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NBA salary cap goes down

Posted on: July 7, 2009 11:34 pm
As expected, the NBA's salary cap and luxury tax threshold will decline slightly for the 2009-10 season, with the new figures taking effect at 12:01 a.m. ET Wednesday -- when teams can begin signing free agents.

The salary cap will be $57.7 million, down $980,000 from last season. The luxury tax threshold will be $69.92 million, a decline of $1.23 million. Any teams exceeding that level will pay $1 for each $1 over the limit.

The mid-level exception will increase slightly to $5.854 million because it is based on the average salary from the previous season.

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Posted on: July 8, 2009 10:01 pm

NBA salary cap goes down

'Shenry' be careful Cardster is very bitter, just bring up the subject of Jerry Sloan not being able to develop young talent and watch him go bonkers. The whole buddy with the $5 million dollars story and writing the letter and not signing it makes sense how? Also moving the All-Star game to Vegas apparently destroyed the league, wow I never knew. And his 'buddy' deciding not to do the sponsorship to the Jazz because of the look of the players is crazy, just look how tatted the Jazz's D Will and Boozer are and Kirilenko clearly must be the player he's referring to with the 'disinterested gaze.'

I will give him credit on one point how can the cap go down when operating expenses are going up, salaries are going up and ticket prices league wide are going up? Perhaps it's the 'Ommissioners' effort to help small market teams, like the Jazz, who if they can control their own greed and stay out of the luxury tax by not paying 17 million dollars for a Kirilenko or 12 million for a Boozer, would actually get more revenue from the teams like the Lakers, Knicks, Blazers, Celtics etc... who care less about paying the luxury tax. Call me crazy and I'm sure cardster will but that seems like a sound business philosophy to me for small market teams to be able to compete against the big boys, what a truly terrible conspiracy. Now bring up the BCS and the 2008 Utes and see what he does Laughing

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Posted on: July 8, 2009 9:05 pm

NBA salary cap goes down

You know they have a summer league in Orlando too, right (which happens to be an NBA city)? You sound like a very bitter, irritable, old man. You must be at least 60 if you're talking about the look of the players, "wear a cut off sock on their arms like Michael Jackson wore a glove on his left hand: for no apparent reason; who wear undershirts, t-shirts or cutoff sweatshirts under their jerseys and look like the homeless which many shall soon be". Look out for these guys! wearing undershirts and cutoff sweatshirts! Oh my god even spandex shooting sleeves! everybody should fear for their lives! HAHA, give me break buddy. No one wants to go to Utah in the summer, people (mainly gm's and scouts) want a break and go somewhere with attractions like Vegas. The Summer League is not a conspiracy against the Jazz.

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Posted on: July 8, 2009 3:51 pm

NBA salary cap goes down

Don't hold back, cardster, tell us how you REALLY feel!    ;o)

And if Congress is looking to step in and mandate how the college BCS is going to work, can it be long until they start poking their noses into the finances of the NBA and other pro sports?

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Posted on: July 8, 2009 11:11 am

NBA salary cap goes down

Yes, the Salary Cap and Luxury Tax Threshhold will be declining as a result of the country's economic woes and despite the not necessarily best efforts of auto hucksters masquerading as season ticket salesmen around the NBA and grubbing for dollars, the Mid-Level Exception rises?  Makes no sense, 2008-9 salary averages ior not.
Thanks to Commissioner Stern who allowed the NBA All-Star Game to go the non-NBA venue in Lost Wages, NV, a few years back and continues to foster a "summer league" in the same dump at the expense of NBA cities like Salt Lake City, Boston and Upper Midwest locales who put their money, time and efforts on the line to create something in their cities to pump up interest in the NBA during quiet time, accomodated blood-sucking agents who stole their best practices to create the Vegas league with encouragement from well-represented (by agents) NBA coaches, fans are being turned off like never before.
Adding to this turnoff is the look of players who wear a cut off sock on their arms like Michael Jackson wore a glove on his left hand: for no apparent reason; who wear undershirts, t-shirts or cutoff sweatshirts under their jerseys and look like the homeless which many shall soon be (they'll be called teamless by the media) because they cost too much, but inexpensive (read cheap) young guys from the D-League will wind up with those jobs because, well they cost less, and more rosters will have the minimum 13 players than the maxiimum 15 players because of costs.
I know a entreprenuerial businessman who was willing to propose a $5-million sponsorship for the Jazz here in Salt Lake City and now refuses to even consider it because of the look of the players on the court (including that disinterested gaze by many), the NBA having gotten in bed with Sin City, NV, and the Summer League having gone on hiatus locally.  He places the blame squarely on the commissioner for forgetting his own in the reach for new bucks at the expense of losing local bucks.  He tells me he is drafting a letter to the man he calls the "Ommissioner", copy to Jazz management, and not signing it, not even having his administrative secretary retype it on letterhead, because he does not want to hear from the Jazz begging for that sponsorship package they will sorely need if they go into Luxury Tax Land this coming season.  He says he'll call them if the league cleans itself and its players up (not just the inactives who sit on the bench in suits now) and gets out of bed with Las Vegas.  Unfortunately for the NBA, he's not alone.  There is someone like that all over the NBA landscape who is fed up and not goping to games, watching games on TV or ponying up sponsorship or advertising dollars.  

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