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Hey, LeBron: Stick to 2010 talk

Posted on: November 14, 2009 3:35 pm
I enjoy Stan Van Gundy's curmudgeonly nature. Sometimes, I poke fun at him. But I've never enjoyed anything he's ever said more than his stance on LeBron James' call for the NBA to retire Michael Jordan's No. 23.

"It's a nice gesture," Van Gundy said Friday, "but he is not Jackie Robinson."

Nor is he Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, or Oscar Robertson. No basketball league retires No. 23 until those other numbers are retired, too.

Retiring jersey numbers is a team decision, not a league decision. Funny, I thought it was a LeBron decision. I thought everything was up to LeBron. I wouldn't be surprised if LeBron wanted No. 23 retired because it's his number.

What made this even more comical was that LeBron said he'd be switching to No. 6 out of deference to Jordan -- but not out of deference to Russell, evidently.

LeBron's insistence on sucking up to Jordan is, to borrow a phrase from the King himself, getting old. He should go back to talking about how humbled he is that half the teams in the NBA want him to wear their jersey, regardless of the number on it.

And one more suggestion: If any numbers get retired, it should be those worn by the actual pioneers who broke the NBA's color barrier: Chuck Cooper (first black player drafted), Nat "Sweetwater" Clifton (first signed), and Earl Lloyd (first to play in a regular season game).


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Posted on: November 16, 2009 10:37 pm

Hey, LeBron: Stick to 2010 talk

Berger loves the Cavs.  That's why he so hard on them.  He's a huge fan of LeBron too.  I think he even lived in Cleveland for a little while.  How crummy would it be if James leaves the Cavs because Danny Ferry didn't show his idol respect when he punched him.  I know this message is a little different tone than usual, but this story is dead anyhow.

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Posted on: November 15, 2009 7:49 pm

Hey, LeBron: Stick to 2010 talk

 Well Said Arinze!!

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Posted on: November 15, 2009 4:45 pm

Hey, LeBron: Stick to 2010 talk

Hey germxv, if you weren't so caught up in the suppression of your "forefathers", maybe you'd get out of the hole your currently in and open your eyes and see no "what male" is holding you back.  I spoke totally non biased about it and anyone that truly disagrees with racism would not want something they did acknowledged because of the color of their skin, but because of their accomplishments.  The theory of recognizing someone because of their accomplishment, associating their color of their skin is in fact actually being somewhat racist in thought.  It was a pretty immature response so I'll consider the source, I had no intentions of insulting anyone, nor should you this day in age feel that anything that has happened in history might hold anyone currently living from doing anything they want.  I am a white american who voted for Obama, which I'm beginning to regret....however in contrast to that, how many votes do you think he might have received only due to his skin color?  My point was that racism cannot be fixed until we stop pointing out accomplishments based off of color, good or bad.  There is nothing insulting to ANYONE about that comment, only to those that want to suppress themselves into thinking something, other than themselves is holding them back...

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Posted on: November 15, 2009 12:51 pm

Hey, LeBron: Stick to 2010 talk

The more people rip on LBJ the more I laugh.  It's jealousy.  Look if you don't like the guy fine, that's your opinion.  But to say half the team in the league would not want him on their roster is pure stupidity.  I can't stand Kobe.  I hate him.  Would I take him on my team, hell yeah.  If nobody wanted him, then there would be no stick to 2010 talk.  So stop countradicting your self.  And for the retiring the number.  Thats your opion too.  It's a nice jesture.  Whether it's practicle is another.  Yeah there were greats before Jordan.  But I don't know their jersey #'s.   Not many do.  But I guarantee you more people know Jordans jersey number.

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Posted on: November 15, 2009 10:58 am

Hey, LeBron: Stick to 2010 talk

Hey stupid, the white male owns the country, has a 555 year history of detroying african american race. Totally wiped out the native american race, tried to whip out the european jewish race, and you are worried about february? If your forefathers were not too busy being assholes, then maybe you would not have to worry about february. Shut up and crawl back in your hole, clown.

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Posted on: November 15, 2009 10:53 am

Hey, LeBron: Stick to 2010 talk

Hey lady, stop being so sensative about lebron. Do you need hormone replacement, sweety? Your OBGYN could give you some info on how to go about that, ok,,baby girl?  Good. Have a nice day, snuckems.

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Posted on: November 15, 2009 3:28 am

Hey, LeBron: Stick to 2010 talk

Michael Jordan is the best baskeball player that ever put on an NBA Jersey. Ask Pat Riley, Phil Jackon, Larry Bird, or Magic Johnson.

If it was done, then so be it. But something has to be done in honor of MJ. No disrspect to Jerry West, but he has the nba logo. Something has to be done for MJ. He changed the game. He, is the greatest.

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Posted on: November 15, 2009 2:50 am

Hey, Berger: Stick to baseball for that

Why does it have to be the first black player in the league?

Is there a more memorable jersey # in all of sports.. than #23?

Jackie Robinson is someone almost everyone has heard of.  Same as Wayne Gretsky.  But Chuck Cooper?   Nat Clifton?  Earl Lloyd?

I'm not saying anything bad about those guys, but are those names common like the other 2?  Or Jordan's?

I was watching that game when Lebron said that stuff, and while it sounded kinda suckupish at the time, it doesn't mean he isn't right.

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Posted on: November 15, 2009 12:30 am

Hey, LeBron: Stick to 2010 talk

Jimbo.  I'm good with your opinion.  It's fine with me that somebody doesn't agree with retiring numbers league wide in any sport for anybody. That's a valid opinion and you bring up some good points.

But for anybody to call Lebron an idiot for saying it is well.... stupid in my opinion.

I'll say it once again. I'm a Pistons fan and have never liked James at all.  I never liked Jordan either.  But I know when I see a great player and I try to be as honest as I can be.

Yes, Lebron has a big mouth but most stars of his caliber come with some baggage. He's not any different then most others.

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Posted on: November 14, 2009 11:45 pm

Hey, LeBron: Stick to 2010 talk

I agree with all of the comments here.  I don't agree that Jordan's number should be retired.  However, I don't think that it is quite as absurd as it is being described here.  Gretzky's number is retired league-wide in hockey, and although I don't agree with that either, he was damn good.  There were a hell of a lot of other good hockey players too, like Mario Lemieux, Gordie Howe, Bobby Orr, Terry Sawchuk, heck even guys like Martin Brodeur, but the NHL decided to retire Gretzky anyway.  I think that it is parallel to Jordan, both were from the high scoring eras and put up a lot of points.  Both were great and among the best, but I just don't believe in retiring numbers league-wide.  There are just too many all-time great players and no one player deserves this particular honor.

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