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Will someone smash the guitar over LeBron's head?

Posted on: April 12, 2009 6:23 pm

It's easy to draw kneejerk conclusions from a blowout over the defending champs in the final week of the regular season. I'm not going to do that. I will give the Cavaliers this: The path to the Larry O'Brien Trophy goes through Cleveland this year, plain and simple.

It's hard to say whether the Celtics are flat-out playing second fiddle to the Cavs now, especially since everyone knows the Celts aren't at full strength and probably won't be until the sometime in their second-round playoff series. Kevin Garnett is expected to chip the rust off in Boston's regular season finale against the Washington Wizards. Even after that, it'll take some time for the Celtics to find the rhythm and cohesiveness that led them to banner No. 17 last June.

I understand there was a reason the Cavs were dancing, strumming air guitars, and mugging for the ABC cameras during a 107-76 evisceration of the Celtics on Sunday afternoon. Not only were they proclaiming their superiority in the East, the Cavs also were celebrating the stranglehold they have on homecourt advantage in the NBA Finals if and when they get there. With their 65th victory of the season, Cleveland would have to lose both of its remaining games and the Lakers would have to win both of theirs for the Cavs to lose their grasp on home court. (If somehow all that happened, the Lakers would get the nod because they were 2-0 against Cleveland this season.) The way the Cavs play at home -- 39-1, for goodness sake -- it would be hard to imagine a more confident team going into a Game 7 against the Lakers in mid-June.

But ... and this is a significant caveat ... the Cavs are better than this. How can you be better than 39-1 at home? For one, you can show class -- not crass. You can show sportsmanship -- not gamesmanship. You can act like you're auditioning for a championship, not "Dancing With The Stars." I want to get LeBron, Mo Williams, and Delonte West in front of Bruno Tonioli for five minutes. They'd never pull stunts like this again.

The Cavs sure looked better than the Celtics on Sunday. A lot better. You can argue that LeBron can do whatever he wants on the bench during the fourth quarter of a blowout he'd so expertly orchestrated. He is the MVP in the league, hands down. His drive to the basket for a 3-point play -- dragging two defenders with him and getting fouled three times -- was awe-inspiring. So was the way he chased down a play from 60 feet and swatted Ray Allen's layup attempt away from the rim. He is an awesome talent at both ends of the floor, and there may very well be no one who can stop him and no team that can stop the Cavs.

But you don't show up the defending champs the way the Cavs did Sunday. You just don't. You celebrate when the season is over and when you are holding the gold-plated trophy on your home court. Not on the last Sunday of the regular season, in the midst of an eminently meaningless regular season game.

The Celtics will remember this. As to whether they're good enough to do anything about it, only time will tell. But I don't like it one bit. One of these days, somebody is going to take that air guitar and smash it over LeBron's head.







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Posted on: April 15, 2009 10:29 am

Will someone smash the guitar over LeBron's head?'re pretty much just a douche bag...quit whinning 


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Posted on: April 14, 2009 6:21 pm

Will someone smash the guitar over LeBron's head?

 Oh no im not saying injuries arent important to the cavs im just saying someone tried to say that losing delonte and big ben was similar to losing KG which is insane. I know each team has a different makeup and that each of the players on the cavs fills a certain role and does it well, just you cant say the injuries to delonte and big ben at different times in the season is the same as losing Kg alone or losing KG Powe, Davis, Rondo all at the same time which did happen to the celtics.

And ok i didnt know cleveland had passed the celts in D Sorry but hey again if ywe keep powe and KG who knows all im trying to say is they are both really talented and kind of similar teams in that their D makes them special. All my point was was that losing KG is not comparable to losing West which someone tried to say.

Oh and the argument that because cleveland hasnt won anything they should be allowed to have extra fun, well usually your allowed to have extra fun when you have won something significant not because for once you dont suck. You can be happy you dont suck but dont act like its something special as there are teams that have not sucked for many many years (celtics (minus the 20 years they did because len biasand reggie lewis died) lakers. pistons, yankees.

Its not that people love big market teams, yes they have more fans because they are near more people but its also because they are usually the best and most scrutinized teams. People love underdogs or small market teams that do well against big market teams its a fact (everyone loved Goerge mason when they were winning against big schools like Uconn, well i didnt but whatever). So this argument is crap as well as the fact that Lebron gets his balls washed and waxed everyday on espn

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Posted on: April 14, 2009 5:34 pm

Will someone smash the guitar over LeBron's head?

 Interesting complaints, CBacon31.  I agree with a few things you said but I believe you miss a bit of the point.  I see where youre coming from though.  Also living in Cleveland I'd disagree w/ your viewpoint on the Cavs fans.  Sure theyre all over these boards now, but if LeBron is gone in 2 years will there be anybody at the games?  Say what you want but the answer is no.  Ive seen them w/out LeBron and their fans are passionate about the Browns first, the Indians a distant second and the Cavs dont even rank w/out the one of the greatest players to ever come into the league(lebron of course).

Seriously.  If you dont believe me, you will only see I'm right if he leaves.

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Posted on: April 14, 2009 3:14 pm

Will someone smash the guitar over LeBron's head?

Nicely said


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Posted on: April 14, 2009 2:36 pm

Will someone smash the guitar over LeBron's head?

All of you are the same, you love big market cities Boston, New York, LA.  They can do no wrong, or it's just Manny being Manny!  I'm tired of these hypocritical viewpoints.  I want my sports teams to enjoy the good times, god knows we need some in Cleveland.  All of these articles only highlight a fundamental lack of understanding of our city, our fans, and our overall sports culture.  The ignorance you and your cohorts show on a daily basis to us is unbelievable.  I challenge you Mr. Berger come to Cleveland during the playoffs and get a shot of what it's like to be a REAL FAN of something.  We love our Cavs, they are not arrogant, they are focused.  They have a goal, but they also realize that if you can't enjoy the ride along the way there's no reason to do it.  There's nobody in this city fooling themselves into thinking we're a lock to win anything, not by a longshot; but we're all sick and tired of listening to people like you crap all over our sports teams.  You're the same group of idiots that gush about how much success our star player would have on another team in a bigger market, you want to talk about disrespectful?  Sir, you epitomize the word.

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Posted on: April 14, 2009 12:20 pm

Will someone smash the guitar over LeBron's head?

Boston is second to Cleveland on D.  And after the last game between the two the margin got a little bigger.  Yes, I agree that the Cavs would be in trouble if Lebron went down.  When Detroit built their team they got players that were not all stars.  They became all stars on Detroit.  Thats my point.  They made each other better.   Besides Lebron they don't have mega stars but they make each other better.  Each taking up a role.  They don't have to be great at everything.  So when they lose someone they need someone to take up that role.  Ex.  when Andy went out, besides Lebron they lose that energy guy.  I don't think some one like Z can fill that role.  I'm trying to say that the make up of each team is different.  When Boston lost KG they had Pierce and Allen to pick up the slack.  And Rondo for that fact.  Like I said, when Andy went down, we can't expect Z to pick up what Andy does.  When West went down, we put in Gibson.  They are different players.  West more of a slasher that can make his own shot. and Gibson more of an outside shooter.  It puts a hole in the Cavs style of play.  Not that one player is better than another player on Boston.  It's just different style.  I wasn't trying to put Boston down.  They did great without KG.  But to say that any injury to a Cavs player minus Lebron is no big deal is wrong.

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Posted on: April 14, 2009 11:30 am

Will someone smash the guitar over LeBron's head?

 Well actually Boston has the best defense in the league and wow you clearly dont even know your own team. Without KG the celtics are 18 and 6 i think (with very close games against orlando and a huge win against the cavs) the cavs would not win a single game without LBJ. Yes the cavs have nice complimentary players similar to bostons, just boston has gone with three superstars instaed of one mega superstar. Dont even try to argue that verajo and Z on west and mo williams are better than Rondo, Perk, Powe and Glen Davis because they are all the same type of players, complimentay players to the superstar. Its not like the cavs have built this team of very talented players and they are succeeding, it is the have LEBRON JAMES and they have doe a good job of surrounding him with complimentary players. If you think the cavs would win any games at all without Lebron you are crazy.

BTW that pistons team you are refering to didnt need to have a superstar because they had five all stars lol. Its not like they had a bunch of scrubs either. BTw they won 2 ring in four seasons, The current celtics team is in its second year lets hold up on the comparrisons in terms of rings. Also lets not put the pistons in the same catagory as the celtics overall historically because last toime i checked the celtics have 17 banners while the pistons have less than 6.

Nice try though :)

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Posted on: April 14, 2009 9:48 am

Will someone smash the guitar over LeBron's head?

Yes KG is better than all them.  Thats Bostons problem.  Their Whole team is 3 players.  Yes Lebron is the focal point of the Cavs.  But instead of just building the team of three players the Cavs built a team.  Everyone has a part in it.  Thats what a team is.  Boston made the decision to go with three studs.  Cleveland went with a team concept.  We have the best D in the league.  You can't say thats all Lebron too.  Walace is horrible on offense, but is a presence on D.  Delonte is tough on day and makes the other teams D work on him.  Z is tough on the offensive rebounds.  Andy is a pest and gets to alot of rebounds and some points.  Look at Detroit.  They were a bunch of misfits that nobody wanted.  They brought them together as a team, and they have won more championships than the Celtics have.  They didn't have a megastar.  So yeah when we have injuries it's not as big a KG going down, but It does matter.

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Posted on: April 14, 2009 9:28 am

Will someone smash the guitar over LeBron's head?

Act like Kobe.  Ok.  Lets all go to Colorado and rape a girl.  And if you say he didn't rape her,  then fine.  Lets all go to Colorado and cheat on our wives.  How about when Kobe comes down with a cheap elbow to someones head when he's having a bad game.  How about we compare those things to a group of guys having fun.  I'm sure Allen was upset, but I think most of it came from getting his ass whop.  Maybe the Cavs did that in retaliation for the low blow elbow.


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Posted on: April 14, 2009 9:22 am

Will someone smash the guitar over LeBron's head?

did you root for the Cavs before Lebron.


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