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Kings trying to set date for Rambis interview

Posted on: June 1, 2009 2:53 pm
The Sacramento Kings already have interviewed Paul Westphal and Tom Thibodeau for their head coaching position and hope to sit down with Lakers assistant Kurt Rambis on an off-day during the NBA Finals.

Sacramento had hoped to meet with Rambis as early as Wednesday, but a person with knowledge of the situation said a date has not yet been set. One possibility under consideration is a Saturday meeting -- two days after Game 1 of the Finals and a day before Game 2 at Staples Center.

Internally, there was a strong feeling in the Sacramento front office that former Kings and Wizards coach Eddie Jordan would emerge as the front runner. According to a source, Jordan called the Kings two days before accepting the Philadelphia job and said he was getting close to an agreement with the Sixers. The Kings informed Jordan that, while they believed he would be a good fit, they needed to interview two other candidates.

Sam Amick of the Sacramento Bee has speculated that Westphal has emerged as the front runner for the job, having thoroughly impressed Kings G.M. Geoff Petrie in his interview and having floated a reasonable price tag -- $1.5 million per season. The fact that Westphal and Rambis (two candidates with head coaching experience) and Thibodeau (whose reputation as a defensive mastermind has him at the forefront of every coaching search) indicates that Petrie and his basketball lieutenants have seized control of the search from the Maloof family. The Maloofs have pushed an in-house candidate -- John Whisenant, G.M. of the WNBA's Ssacramento Monarchs -- during previous coaching searches.


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Posted on: June 2, 2009 1:05 am

Kings trying to set date for Rambis interview

First of all I dont think Whisenant is the man for the job but dont tear the man down so quickly. He did coach a team to the WNBA championship. Maybe you say that doesn't mean anything, but it should atleast take him off of loser status. In regards to the team, I really think they are really only in need of a few peices that can be filled via draft/trades/ FA signings. They have TWO very young and promising big men. Spencer Hawes who was mentioned but also Jason Thompson. What they need for those guys is to bring in a veteran big man to rotate the three of them. Whether he starts at first or is a bench leader I dont care. Whatever works best to help hone the skills of these young guys and allow them to get some starts without all of the pressure. They also desperately need a no.1 ball handler. It could be a Lebron type guy at the 3 spot or a true point guard, but they need to be able to distribute better. Beno Udrih was a one and done type of player, although he could still be a very good bench PG/ spot up shooter. If Lebron and Mo had Martin, Hawes, and Thompson they'd be playing for a championship right now. That might be a ridiculous statement but I truly believe it. Dont get me wrong I think the Cavs are very good (66 wins can tell you that) but Mo Williams and Lebron were the only guys hwo could create their own offense and that was their problem as Lebron got tired out and triple teamed. In the regular season you win by playing your game better than the other team. In the playoffs you play your game and try even harder to shutdown the other team's game. This is why I think The cavs were so successful in the regular season. Teams weren't willing to tire their team out by putting three guys on Lebron, but in the playoffs you do whatever it takes. Martin and Hawes can create their own offense. Unfortunately Matin hasn't turned into the Kobe type give me the ball whenever sort of player that I thought he could develop to. Dont get me wrong he has alot of skills but I dont think he has as good of ball handling or the personality to be the No. 1 ball handler and distributor. Garcia is a servicable 2 or 3 spot starter and a very good bench player.

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Posted on: June 1, 2009 7:10 pm

Kings trying to set date for Rambis interview

Phil will probably retire if he wins the ring this year. If he doesn't regardless of what happens next year he will retire. I hope Sacramento does not hire Rambis, I would like Rambis to take over for Phil. But if he goes he goes and I wish him the best, Byron Scott and Brian Shaw will be two options.

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Posted on: June 1, 2009 5:12 pm

Kings trying to set date for Rambis interview

If Rambis gets the head coaching job, one of the provisions of his contract should be that he has to wear those old school yellow goggles on the bench.

This job is a nightmare for anyone. Aside from Martin, this team has nobody. Salmons was having a great year, then they traded him and Miller, leaving a bunch of no names and Martin. Maybe Garcia is alright, I guess I can mention Hawes too, but they need talent. Without talent you could put Red Aurbach on the bench and still lose 50 games.

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Posted on: June 1, 2009 3:30 pm

Kings trying to set date for Rambis interview

The Maloofs should completely remove themselves from this search.  They are idiots.  Yes, they are rich ('cause Daddy left them a fortune) but they are the morons who hired Theus who only had 2 yrs of head coaching experience (at pitiful NMSU of all places).  And, for some reason they keep giving Whisenant jobs though he hasn't ever done a damn thing on his own!

The Kings have a good GM, let him run the search and the Maloofs can worry about which celeb to drink with at the Palms Hotel & Casino.

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