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Warriors not shopping Monta

Posted on: June 18, 2009 12:25 pm
Warriors coach Don Nelson and GM Larry Riley flew to Memphis recently for a damage-control meeting with Monta Ellis. The message? Golden State isn’t looking to trade Ellis, whom they signed to a six-year, $66 million extension last summer. Instead, they wanted to tell Ellis in person that they intend to make him a captain and build around him.

It was a tumultuous year for Ellis and the Warriors, who threatened to void Ellis’ contract over an offseason moped accident that resulted in a 30-game suspension costing Ellis about $3 million. In April, Golden State officials sent a letter to Ellis’ agent, Jeff Fried, relinquishing their rights to void the contract. That ended one controversy but left another one still brewing.

Ellis’ strongest supporter in the Golden State front office was former GM Chris Mullin, who has been told he is not wanted back after his contract expires June 30. Mullin has avoided official contact with any potential suitors until the contract expires. But Ellis’ concern about his standing with the franchise in Mullin’s absence needed to be addressed. So Nelson and Riley flew to Memphis, where Ellis has been with his first son – Monta Jr. – who was born June 5.

“The GM and the coach traveled to Memphis to further provide that assurance to Monta that this is his team and they’re looking to build this team around him for years to come,” Fried said in a phone interview Friday. “Monta’s response to them was that the most important component is winning. He wants to win and he wants to win with the Warriors.”

Golden State has the seventh pick in next Thursday’s draft and is deeply involved in trade talks involving the pick. But those talks, evidently, will not involve Ellis.

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Posted on: June 18, 2009 2:53 pm

Warriors not shopping Monta

Be Patient with this team

why is everyone in a hurry to trade someone off the warriors? the warriors had a ton of injury's last season yes monte did something stupid but is everyone forgetting he's only 21? 

he is going to be something special to watch if he is healthy.they are a very young team that needs to grow together, the warriors are deep at every position and that includes power forward....brandon wright just needs to get tougher put him in some karate classes but he runs the floor like a deer ,jumps out of the building and can block shots and is developing a nice jump hook but remember he got hurt to. anthony randolph is going to be a superstar i hope he's working hard this summer putting on bulk and muscle because he is special!

i just dont know if nellie is the right coach for this young team
 the problem with the warriors is theirs guards play terrible defense..... which breaks down the team defense.... they need to teach them their are two ends of the floor and if you dont play both ends you sit!

 food for thought.....jamal crawford and cory magette for baron davis and zach randolph ( randolph has baggage but he's got the size and muscle and inside game thats missing from this team and a expiring contract) .... this would be a good trade for both teams that way jackson stays at small forward ( i dont have a clue as why nelson would move stephen jackon to the big guard with all the big guards  they have ) with azubuike and anthony randolph switching back and forth it opens playing time for bellinelli and morrow and reunites baron and monte.

baron was the heart and soul of this team and he is a true point guard and plays great defense.
the warriors need to get rid of bob rowland this guy doesnt have a clue on what to do. remember last year when he wouldnt resign baron? he's goes out and offers 100 million to arenas? good deal that would have been?!or 100 million to the other guy in philly?  both guys where hurt the whole year.... by them not signing with the warriors .... they saved his job and this franchise from ruins.  he needs to go!

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Posted on: June 18, 2009 1:49 pm

Warriors not shopping Monta

Don't get me wrong, I really like Monta Ellis, but the 'ole cliche, this is a team sport and there is no "I" in team couldn't be more evident here.  I have read so many stories on what the Warriors should do with the 7th pick.  I think the best thing the Warriors can do is to do their due dilligence like they are going to use the 7th pick, and then see what unfolds.  If a team like the Suns or Knicks moves up in the draft, who knows who could be available at 7.  The Warriros are set at Center with two solid players (Andris Biedrins + Ronny Turiaf); and both under contract.  I like Anthony Randolph starting on the Small Forward side with Corey Maggette coming off the bench.  This makes Brandan Wright expendable.  Ditto for Marco Belinelli with Monta Ellis, Kellenna Azubuike and Anthony Morrow holding down the Shooting guard spot.  The two weakest positions are PF and PG.  Getting a guy like Jordan Hill would be a great move at 7 and then you move a couple of your guys (Brandan Wright, Marco Belinelli and /or Jamal Crawford) for a second tier PG (which this draft has many).  CJ Watson makes a great backup and can even start with four strong players opposite him.  My point here is, I wouldn't mind seeing Monta Ellis go if we can use him in a trade for one of the better PGs such as Terrence Williams, Stephen Curry, or Tyreke Evans as long as we upgrade our PF position.  The Warriors are deep in Monta's positon, and I like Azubuike just as much if not more than the sulking Monta. 

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