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Kobe's answer to LeBron

Posted on: May 24, 2009 2:30 am
DENVER -- In the final 30 seconds, after he'd ripped Nuggets fans' hearts out with a dagger 3-pointer, Kobe Bryant stepped to the free throw line twice. The Colorado crowd serenaded him with the usual assortment of boos, obscenities, and whatever else they could think of.

And Kobe regrets to inform them that they were the reason those free throws went in.

"It really helped me, to be honest with you," Bryant said. "I couldn't feel my legs one bit, not at all. And when they started chanting that, it just reminded me what we're playing for and where we're playing. And it was just kind of, 'You gotta man up, put these in the hole,' because of that."

Bryant sank all four free throws, and the Lakers preserved a 103-97 victory Saturday night to take a 2-1 lead in the Western Conference Finals. Game 4 is Monday night in Denver.

In case you're wondering, Kobe also enjoyed the silence of the crowd after his 3-pointer with 1:09 left gave the Lakers a 96-95 lead. Yes, even more than the "Kobe Sucks" chants when he was at the line.

"It's a great feeling," Bryant said. "It's a much better feeling, actually, than being at home and hearing the roar of the crowd. You enjoy it a lot more, because everybody's against you. And everybody's wanting you to lose, wanting you to fail. And when you hit a shot like that and everybody goes quiet, it feels good. It feels real good."

This was Kobe's answer to LeBron James' heart-stopping, series-saving 3-pointer with one second left against Orlando Friday night. That was at home, where the crowd was dead quiet before the shot went in and apoplectic afterward. Bryant's response, on the road, fit him perfectly. He's always worn the black hat well.

Which is why, despite his denials and those of his teammates, Bryant must've been playing with a little something extra on this night, at the culmination of a 24-hour period in which he played second fiddle to LeBron. The great debate -- LeBron or Kobe -- reached a tipping point with James' heroics. Don't think Kobe didn't notice. LeBron followed Kobe's 61 points at Madison Square Garden during the regular season with a 52-point, near-triple double. Don't think Kobe didn't want the last word this time.

"Kobe Bryant has been playing at a high level for a long time now," Lamar Odom said. "I think it would be childish to even entertain [the comparison]. It's fun for SLAM Magazine and for the newspaper articles, but I mean, how could you compare greatness? I mean, who's better, Bruce Springsteen or Frank Sinatra? What do you like? Are you having wine or beer? You know what I mean? Whatever floats your boat."

At the Lakers' shootaround Saturday morning, Bryant didn't have much to say about LeBron's shot; something about it being a "clean look." In the final question of his postgame press conference, Bryant peered incredulously at a reporter who asked him a "great debate" question.

"Are you serious? No, really?" Bryant said.

He went on to explain that he'd sent LeBron a text message congratulating him on The Shot. "We're all friends," Kobe said. "Everybody tries to make it out like this big thing, but we're all friends. And I told him it was a hell of a shot. He does what he does in Cleveland, and I do what I do here."


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Posted on: May 24, 2009 11:41 pm

Kobe's answer to LeBron

your mom is in the top5!!ahaa

Since: Feb 3, 2009
Posted on: May 24, 2009 7:47 pm

Kobe's answer to LeBron

Lol that shot isn't in the top 5... or top 50 for that matter. Come back to reality please.

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Posted on: May 24, 2009 7:07 pm

Kobe's answer to LeBron

ATTN: BEN IS NOT REAL      If you are a Cavs fan than admit it. If you are a Kobe or Laker hater, admit it. Your post is ignorant. Kobe plays in a tougher conference and has younger players that he has to work with. Throw ALL of the facts out there, not just one that support your argument.They are both great players, just enjoy them both. But be real...

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Posted on: May 24, 2009 5:43 pm

Kobe's answer to LeBron

Hey let's face it Kobe is the best player in the league hands down. Labron is great and he's just getting started but he needs to win championships in order to be listed up there with Kobe. Championships singal your greatness not people talking about you.

Kobe has 3 Labron has 0 if they play each other in the finals we will find out head to head who's better. RIght now Orlando's team scares me more than Labrons.

It might be a Lakers vs Magic series Orlando has beatin orlando in the regualr seaosn and has beatin the Lakers. So everyone might want hold off until they bopth at least make the finals.

PS Kobe is not the Black Mamba his nickname is Kobe "Cold" Bryant tha man has ice water running through his veins send word out to all and let's get this straight.

Rodney Isaac
aka "The Man"

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Posted on: May 24, 2009 2:57 pm

Kobe's answer to LeBron

Kobe didn't anser LeBron sorry, no 1 will ever answer that shot.
If anything LeBron answered Jordan's shot against the Jazz in the finals or the Cavs in the playoffs
But with 1 second left, 2 win the game!!!!
that has to be the TOP5 greatest shots of all time, i could say Top3 and feel fine with it!!!!!!

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Posted on: May 24, 2009 2:36 pm

Kobe's answer to LeBron

The Great Debate might be fun for some, but in the long run it's just like when we had Magic and Bird. Just be glad that we have these guys at the same time to sit back and enjoy because they are both something special.

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Posted on: May 24, 2009 12:22 pm

Kobe's answer to LeBron

Apparently you haven't watched any Laker playoff games ben_isreal.  We have obviously found out that without Kobe we would have been ousted in the first round.  The role players haven't stepped up like they should have and in many games Kobe has won it in the 4th quarter.  They're actually making games hell for Kobe, the frustration level has to be high many times for him.  The Denver Nuggets probably have the best role players in the league as far as I'm concerned.

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Posted on: May 24, 2009 9:34 am

Kobe's answer to LeBron

is it really equal?

kobe has a better supporting cast, but there is some balance given the fact
that bryant plays IN THE WEST, and lebron plays in the east.

why does not any one talk about that?

kobe has to hit shots with 10 people in his face ALL THE TIME......

these guys are 2 totally different players

its like saying if kobe was 6'8 260 pounds, and played in the east do you think
he would be as dominating as lebron? you dont think is kobe was a freak of nature
like lebron he would be dominating as well?

how do you stop lebron?

i love lebron, i think its fun for the nba to make these comparisions,
and lets face it, lebron is great for the nba to lead them and kobe will always be the villain
lebron without question has the better personality
and me myself as a laker fan sometimes have to  change the channel
when kobe gets interviewed........but please do not come here
and say kobe has no shot, if it is a big game i am taking kobe, hands down.
kobe cleary has ice in his veins in these spots.
great shot by lebron, but van gundy totally played it wrong on the last play.
the oppostion for kobe makes sure they play defense the right way
they put the whole team on kobe to make sure he dont get the shot.

and please dont give me this crap about kobe did not win it without shaq lol

the guy has three rings, and he might get a 4th this year, and maybe a 5th?

how many does lebron have? he gots ways to go.....

i think kobe and wade are a good comparsion

i dont even think lebron and jordan are a good comparision

this lebron is a freak of nature the nba has never seen before he is like jordan and malone put in one body!

Since: Mar 8, 2009
Posted on: May 24, 2009 7:01 am

Kobe's answer to LeBron

You may be unbiased but you are falling for the misconception that Kobe has the best role players in the league. I am a huge Laker fan, but it has been clear during these playoffs that he does not have this at all. He has had to take over game after game and takes the majority of the big shots as always. The fact that he has put up these numbers against Denver with Fisher on the court with him as bad as he is tells you something. LeBron has not made anything out of anything yet, they are in a battle against Orlando and Kobe won his road game last night lets see if LBJ can do the same. I will give you Gasol and Ariza on most nights, but the rest of these guys are either inconsistent or just average at best. The bench has been a joke.

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Posted on: May 24, 2009 6:07 am

Kobe's answer to LeBron

Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are excellent players, but they are equal in a lot of ways. Kobe has the best role players in the league on his team. I mean, he has a monster of a team with the Lakers. In comparison, LeBron's teammates, besides Mo Williams, the rest of the Cavaliers are weak and unreliable at best. Big Z is getting old and only benefits from the lack of tough big men in the league to play against. Delonte West, Varajeo, Ben Wallace, and Gibson are a very weak supporting cast. There's really nothing that Kobe can do at this point to prove that he's better because his teammates make things easy. He is great, but LeBron makes something out of nothing, using a garbage team that is, just like in the 2007 NBA Finals. I hate the Lakers and the Cavaliers equally, so this is unbiased.

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