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Shaq to Cavs: Give it some time

Posted on: June 14, 2009 3:53 pm
ORLANDO, Fla. -- The Cavaliers are taking an aggressive posture as they head into the draft and free-agent period, so it was only a matter of time before the Shaquille O'Neal talks heated up again.

Several media outlets began reporting Sunday that the Cavs and Suns have reignited talks about sending Shaq to Cleveland to help LeBron James in his quest for a championship. There wasn't much to reignite in the first place; widely hyped discussions involving O'Neal at the trade deadline were never on the verge of producing a deal. An executive familiar with the situation told Sunday that the situation hasn't evolved much since then, expressing surprise at the flurry of reports. 

But when you have two teams desperate to move assets -- Phoenix with Shaq's $20 million expiring contract, and Cleveland with Ben Wallace's $14 million expiring contract and Sasha Pavlovic's partially guaranteed deal -- smoke often gives way to fire. Throw in the fact that the Cavs are coming off a debilitating loss to Orlando in the conference finals and an embarrassing week that featured a false report about coach Mike Brown's future, and you can see why the time may be right to shift to focus to the team's pursuit of O'Neal.

The executive involved in the teams' dealings said he fully expects the O'Neal situation to move to the forefront once the clubs begin fully exploring their options in the draft and free agency, which begins next month. The Suns, coming off a 46-win, non-playoff season, are highly motivated to move O'Neal in a bid to avoid paying luxury tax. Acquiring Wallace and Pavlovic, whose $4.9 million contract is only guaranteed for $1.5 million next season, would save Phoenix as much as $10 million, including luxury tax savings.

The Cavs view Pavlovic's partial guarantee and several players on minimum deals as a built-in trade exception they can use to improve the roster and give LeBron the big man he needs to compete for a championship at the highest level. A person familiar with the Cavs' thinking said the team is open to any and all possibilities and plans to take an aggressive approach in retooling a roster that won a league-best 66 games but failed to reach the NBA Finals.

A wild card in the Shaq talks is Wallace, who stated after the playoff loss to the Magic that he was seriously considering retirement. Cavs management has yet to speak directly with Wallace about his intentions, and as of now the club doesn't expect him to walk away from the $14 million left on his deal. If Wallace reiterated his desire to retire, it would spur buyout talks that would free up cap space immediately. Short of that, Wallace would get no money and the $14 million he is owed would come off the Cavs' books.

The idea of Shaq in Cleveland as a running mate for LeBron would present endless storylines and the delicious possibility of Kobe Bryant -- if he returns to the Lakers -- meeting his former and current nemeses in next year's Finals. The marketing people would have a field day adding a Shaq puppet to the popular Kobe & LeBron commercials. Bryant would be presented with the challenge of pursuing his fifth championship against the player he won with -- and feuded with -- in L.A. and the player who is trying to claim Bryant's title as the best player in the game.

It almost sounds too good to be true, except that it's not. Just give it some time.


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Shaq to Cavs: Give it some time

Your a bitch, son. Where the hell do you get off shittin all over northeast ohio. Screw you, you're prolly from Michigan or PA anyway dumbass

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Shaq to Cavs: Give it some time

America's #1 obnoxious washed up athlete paired up with America's #1 obnoxious washed up industrial town.

And don't try to tell me that Cleveland isn't any worse than Detroit. Detroit still has thriving suburbs. Cleveland is the sphincter on the unwashed filthy arse of America. Parma, Garfield Hts, Lorain, Copley, Medina, Youngstown, Lordstown are pus-filled pimples of industrial decay.

Ever heard of the Sunni Triangle? Cleveland, Cincinnati and wherever the Clampetts are from in Appalachia could be called the Scummy Triangle. Bwa.

Harsh! But daaaaaamn that was funny ...

And enough of the Shaq to Cleveland shiz. Wake me up when it happens... and it shoulda happened last year when the Cavs had the chance to do it and maybe (key word maybe) get past Orlando.

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Miša Bin Ladin
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