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Amare talks turn to Chicago, but ... (UPDATE)

Posted on: February 15, 2009 8:50 pm
Edited on: February 16, 2009 4:51 am

PHOENIX -- As Amare Stoudemire warmed up for the NBA All-Star Game on his home floor Sunday night, the Suns' efforts to trade him circled back to the Chicago Bulls, three people with knowledge of the situation told

The Suns are discussing financial and basketball trades with several teams, and disagreement within the organization -- and in the mind of managing partner Robert Sarver -- continues to complicate matters, one of the people said. One faction of the organization views trading Stoudemire as a "giant mistake" that would be difficult to recover from and views the firing of coach Terry Porter as a sufficient move for now. Asssistant Alvin Gentry is expected to take over for Porter Monday.

The Suns' efforts to find the best deal for Stoudemire have come back to the Bulls partly because of Phoenix's interest in Tyrus Thomas, one of the people said. The trade likely would have to include at least one of the following -- Drew Gooden, whose contract expires after this season, and Larry Hughes, whose deal comes off the books after 2009-10.

If the Suns decide to dump salary and go young, there could be an additional smaller deal that follows any Stoudemire move, one of the people with knowledge of the team's strategy said. Though several other teams are still in the mix and are being apprised of the progress with Stoudemire, one rival executive familiar with the talks said Portland evidently is no longer an option.

Stoudemire received a warm welcome from the home crowd during the All-Star starters' introductions at US Airways Center. He pounded his chest in return and smiled. Was it hello or good-bye?

UPDATE: With 40.1 seconds left in the West's 146-119 victory, Stoudemire swooped in for a breakaway dunk. He admitted wondering if it would be his last as a Sun.

"At that time, I just wanted to do a fantastic dunk," Stoudemire said. "And then after that, when I got done, I thought that might be the final dunk here. And if it was, two thumbs up."

But the Suns' situation is so convoluted that Stoudemire at once referred to Gentry as the new coach and the next minute said, "I have never gotten an official word from our organization. So I'm still not totally sure if he’s here or not."

Stoudemire said he'd spoken with team president Steve Kerr briefly this weekend, and Kerr said this: "He said from a financial standpoint, it hasn't changed. But hopefully, I’ll be a Phoenix Sun. ... Like I told you guys, it was 60-40 me being here. It still hasn’t changed. Hopefully, that 60 is true and I will be here. But I feel like there’s a 40 percent chance I won't be."



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Posted on: February 16, 2009 1:00 pm

Amare talks turn to Chicago, but ... (UPDATE)

Keep him. Stoudemire guards nobody and is a crappy rebounder. He has never won anything, is worse than awful defensively and does NOT make his team better. He's the NBA's version of a DH. That's fine for baseball but in hoops you can't afford to waste 20% of your lineup on someone that can't do anything but dunk.

Chucking up shots will not get you a title. In the Western Conf, however, it will get you a good reg season record and a spot in the playoffs. Then you need to defend the other team in a half court set to be effective in the playoffs. When they (Phoenix) had D'Antoni, Steve Nash (a 2 time MVP? what a joke that was), Amare AND Shawn Marion, they still won nothing. (BTW, Marion is the one they should have kept.) The Spurs have won titles because they help each other, commit to defense, rebound the ball and have an effective half court offense with three legitimate options (Duncan, Manu & Parker.)  Look at the Lakers last year. No defense = no title. Kobe (who many say is a good defender, WRONG!) let his man, Paul Pierce, win MVP. If Kobe (the most selfish player in the NBA) could guard anyone, why couldn't he (at least) slow down Pierce?

Adding Amare to the Bulls would not win the Bulls a title. The trades I've been hearing about have the Bulls giving up WAY too much for a one dimensional player that, in the end, will not make them better. The Bulls DO need to get rid of Del Negro (John Paxon's biggest mistake, by far), Larry Hughes, Ben Gordon (a turnover waiting to happen) and Noah (pot-head.) Drew Gooden is a solid back-up, at best. They need to commit to defense and hustle every minute on the floor. They don't have enough talent to win with less than 100% effort.

That said, I'd rather keep the other young guys to see what they might be in a year. All the contracts expire at the same time anyway. Or, trade for Marcus Camby. He guards people.



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Posted on: February 16, 2009 12:52 pm

Amare talks turn to Chicago, but ... (UPDATE)

The suns traded Marion to the Heat for Shaq.  The Heat just traded Marion for O'Neil (plus garbage).  Check out the transactions page.

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Posted on: February 16, 2009 12:27 pm

Amare talks turn to Chicago, but ... (UPDATE)

It seems that Amare will be traded but for what is very interesting. Thomas from the Bulls has had one good month in the NBA, so that, in mt opinion, would be a pretty large gamble. I doubt if there will be many takers for Shaq with his salary to include next year. Phoenix will have 2 1st round picks ( Atlanta's in the Joe Johnson deal ) so perhaps they have a plan. Either way, they are pretty old. If they do Amare then they may as well trade Nash too, go all the way.

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Posted on: February 16, 2009 12:22 pm

Amare talks turn to Chicago, but ... (UPDATE)

Suns are running out of options. They messed up the two deals that would've got them the most in return with Memphis and Portland, but now they have a pretty good situation with the Bulls and if they really want to trade him, it has to be now with chicgao or else they are going to be getting next to nothing for him.

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Posted on: February 16, 2009 12:17 pm

Amare talks turn to Chicago, but ... (UPDATE)

The Heat Traded MARION to Toronto for O'NEIL (Jermaine). Marion was traded LAST YEAR by the Suns for O'niel (Shaquille).

That being said I think the Raptors SHOULD deal Bosh for Amare and then make a push for Nash in the offseason.

Let's bring some fun Phoenix ball to Canada. If they don't wanna run in Phoenix (see Shaq) then let us run in Toronto. Captain Canada (see Nash) would also be a no lose situation for all involved.


Giddy up!

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Posted on: February 16, 2009 12:05 pm

Amare talks turn to Chicago, but ... (UPDATE)

I think if they can get Tyrus Thomas, it would be worth it. One thing thats obvious is that if your team's going to beat the Lakers, Spurs, Jazz, and Hornets you have to be able to play good defense. Thomas will instantly improve the defense and getting a contract or two that'll be done after 2010, will put them in the running for Chris Bosh, Richard Jefferson, Tyson Chandler, Dwayne Wade, and maybe a return to PHX for Joe Johnson. I'm leaving LeBron out because I assume LeBron would not want to come to Phoenix and the Suns most likely wouldn't be able to give him the deal he'll be getting.

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Posted on: February 16, 2009 12:00 pm

Amare talks turn to Chicago, but ... (UPDATE)

Gosh as a Bulls fan this looks like a Great deal surface level. But when you really analyize it its tough to figure. The Bulls have had a History of trading away good players before they Develop (Brand, Chandler). My fear is that if they pull this trade off, Tyrus Thomas will develop and be just another player we traded too soon. I mean, He has the same physical skills as Amari Stoudemire. Both are human spring boards with tremendous athletic ability.

I guess i would pull this deal off if I where the Bullls (maybe go for D Wade in the offseason?) But its tough. The prediciment here is that while all of us here in Chicago, have been anxious for the Bulls to pull off a trade in recent years, this is a different team with Rose. The Bulls are built to win 2 years down the road, as Rose will take that long to develop into top form. Amare would be a trade for a now, and i still believe in Thomas.

As much as it hurts to say, unless the Bulls feel its a perfect trade (dumping hughes contract) then dont pull the trigger...

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Posted on: February 16, 2009 11:46 am
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Posted on: February 16, 2009 11:32 am

Amare talks turn to Chicago, but ... (UPDATE)

you should lose your superstar status for this post

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Posted on: February 16, 2009 11:20 am

Amare talks turn to Chicago, but ... (UPDATE)

If the Suns trade Amare, it would be one of the biggest mistakes in Phoenix.......but being from Chicago, I can't wait for Amare to come here. Tyrus and Drew are good, but I would take Amare anyday. Amare is the player we've been waiting for here in Chicago, and with Rose still raising his game, Amare and Rose... A great 1 + 2 punch! Every point guard needs his big man. CP3+Chandler, Williams+Boozer, Kobe+Bynum/Shaq, Rondo+KG, Nelson+Howard... and now DRose+Amare!! Paxon should resign, but first make this trade go through..


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