesota says everything you need to know.

It's fun to talk about, though. And it was fun to see this photo resurfacing with the ESPN followup item. Yes, that is yours truly locked in an uncomfortable embrace with Marbury at Knicks media day before the season. It's a long story, one that is far from over.



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Posted on: January 3, 2009 9:36 pm

Marbury Musings

I think he would be better suited for a team like Orlando or Toronto. Out west the Warriors and Rockets could both use him.

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Posted on: January 3, 2009 9:06 pm

Marbury Musings

I think it would be more realistic of Steph if he was weighing the merits and demerits of Minsk, Pinsk, and Smolensk.  As a big Cavs fan, I am ecstatic to hear that Danny Ainge is considering signing Starbury if he becomes available.  Even when he was young and enthusiastic, every time he got traded the team he left got better and the team he went to got worse.  Now that he's old I would expect that trend to be even more evident.

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Posted on: January 3, 2009 8:49 pm

Marbury Musings

The assumption in the article is that he's a great player but has a poor attitude.  But based on what I saw of his play last year, he appears to have slipped quite a bit as an on court performer.  That's a problem because he has demonstrated in the past in more than one organization that he can be difficult.

His approach to the current impasse demonstrates that he remains difficult to deal with.  The relationship with the team is broken and he would not accept the role the coach had in mind for him. He has been suspended with pay by the team's ownership.  Some of his teammates have openly criticized him for leaving them in the lurch by refusing to play when the team was undermanned.  He won't play for the team under current circumstances.  Yet he is reportedly refusing to make singificant accommodations to arrange a buy out of his contract which would permit him to leave the team and coach he doesn't trust and go somewhere else for a fresh start.

As for whether he would help the Celtics, as a result of his own negotiating stance he isn't available to join another team so it isn't possible at this point. 


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Posted on: January 3, 2009 8:48 pm

Marbury Musings

I agree 100% with the previous post!!
It would be great if this ball hog disappeared and signed a contract in Russia or elsewhere in Europe. I honestly don't care where he wants to go, and I am sure if you asked Kevin Garnett he probably would'nt want to play with him again after playing with Stephon Marbury in Minnesota.
Even if he did go to Boston, he would be stuck to the bench playing few minutes behind Rondo anyways. The guys just brings a terrible attitude wherever he goes, he would not be an addition to any team that picks him up, he would a detriment.

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Posted on: January 3, 2009 8:14 pm

Marbury Musings

The Lakers don't need Marbury. Secondly, how can Marbury actively seek to take Rondo's spot?

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Posted on: January 3, 2009 6:12 pm

Marbury Musings

Please oh please let the Lakers get him. This would be such a wonderful experiment in chemistry and karma. In case you don't get it...I don't actually like the Lakers.

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Posted on: January 3, 2009 3:41 pm

Marbury Musings

What's your point?  This guy summarized the siuation for those that aren't all that familiar with the story.  If you are, move on.  Just don't bust the guys chops because he's writing a short, concise story about the situation.  It might not be new to you but some of us don't follow the situation as close as you obviously do.  Maybe if you had a life, some of this would be new to you. 

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Posted on: January 3, 2009 3:00 pm

Marbury Musings

I don't know Ken Berger. He could be a super guy and of course this is nothing personal. But these columns or whatever they are a complete and total lack of space. They say nothing, or at least nothing new. I could have read 5 stories concerning Stephon Marbury in the last week and compile a piece like this. It's he sits in his basement, reads a few pieces - maybe from the Boston Globe, maybe from the New York Times - and writes an article. No insight here, just some average Joe writing a piece about nothing new. Sounds like a great Seinfeld bit, but the piece said nothing that we haven't heard/read before.

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Posted on: January 3, 2009 1:18 pm

Marbury Musings

No one cares about this clown.  It's amazing how much space Marbury-related stories have consumed on this website without him playing a single minute of a single game.  Note to the editors and writers at If a pro-level player is not actually playing in a professional league, then there is no reason to write a story about them every friggin' week.


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Posted on: January 3, 2009 12:22 pm

Marbury Musings

Think about it, where has he not been considered a cancer. With the Suns, T-wolves and New York. This is a display of how attitude can off set talent. He has all the ability to be one of the best, but his attitude and actions hold him back. Has always worried more about personal accomplishments than teams wins. I don't like the Celts, but this would certainly wreak havoc on the team chemistry. He does not play D, and do they really want some one who would not play when his team was short handed?

Do you really want KG to speak on this situation? What would that say about the teamates he won a title with? This is a disaster waiting to happen.

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