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Rivers has fun with Garnett theories

Posted on: May 2, 2009 7:39 pm
BOSTON -- An hour before the seventh and final game in an epic playoff series, what more could possibly be said? The always quotable Doc Rivers found a way.

Asked in his pre-game briefing with reporters how unlikely it would be for either the Celtics or the Bulls to make adjustments at this late stage of the series, Rivers said, "If we play Kevin, that would be a huge adjustment."

Kevin, of course, is Kevin Garnett, who has been out for the entire series with a knee injury. Rivers and general manager Danny Ainge have said repeatledly that they don't expect Garnett to play at all this postseason. But that hasn't stopped inquiring minds from reading between the lines. Ainge's choice of words Friday -- that he wasn't "planning" on Garnett being available for Game 7 or at any point in the playoffs -- set off new rounds of speculation that K.G. could shock everyone and suit up for the Celtics' most important game since last year's NBA Finals.

Asked he was playing Garnett Saturday night, Rivers laughed and said, "No, I'm not. Hell, you guys have said it all over the last couple of days. I told somebody this morning that I thought somebody was going to report that they saw Big Foot and Sasquatch."

Both Big Foot and Sasquatch, no doubt, would be assessed flagrant fouls if they were playing in Game 7 of this series.

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